July 26


How the Core Wound Causes Uterine Fibroids

By Christina Ammerman

July 26, 2022

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If you have uterine fibroids and you’ve been researching the spiritual causes, then you might have read that fibroids are the result of repressed creative energy.

That’s true, but it’s not the root cause. It doesn’t explain why you’re repressing your creative energy or how to stop repressing it, right?

Let’s take the conversation much deeper and find the truth of why fibroids occur.

The physical nature of fibroids

A uterine fibroid, also called a fibroid tumor or simply a fibroid, is an proliferation of uterine wall cells that can grow into the space within the uterus or out into the space surrounding the uterus. It’s living tissue, fed by a blood supply.

Common symptoms of fibroids include:

  • Heavy and/or prolonged periods. I believe this is the body’s attempt to use the natural bleeding cycle to get rid of the fibroid, except that more fibroid tissue keeps growing so there’s always more to release, cycle after cycle for years.
  • Pelvic pain, frequent urination, back pain and other symptoms of fibroids being so large that they put pressure on other structures in the body.
  • Fertility issues. Fibroids can be so large that there is simply no room for an embryo to implant or a fetus to grow.
  • Foul odor. Some articles I’ve read online discredit this idea but I’ve lived it. A fibroid can become so large that parts of it get cut off from the blood supply and die, but the dead tissue is still attached and can’t be excreted from the body. This can cause an incredibly shameful, unavoidable odor that emanates from the vagina and smells, frankly, like roadkill.

I experienced all of these symptoms when I had fibroids. I was diagnosed by an OB/GYN in 2012. I had several fibroids, including one that was about the size of a lime and another a lemon. They were big enough to be felt by the doctor when she placed her hand on my lower abdomen. At that size, the only solution she could offer me was a total hysterectomy, but I don’t believe cutting out body parts is the way to heal myself.

Now that we’re on the same page about what fibroids are, let’s make sure you understand how your creative energy is designed to work, so then we can talk about how blocking it leads to fibroids.

Chakras and manifesting

As already acknowledged, fibroids are caused by repressed creative energy. It’s actually easier to understand why you have fibroids if we talk first about how you’re designed to manifest and how you’re blocking it.

The human energy field is designed so masculine creative energy flows down from your Crown Chakra, inspiring your desires and helping you translate those desires into words and images.

Meanwhile, feminine creative energy flows up from your Root Chakra, helping you take action to connect with the people who will help you fulfill those desires.

That last sentence contains a crucial point. We say that the Sacral Chakra is about creativity/creation, but it’s actually about dualities and 1:1 relationships. It’s important to understand that manifesting (creation) always happens through 1:1 relationships and the duality of giving and receiving. Anything you want to manifest requires another person to fulfill it. (Or multiple people, but those are simply multiple 1:1 relationships.)

Money, for example, isn’t going to rain down on you during a meditation. You have to either ask someone for it or exchange a product or service for it; a meditation may help you get aligned with those actions.

Manifesting (creation) always happens through 1:1 relationships and the duality of giving and receiving.

Based on this, in order to manifest, you have to innately trust that you are loved and supported in your 1:1 relationships, whether they are personal, professional, or other relationships.

That is where manifestation blocks and the root cause of fibroids happen for you.

Your Core Wound and manifestation blocks

If you have uterine fibroids, then I can guarantee without needing to read your energy field that your Core Wound is “I am Unlovable,” the one at the Root Chakra.*

(*If you’ve taken the Core Wound Quiz and gotten the result “I am Unworthy” at the Crown Chakra, this is because you are so dissociated from your Root and other lower chakras that you unconsciously mask it by focusing on your upper chakra issues. I discovered this phenomenon after creating the quiz, but decided to keep the quiz the way it is. This is part of why I heal both Core Wounds for every client.)

Energetically, your Core Wound prevents feminine creative energy from flowing up into your Root Chakra. This creates an emotional experience that prevents you from feeling innately lovable, supported, and connected with the Universe as a whole and to your community.

That unlovable feeling feeds into your Sacral Chakra, creating distrust and fear of rejection in the 1:1 relationships that are needed to manifest your desires. You either completely avoid creating the necessary relationships or you repeatedly sabotage them by taking one step forward, one step back within them. Because of this distrust, your creative energy gets stopped within your Sacral Chakra.

Your desires are precious to you, so it’s valid to only share them with people who will support them; however, your feeling unlovable distorts your perception, causing you to expect or perceive rejection where it doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, you’re so dedicated to your desires that when they don’t manifest, you work even harder to make them a reality. You create more vision boards, do more manifesting meditations, or whatever your favorite tool is.

But all that’s doing is invoking more energy in your lower chakras that isn’t allowed to flow where it’s needed. The more energy you invoke, the more that gets stuck in your Sacral Chakra.

Your feeling unlovable distorts your perception, causing you to expect or perceive rejection where it doesn’t exist.

In your behaviors, this looks like procrastination, avoidance, or finding ways of keeping busy with actions that take you in the wrong direction instead of flowing gracefully toward your goal.

In your physical body, it can result in the creation of fibroids.

Manifestation blocks and fibroids

Now you understand why you’ve been holding in your creative energy and blocking your manifestations, how does that lead to uterine fibroids?

