Fulfill Your Soul Purpose
by Healing Your Body

Your body is not broken. It's using your current health challenges to show you the shadow patterns that you came here to transmute on behalf of yourself, your ancestors, and all of humanity.

My zone of genius is clearly identifying and permanently healing all those patterns, so that you can heal your body, fulfill your purpose, and live an empowered, abundant, and enlightened life.

Christina Ammerman standing with her palms flat on a table and elbows locked straight against her sides

Christina Ammerman, The Core Wound Healer

I see us all as spiritual beings having human experiences, just like Neale Donald Walsch and others have said.

Only about 1% of us are here to fully realize and integrate our spiritual nature into our human experience. You're the ones I'm here to help.

I see the human body as an amazing piece of machinery - full of wisdom and power, and always operating according to its design even when we don't understand why.

I know firsthand the frustration of trying to live a spiritually empowered life while dealing with health conditions that seem to get worse as you move along your journey, and I've learned that these health conditions are part of the journey, not obstacles to it.

With this perspective, I've been able to move myself forward in my spiritual and emotional growth while also healing the effects of childhood abuse, incredibly low self-esteem (despite being an incredibly smart and capable person) and chronic health conditions including fibromyalgia, uterine fibroids, systemic Candida and undiagnosed borderline personality disorder. 

I stand before you now as an incredibly confident, peaceful, and loving person, having achieved or in the process of achieving every goal and desire I have.

That's just what I've done for myself with this work. I'd love to bring all this and more to you too. 💜🤍

Christina (signature)
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