Heal Your Core Wound. Master Your Life.

To manifest everything you desire, you must release the subconscious patterns that keep pulling you back into fear, worry, and doubt - not just at the surface but down to the root cause, your Core Wound.

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Want to Know What Your Core Wound Is?

This simple quiz will reveal that deepest chakra block / limiting belief / emotional pattern that keeps you from putting your magic into the world.

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Become a Certified Core Wound Healerâ„ 

Do you want to have the greatest possible impact on your clients? 

Core Wound healing is not only a transformative process on its own, it's also a powerful complement to many types of coaching, especially mindset work. 

If you find that your clients re-experience patterns you've already healed for them, or keep pushing against mindset blocks like unworthiness and fear of rejection, being able to heal their Core Wound can end the 3 steps forward, 2 steps back "cha-cha" that they've been doing.

Healing the Core Wound is also a requirement for Ascension, because it removes the original chakra block that cut us off from Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine aspects of the Divine. By learning to do this, you play a vital role in the spiritual evolution of Earth and her people.

Unlock Your Divine Power

Everything you've learned about the Law of Attraction is real.

What keeps you from consistently manifesting your desires are the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that you adopted while growing up in dense 3D energy.

The deepest of those patterns is the Core Wound. When you heal your Core Wound, you permanently restore your connection to the Divine through your Crown and Root Chakras.

But you have to be ready for that reconnection. There are aspects of your life you need to master so that you can handle such big energy in your everyday life.

As The Core Wound Healer, I offer a holistic approach that supports you step-by-step to become ready to heal your Core Wound.

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Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I know first-hand the despair of believing that life can be what we make it but feeling out of control.

Most of what I do for my clients came from having to heal myself first. I've had my own treacherous journey with trying to manifest big changes while dealing with the lingering effects of childhood abuse. With every challenge I've encountered, the solution has been to heal subconscious emotional and energy patterns that have been within me since childhood.

Over the years I used many different healing modalities to help me find my power. Each technique supported where I was at the time, but it was healing my Core Wound that made the most significant, life-altering difference.

I'd love to help you heal your wounds, unlock your Divine Power and move fast along the path of self-mastery. And if you are a healer, I'd love to teach you how to heal Core Wounds for your clients, too.