As stated by Albert Einstein and repeated by countless Law of Attraction teachers, energy cannot be destroyed.

Your creative energy must manifest into physical reality, so it manifests in the only place it can: right where it’s been stopped in your Sacral Chakra.

In this space, your blocked creative energy can only manifest as one thing: more cells within the organs and glands associated with your Sacral Chakra. If this happens in your uterus, this proliferation of cells becomes the tumors we call uterine fibroids.

Your blocked creative energy can only manifest as one thing: more cells.

Can we use this knowledge to heal uterine fibroids? Absolutely yes. I know from firsthand experience.

Using this knowledge to heal fibroids

As I said before, I was diagnosed with fibroids back in 2012. I had to take a long journey to heal my fibroids because I didn’t have anyone to tell me how to do it other than to remove them surgically, so I had to figure it out step-by-step while also being blocked by the same subconscious patterns I needed to heal.

Ten years later, my intuitive connection with my body now tells me my fibroids are 90% healed. More importantly, the greatly diminished signs and symptoms in my body indicate that my fibroids are just about gone. The heavy bleeding and all other symptoms have gone away. (The horrible smell disappear a few years ago, thank goodness!)

Because I have taken this journey myself, I can help you do the same thing – but much faster than 10 years because now I know what to look for.

We’ve got to heal your Core Wound and the other deep wounds that stem from it, to restore your innate knowing that you are Lovable. Then your perceptions will be clear and you’ll no longer put demands and expectations on other people to make you feel lovable.

Then it won’t matter whether any individual person in your life supports or rejects you. You’ll ignore the ones who don’t and focus on the ones who do as you gracefully flow your creative energy out into the world.

Once your subconscious wounds are healed and your creative energy flows freely, it will no longer proliferate the cells in your fibroids. With a little added focus on making sure you’re giving your body the physical nutrients it requires for healing, it’s very likely that your fibroids will dissolve.

The next step for you

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About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. Hi Christina, I'm so happy for your healing with the fibroids and especially that you've decided to step fully into medical intuition and physical healing as part of your professional identity. Would love to hear your thoughts about congenital conditions such as Ehlers Danlos. I don't have a diagnosis but I have had medical professionals suggest that I see a geneticist. I have searched for decades and it sure seems like a piece of the puzzle for me. Basically the body makes a different kind of collagen with which doesn't have the same tensile strength, leaning to weaker tissues — especially ligaments. And lots of other systemic issues. For me that means chronic pain as well as acute injuries. Of course this is one of the more rare conditions so I understand it might not be the best choice of topic! Thank you again for writing about medical conditions. I look forward to reading future post!!

    1. Hi Tracey!
      Thanks for your warm thoughts. <3
      Ooh, I love this topic. Thank you for the idea! I will definitely do a post & video about congenital conditions in general. When we bring the Core Wound into it, it shines a different light onto the question of nature vs. nurture. What science has written off as "nature" (genes) might actually be "nurturing" that starts in the womb, in the sense that we start empathing subconscious patterns before we're born.
      The field of epigenetics has a lot to do with this – not the Core Wound specfically, but the idea that there's a lot that goes into whether a gene gets activated or not. Have you read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton?

      Much Love,

  2. Hi Christina,
    I loved your video and I believe you are the one that can help my friend Renee. She has fibroids and they are the same size that you had and I feel like she is going through the exact this that happened to you.

    She lives in PA and we will be heading to Florida for a 2 week vacation. Would you be willing to help her? I would like to schedule an appointment for her on our way into Florida( stop and visit you) and then another appointment on the way home

    2 Reiki sessions

    Should we have love the do the 500 program you have but again she lives in PA

    Hoping maybe you have an alternative sessions perhaps.

    Anything you could do would be most appreciated

    1. Hi Maria,

      I’m glad to know that my post inspired you on behalf of your friend.

      I encourage you to share it with your friend, This is the best way you can support her.

      If she is also inspired, she can reach out to me so that she and I can discuss how to proceed.

      It’s hard to watch loved ones suffer, but it’s important that the initiative come from the client themself. Healing doesn’t work if the client isn’t a fully willing participant.

      Much Love,

    1. Great question, Priti!

      There are two ways to do it: from the inside out or the outside in. You can focus on one at a time or both at once!

      “Outside in” would mean making time for creative activities, understanding that “creative” doesn’t just mean artistic – it’s ANYTHING you want to give birth to. As my example, I 100% consider working on the growth of my business as a creative endeavor. The more that you follow through on creative activities, even if you experience a few stops and starts in the beginning when you hit subconscious resistance, the more momentum that your creative energy will have.

      “Inside out” would mean delve into the subconscious blocks that keep your creative energy from flowing, without demanding any external creative endeavors from yourself in the beginning. There are many ways of working with your subconscious mind; obviously, as The Core Wound Healer, I’m a big fan of going all the way to the source of all blocks and healing your Core Wounds.

      Looking at this intellectually, it would be easy to say approaching it from the inside and outside at the same time is the best way – but that might not be true emotionally. If you have a pattern of blaming and shaming yourself for not following through on your plans, then the outside-in approach might create more blaming and shaming – for example, if you decide you’re going to paint or write or dance, but when the time comes, you don’t want to do it. Does that resonate with you, Priti?

      Which of these approaches is pinging for you?

      Much Love,

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