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Are You Blocked from Receiving? Here are 3 Big Signs

By Christina Ammerman

April 7, 2014

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Our Universe is designed to support balance in giving and receiving. If you think about it, the two are inextricably linked: In order for someone to receive, someone else has to give. In order for someone to give, there has to be someone else to receive it.

A person is balanced when she gives and receives equally. Note that this doesn’t mean that she has to get the same that she gives, because maybe her needs are different from those around her. It means that the overall quality and impact of what she gives is equal to what she receives. Having this balance creates joy in her life.

But a significant portion of the people I serve – in fact, all of my recent Inner Circle clients – were severely out-of-balance when we met. Their lives were all about give, give, give and they didn’t receive much in return. These smart, sensitive women had been carrying secret burdens of anger and resentment, because they felt unappreciated, unloved, or unsupported. They were far from joyful during most of their days.

What became clear with every one of these women is that they were out of balance not because people weren’t giving to them, but because they were blocked from receiving. They had a deep, innate, unresolved collection of old emotions, limiting beliefs, and karmic debts that were keeping them from accepting all the goodness that life has to offer them.

“Like what?” you might ask.

Anything. Everything. Because how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if you’re blocking one area of your life, you’re blocking all areas. Some areas are easier to recognize than others and serve as clear, helpful signs of imbalance. Here are The Big Three that I keep seeing:

1. Credit card debt

Upset Woman Glaring At Her Many Credit Cards.

Money is a great place to start because money is such a popular vehicle for energy in our world, so it’s a very clear indicator of your balance of giving and receiving. If you’re blocked in receiving, then you’re not getting enough money, which means you’re also feeling the pinch of not having the things that money can buy. To compensate, you try to force the flow of receiving by using your credit card to purchase – but you’re spending money you haven’t actually received yet.

How high is your credit card debt? That is your tangible measure of how out-of-balance you are.

troubled woman holding her head

2. Blocked intuition

To be intuitive, you have to receive messages, information, and energy from your environment, including angels, guides, and other souls that have messages for you. If you’re not letting yourself hear them (which, by the way, is definitely YOUR block, because they are all DEFINITELY talking to you), then what you’re really blocking at the core of it all is love. You’re blocking their love for you AND you’re blocking your love for yourself, because you don’t find yourself worthy and capable enough to be intuitive and connect with them.

3. Broken relationships

Sad woman on bed with her husband in the background

If you’re blocked from receiving, then most (if not all) of your relationships will be dysfunctional in some way – especially your soul mate relationship.  This one will be the worst, because your soul mate’s agreement is to help you grow, so that person is going to be your best mirror for all of the imbalances in your life. And because you know that this person is your soul mate (your soul knows even if your mind doesn’t), it hurts even more that you don’t feel loved and supported by this person, which breeds even more anger and resentment in the relationship.

Or maybe you don’t relate to what I’m saying…because you’re so blocked that you haven’t allowed your soul mate to show up at all.

Your turn to share!Your turn

How are these signs are showing up in your life right now?

Did they help you recognize any other signs of out-of-balance give-and-take for you?

Tell me about them in the comments below.

Then in the next article we’ll explore where these blocks came from.

About the author

Christina Ammerman is a pioneer in the world of energy psychology. As a masterful spiritual healer and medical intuitive with the mind of an engineer, she has perfected a method for permanently healing the Core Wounds and surrounding subconscious patterns. By combining that with her study of anatomy and physiology and her keen appetite for solving puzzles, she's been able to help people heal many conditions they were told they would simply have to live with.

Her “why” is peace - World Peace as the result of more and more people finding Inner Peace. Her own experience with childhood abuse and its effects on her adult life remains a catalyst for her to explore peace in all its forms.

This content is provided for informational purposes only and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals. Use at your own risk.

