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3 Reasons Why Your Angels Want You to Have Money

By Christina Ammerman

March 17, 2014

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There are a lot of beliefs “out there” (and in each of us) about money, especially how God or anything holy or Divine feels about money.

I still hear now and then that money is the root of all evil. And based on the behaviors of many people who publicly have or seek money, I can understand why some believe it might be true.  (Although it does overlook the good deeds of many other publicly wealthy people.)

And being someone who serves other spiritual people, I get to see up close how money stuff causes them to react. Usually it’s the inner conflict between “I want to be happy and abundant” and “I don’t need money to be happy” – but then one experience was quite shocking:

A few years ago I created a workshop called “Manifesting with the Angels.” The response was overwhelmingly positive – with one exception that really caught me off guard. When I sent the announcement to my list, one woman responded with such anger that I had to stop and check whether I was reading her email correctly. Her response to me was essentially, “How dare you use the Angels for such superficial purposes?” (That’s a paraphrase; I didn’t keep her email, nor have I thought about it in the years since, until I went to write this article.) She immediately unsubscribed from my email list, marked my messages as spam, and tried to launch a complaint against me with my internet service provider, using words like “charlatan.”

Looking back, I wish that this person, whom I’d met on several occasions and generally liked and respected, had allowed a chance for us to have a conversation. I truly would have loved to hear more about her thoughts and feelings on the topic…

…I would have loved to support her in healing whatever wounds had caused her to react so strongly and rashly…

…and I would have loved to share with her what the Angels, as messengers of the Highest Divine Source, have shared with me about why they not only want us to have money but are happy to support us in manifesting it:

1. Because they have no opinions about money

We humans love to go around labeling things as “good” vs. “bad,” “sacred” vs. “evil.” And even if you and I might not do it much these days, there are still old thought patterns and limiting beliefs lingering within us that assign those distinctions.

Angels, on the other hand, assign no such labels. Any distinction that they form is based on their missions to support us, and so the labels they use are more like “serves highest good” and “doesn’t serve highest good,” according to the person they’re supporting. Money, as they see it, is neutral in itself; how money is used by the person who possesses it is what makes it appear to be “good” or “evil” but in truth doesn’t change its nature.

As I’m writing these words, the Angels are telling me that if someone sat down for a reading and asked about money, the message they’d convey might be something like, “You act a little crazy around money.” (The Angels don’t actually use words like “crazy” – or any words at all – but they permit me to translate into our vernacular to get their meaning across.) They might point out what issues or energies need to be cleared in order for money to be neutral for your again; they also might suggest some changes of focus or action that you need to take moving forward in your life; but they would never declare that money is “bad” for you.

2. Because lack of money distracts you from your purpose

You’ve got a purpose to serve here on Earth, and I guarantee you that worrying about bills isn’t it. Therefore, the spiritual team that’s been with you since before your Earthly birth – made up of Angels, guides, and maybe even some Ascended Masters – is happy to bring plenty of money your way so that you don’t have to worry about how to take care of your needs or wants while you’re out there serving the world.

They assure me that the only reason why it ever seems like they aren’t bringing you the money you need is because you’re giving too much energy to thoughts that push money away. If you’d stop worrying and focus on being of service then they’d be able to float that money to you without any resistance.

And by the way, they say Yes, pick up those coins you find on the ground. It’s a great way to reset your thought patterns toward receiving money in whatever way it comes to you.

3. Because you can use it to serve the world

Not only do your Angels help you manifest enough money to help you cover your basic needs, they’re also happy to bring you enough to share. The more prosperous that you are, the easier it is for you to support charitable causes or create new jobs in your business.

Your Angels know you and they know your heart. They know that you’re not going to keep the excess money all to yourself. They see all the ways in which you are aching to make life better for many, many people. Sure, you might have some material wants on your wish list, like a new car or house or travel experiences, but they also see the charities you want to support and the ways that you wish to pay it forward.

Having money, in truth, may be part of your mission on this Earth. Let go of any belief otherwise, and permit your Angels to support your unending prosperity.

Your turn to share!Your turn

Imagine for a moment, and then share with the rest of us: How would your life be different if your every monetary need and want was met?


About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. Christina, thank you for this. This helped me to see money in a whole new light. I especially resonated with – maybe having money is part of our mission on earth. It’s not about how much, or even what we do with it, but our energies around it. And if our energies are about service, then it will flow in and flow out for our highest good and those around us.

