June 16


Congratulations! You’ve Got Lack

By Christina Ammerman

June 16, 2014

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Did you know that needing more money can be the luckiest thing that ever happened to your financial prosperity?

I can hear your “Huh?” from all the way over here.  🙂

But it’s true – all because of the Law of Polarity.

Since you might not have heard of the Law of Polarity, let’s start with one law you certainly have heard of: the Law of Attraction, from which we know that thoughts are things, and like attracts like, therefore your thoughts attract things that are like them.

Which means that when your bank balance is low and your self-talk sounds like “I don’t have enough money,” you get more not-having-enough-money.

You know that if you could keep your thoughts focused on “I have plenty of money,” then it would manifest. So that’s what you do: You constantly affirm, “I have plenty of money.” You say it to yourself, to your spouse, to anyone who asks (not that many people do – that’s kinda rude in our culture):

“Everything’s great! I’m tapped into my birthright of abundance!”

But something’s missing

As you move through your life making your affirmations of prosperity, you occasionally allow yourself to glimpse a feeling that something is missing – and not just the money.

There’s a certain sense of emptiness where those feelings of abundance should be. A space that would be filled by your belief in what you’re affirming – except that you don’t fully believe what you’re saying, because your experience says otherwise.

Because so many of your money stories tell you things like “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

Because after so many times of counting on money that didn’t appear, you’re reluctant to fully surrender to the belief in its existence until it’s actually in your bank account.

Because the people who taught you about money would call you a fool for believing your own affirmations.

But they’re wrong. Money isn’t just coming, it’s there.

How so?

Let’s bring our focus back to the Law of Polarity, which says that if something exists, then its opposite automatically, simultaneously, unfailingly exists too.

I heard this expressed as “God doesn’t make anything incomplete.”

You can’t have light without dark, up without down, or right without left. I don’t just mean you can’t have an intellectual understanding of them – I mean one literally can’t exist without its counterpart.

Empty can’t exist without a means of becoming full.

And lack can’t exist without a way to achieve having-ness.

It’s through this law that God executes “opening a door” when “closing a window”; you can’t have an ending without a beginning. (Go ahead, prove me wrong. Even the “ending” we call “death” offers a beginning in another realm.)

This is a law by which the Universe operates. It absolutely has to be, just as you’ve been taught about the Law of Attraction.  The Universe works this way unfalteringly, 100% of the time.

Hence, if you’re sensing lack or need of money, then it’s 100% guaranteed that the money you need is as available to you as the need is. Congratulations!

Filling the void

So if you’ve been affirming abundance but experiencing lack, then what’s been missing is your commitment to the belief that it’s there.

Trust compassBut now, with this knowledge of the Law of Polarity, you have something to fill in that void.

All that you need now is to think, feel, and act from your certainty of this truth: “Because I’m experiencing this lack, I know that money must be here too!”

Knowing-ness – that is, trust and certainty down to the core of your being, a.k.a., faith – is a very powerful, somewhat rare state. Most open-minded people like you and me aren’t accustomed to being 100% certain of anything. You pride yourself on being open to all possibilities, right? Unfortunately that has kept you open to the possibility of money not showing up, instead of knowing that it must.

Let’s make knowing-ness less rare, so that our open-mindedness no longer works against us.

I encourage you instead to be 100% close-minded about the presence of your abundance. Close your mind to people who would say you’re a fool. Close your mind to all doubts about the Law of Prosperity; it’s the only way to have a chance of seeing it in action.

The Law in Action – a true story

The first time I witnessed this in action for myself was when I moved into my new office. My first rent payment was due February 1, and up until then my revenue had been just enough to cover my expenses and salary each month. (And in a few slow months, not even my salary.)

During the first week of January I set my focus on increasing my revenue enough to cover the new rent payment. A conventional thinker would have suggested that I cut back on spending until the money was in my bank account – but I did just the opposite: I spent freely (not lavishly, but I bought everything I needed for my business) and actually increased my weekly salary. I affirmed to myself and my accountability partners that I was doing so because I trusted that the money would be there.

(Really, I was daring the Universe to bring it to me.)

I made the same affirmations when I wrote the first three paychecks for January.

By January 15, I had already made enough to cover the rent. A week later, the combination of realized revenue and scheduled future appointments was enough to cover all of my expenses.

My total revenue for January was 20% more than what I needed for all my expenses, including salary and rent, in that month. Kind of amazing, don’t you think?

My key tactics

Did my triumph in January happen because I was unfailingly certain of my success? No – there were definitely times that my open-mindedness worked against me, when my open-mindedness to the possibility of failure crept in.

That’s when I used my key tactics: I corrected my thinking, right there in the moment, by reaffirming what I knew about how the Universe worked. I also used my energy healing techniques to address whatever hidden thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – old stories, we could call them – were sabotaging my certainty.

Then I took actions that were aligned with believing that the money was somewhere nearby for me to receive.

This can and will work with anything, for anyone. The only thing that keeps it from working is you – whatever old stories and feelings keep you from maintaining your fixation on trusting the money to appear. That fixation is a point of power from which you invoke the forces of the Universe to lovingly fulfill your needs.

It’s time for your breakthrough

Are your old stories about money have been creating an empty space where your trust in the Universe should be?

Would you like to create habits based on the same key tactics that I use?

Here’s how: I’m offering a group program to help you improve your “money mojo,” as I call it. It’s a combo virtual/live/web thing, so you can participate wherever you are. Together we will help you understand the Universal Laws better, energetically delete the old stories that interfere with how you use them, and help you focus on actions that create the clearest, fastest path to more money.

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About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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