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  1. This article should just read: “Hilary Hilary Hilary….this is the story of you!” #2 above is the one that really resonates the most with me. Blocking the love for myself and from others (which was really only my ego voice, not the reality of how others truly support me)….this is ‘spot on’ for me. As I mentioned to you in a personal email, just yesterday, I had the ‘aha’ moment about really listening and connecting to Source/my guides/angels. I actually said to a friend the other day that when you don’t allow the love to come to you, you are in some ways ‘disrespecting’ your faith in “God” (in her case, she calls her source God), so I used the word God because that works for her. Christina, your work is so powerful! Thank you! Love, Hilary

    1. Ooh, how wise! Sounds to me like something Jesus would say, don’t you think?

      I LOVE that you’re having so many wonderful insights.

      Sounds like we’ve got some material for our next session too. 😉

      Much Love,

  2. This article has my name written all over it. I am experiencing all three: credit card debt, blocking my intuition, and broken relationships. We need to work together, I can hardly wait for our Discovery Session next week. Love, Patricia

    1. Then I’m so glad that our paths have crossed so that you can finally RECEIVE the support that you so lovingly deserve. The Angels have clearly brought us together; let’s completely trust that they’ve also brought everything we need to work together.

      <3 Christina

  3. Hi Christina,
    Thank you for this timely article. I am most blocked from receiving messages from my Divine. I am so busy running a commentary on my life to myself that He doesn’t get a word in edgeways! I thought I did love myself and see now I can love myself a whole lot more just by shutting up.

    1. Ann, I can completely relate. Even I still have times when the inner commentary runneth over. Thankfully, the more that I’ve grown by receiving healing work from myself and others, the quicker I recognize the commentary and the sooner I’m able to stop it. I see that happening for you too as you commit to doing things in a new way.

      What’s one thing you know you can do (and WILL do) to help you “shut up” the commentary?

      Christina <3

  4. oh boy… early morning read & boom – this pops into view. been wrestling with #1 for a while now – more like it’s been a source of “worry”… we’re working on that part of our lives now… i can feel a release on the other side of the veil – but it just sits there & “teases me”… #3 has been healed for a while & i’m eternally grateful it is… #2 that inner critic, gotta love her! I’m better than i used to be – especially since I have more fully embraced my passions.
    Love you for this… thanks! hope to see you ’round town soon! grateful creative blessings, kath

    1. Welcome Kathy!

      Yes! There is SO much good stuff “in your vortex,” as Abraham would say. I hear “money” and “opportunities.” Let me know when you’ve decided to receive some support to bring them into physical reality.

      Love & Light,

  5. HELP! I’m blocked and I can’t get !! I dont brlieve in credit cards so that does not oertain to me but the other 2 do!!!
    How do I become UNblocked! I know FORGIVENESS is necessary but don’t really know how to LET GO but am trying!

    1. Hi Amybeth,

      Thank you for sharing your frustration here. The answer is complex; it’s not a problem we can entirely solve here, but I can get you started. When I tune in what I hear is that we need to get some of your energy moving in a positive direction. Let’s get you thinking about what you WANT, because I hear that you put a lot of emotional energy into your current situation. It’s time for you to create a vision board – but unlike ones you’ve done in the past, this one is only going to have three things on it. In fact, instead of it being a “board” it could be a regular piece of paper that you’ve put three images on.

      What are the three things you want most in your life? Find pictures that represent those, put them on your “board” and put the “board” somewhere that you can see it every day. And then here’s the key: Each time you see your board, spend enough time looking at it until you feel GOOD about seeing those things – beyond the initial thoughts & feelings of frustration, lack, anger, hopelessness that come up. Because underneath all those negative feelings is your Inner Knowing that you can have anything you want.

      I’m holding you in the highest love and light as you do this, Amybeth, so that you can get past the stuck point that you’re at.

      With Love & Blessings,

  6. Christina, as you well know, for me it is #2, blocked intuition. That it is connected to worthiness and love is so interesting, and feels true. I’m going to have to go meditate on that one.

    1. Hi Carolyn!

      I’m curious whether you got to meditate on the intuition/worthiness connection and what it revealed. Anything you care to share?


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