    1. Hi Christina,

      I ask my angels to help me on a regular basis. I am trying to get funding, loans, investors, and grants to help launch a product that is designed to help counselors and for self help. The money from this product will allow me to continue creating and releasing more plus allow me to help shelters for abused women, help families in under developed countries etc… This is my life’s purpose , I am having trouble getting funding even though, I am patent pending, I have endorsers for my product and I know it is very much needed in our world today. I see $ signs several times a day almost everyday is this a sign it is on its way. I leave my worrying to god and my angels, I would like to know ways to help me manifest this in my life ASAP.


      1. Hi Shirley!

        Thank you for coming to me with this question. What I’ve been seeing more and more is that we’re being guided in directions that help us stand in our power with money. The thing to recognize with that is that loans, grants, and investors are not paths of power with money; they are actually ways in which we allow others to rescue us. I’ve had to watch some of my friends go through this.

        The most powerful way you can manifest money is to ask for it in direct exchange for services or products that you offer. It sounds like you are creating something that provides a great service to the world. Is there a way that you can start offering it without the full funding you’ve been waiting for, so that it becomes its own source of funding?

        With Love and Blessings,

  2. Good morning, dear Christina! Well, I particularly loved this article as you know I would! 🙂 Two things that jumped out for me…was picking up the coins. As I have told you I find dimes (just dimes) in the most obscure and out of the way places…and quite regularly. While I totally know they are a sign that all is going to be ok…and I have known that for years…it never occurred to me that they may be a sign about receiving money. Hmm… The other thing is realizing that my constant awareness around ‘lack of money’ is actually distracting me from my purpose. As you mentioned in your article, yes, this past week has been quite amazing and again this week promises more of the same. I believe our work together is a HUGE piece of that. I am finally, FINALLY (I am a bit thick headed) getting it….that letting go, and allowing my angels to work on my behalf is the answer to getting closer to my purpose and my abundance! Bless you for the work you do! ~Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary!

      Yes, you mentioned the dimes, and then I read someone else mention them soon after. They are a sign of ALL the support that you’re receiving, monetarily and otherwise.

      It’s such a joy to watch you blossoming in your work. You are NOT thick-headed but simply in a processing of letting go of your blocks and changing your habits of thoughts. You’re totally on a roll – keep going!


  3. Thank you Christina! What resonated most for me was the reminder that my worries about money get in my way. I need to allow more “Grace and Ease” in receiving money, releasing the belief that I “have to work harder to deserve” the money I want to manifest… and resentment about not getting it after working so hard – I was the one who put up the block in the first place! 🙂

  4. Peggy, your Angels would very much love for you to hand all of the money stuff over them. Think of them as your management team, so that you only need to focus on being the star! You ARE a total rock star!


  5. Thank you Christina, this message came at a perfect time, well yes of course it did! thank you. Going to work on some unblocking and receiving. Thank you


    1. You’re so welcome, Margaret!

      I’ve been hearing good things about your marketing work, so there is definitely prosperity just waiting for you to receive it.


  6. Thank you Christina, for another very timely article. I don’t have any beliefs about money being evil or anything like that, just a belief that I can’t earn much (not qualified, never earn any more than minimum wage, not a business woman etc) and I have managed to create the same result in my business. I haven’t earned very much at all. I realised the other day that I have difficulty receiving. Period. I always feel I have to take instead, not illegally, just things others have discarded or if it is free (even though I usually have no need for these things and end up giving them away). That is clearly a very different energy from asking and receiving. I do see coins a lot but never picked them up because I didn’t want to be seen to be so desperate for money. Now I will pick them up, give thanks and move on with a smile on my face. I am ready to receive with love.
    With gratitude and blessings

    1. Hi Ann!

      You are clearly very in tune with what the blocks are that you face. That part about receiving is very insightful – and very common among healers and lightworkers. What’s one thing you could do today to ask for something that you’d like to receive, no matter how big or small?


  7. If I never had to think about money, First of all, I would travel too where my children and nieces and nephews are more often. I love the long distance communications we have, but would love to spend time being there to show my love and support in ways that only physical closeness can allow.
    I would go to a lot of conferences, and enable others to do the same by paying for travel and such. I would beef up my professional insurance so I could go to peoples houses and counsel them there. It would give me more insight into their struggles. I woul buy and rehab housing, and rent it out to low income folks…I would train managers not only to manage the properties, but to help tenants learn to be good tenants, and let them learn to take care of their own space…the list goes on.
    I am not very wasteful with what I have, but I have difficulty remaining focused on organizing long enough to deal with the ins and outs of business. So all my energy goes to dealing with earning enough, and dealing with things I don’t do very well. Since most of the things I want to do cost money, the whole thing winds up like a massive tangle of twine.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Alice! Your list illustrates what a kind and generous person you are.

      Here’s an invitation for you: What else would you like to add to your list that’s exclusively for your enjoyment? I invite you to come up with 3 things.


  8. Oh, and the quote you were looking is that “the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil”…but from this article it is clear that you understand that.

    1. Isn’t it interesting, Alice, that in all my years (I suppose I’m old enough to say that), I’ve never heard it said any way other than, “Money is the root of all evil.” (Until you said the other way right now, that is.) Which makes me wish I could go back and review whether it was what others were actually saying or how I heard it. Hmmm…

  9. Hi Christina
    I enjoyed reading your article, Why do I help so many people, sometimes I want to say no, spiritually it bother me, I do most of my mission work as a outreach minister,I’m not under any organization, it’s in my spirit to constantly reach out and help others,I use my own resources, I have a vision, I’m praying with the help of my Angels, I will receive more funds, thank you for opening up my’ll great

    1. Hi Faye,

      Thank you for your ministry. You are an Earth Angel.

      Of course you are compelled to help people. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to stop. Instead, think of this as a new way to help people. Recognize that when we constantly give away our help, it really means we see others as disempowered. (And as an aside, it’s probably a reflection of the powerlessness we feel.)

      When we choose instead to ask for payment in exchange, we are choosing to see them as empowered to create their own prosperity. I’ll tell you honestly, almost none of my clients have the money I’m asking them to invest when we first talk about working together. But that moment when hey decide they want to work with me and they’ll find a way to pay, that is an absolutely transformative moment in which hey claim both their earthly and spiritual power. I’ve seen it happen many, many times. It’s a moment of growth from which they can never turn back.

      I hope this words offer some guidance for you.

      With Love and Blessings,

  10. Hi Christina – I just read your article and the thing I find hardest to do, is to let go of the worry – I do have faith that the angels will work on my behalf if I ask, I have received several signs when I have asked for them, but I still worry about money – I cant seem to turn it off, which really worries me if it means that I am going to block the angels help because of it – lol – it is a viscous cycle really. Not only that but I am hopeless at visualization, I cant see anything when I try to do it.

    1. Hi Ellen!

      Thanks so much for your comment. You’ve given me an opportunity to say something very important: The worry doesn’t actually go away. If you wait to be “worry-free” so that you can take action, you’ll be waiting forever.

      What happens instead is that as you focus on trust and Truth, the worry weakens. It loses its ability to influence you. But this only happens when you CHOOSE to push the worry aside by repeatedly returning your thoughts to truth that inspires and motivates you, such as the perspective I wrote about above.

      With Blessings and Love,

  11. Hi Christine,

    Your article is a real eye opener. How can I be of service so that my Angles can bring me money. I am in a very bad situation that I put myself into which has caused me to fall behind on my bills and etc. I don't want money to run away but I would like for it to run to me. Please let me know what I can do to change my money situation not temporary but for good.

    1. Hi Cece!

      Thanks for reaching out for support! You sound very self-aware, and aware of how you would like things to be different, which makes you perfectly poised to start changing your situation.

      What I’ve learned since writing this article years ago is that there are MANY subconscious patterns that influence our relationship with money. Changing those patterns is a transformational journey that takes time. I’m happy to say, the more you commit to the transformation, the less time it will take and the more quickly you’ll start to experience new results along the way.

      One significant money-related pattern that I’ve seen in MANY people is that they’re unconsciously blocking themselves from receiving. Hidden thoughts & feelings like, “I have to do this myself,” “Nobody wants to help me,” and/or “I’m not allowed to have what I want” – along with anger and resentment for the things they didn’t receive – can get ingrained in the subconscious mind and keep a person from recognizing the many ways that Life is supporting them, including monetary support. Because these patterns can be a big stumbling block to starting the transformational journey with money, I created a simple, self-guided online program called “Open to Receiving.” It clears the specific patterns I mentioned plus walks you through a process of creating a contract between yourself and the Universe for what you wish to receiving. The program is a powerful first step on the journey, which I’ve kept at a price that may be a tiny stretch (because that is how we grow) without putting it out of range for people who need it. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access so you can repeat the healings anytime you feel like you need it.

      If Open to Receiving pings for you, you can purchase it online and get started right away. Here’s the link:

      Much love,

  12. Please when angel for whealth make me wealthy will the angel demand human being for sacrifice ? I need to be wealthy but I don't want to kill my fellow human being for money, reply (

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