Revealed... the NEW Way to Release Your Mindset Blocks to Time and Money

Fearless Freedom

Why This is the Program You've Been Waiting For

Most conventional methods of mindset work amount to "keep trying to think a new way until you get it right." The frustration can actually set you back instead of moving you forward!

In Fearless Freedom, we dissolve mindset blocks at the root cause, so they literally disappear. 

Mindset blocks that you didn't even know you were experiencing - like attachment to struggle - instantly dissolve, leaving you emotionally free to envision and step into the life you desire.

Then we do the work to realign you with your Higher Self, so that you have unlimited guidance about how to create more time and money in your life.

Program Highlights

Unprecedented Healing Work

This isn't your neighborhood Reiki healer. This is deep, penetrating work that creates instant, permanent change.

Delete, Not Compensate

Unlike mindset "coaching" which slowly teaches you how to work around blocks, Fearless Freedom completely removes the blocks from your mind from Day 1.

Peace & Emotional Freedom

You learn how to have power over your feelings, instead of your feelings having power over you.

Unlimited Intuition

You achieve a state of consciousness where intuition becomes integrated into everything you do.

Get the Law of Attraction to Work Consistently (Finally)

I know what it's like to focus on "thoughts become things," trying to stay positive while you hide the fact that you're not getting all the results you want.

You are unstoppable, but you keep hitting walls, especially with having enough time and money.

Maybe you've even invested in other programs and coaching, only to end up with disappointment, debt, and an overwhelming list of more to-dos that you're not doing.

Let's change all that and get you some real results, OK?

Get started with Fearless Freedom right away!

As soon as you sign up, you'll get instant access to the program pre-work along with a bonus video e-course, Getting to Know Your Core Wound, which will help you understand the patterns at the heart of all the mindset blocks we're going to heal.

Need to ask some questions first, or prefer a private 1:1 program? No problem! Schedule an Enrollment Call to talk with Christina by November 6.

What Fearless Freedom clients are saying:

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

It's opened up my world of what I'm able and capable of doing for myself

I have had such major transformations. Christina helped me breakthrough energy blocks that I would never have been able to do on my own. I’ve been able to step into my higher purpose and see my true potential! We have healed wounds that allow me to be a better coach and help my clients on a higher level plus achieve my financial goals!!

JACQUELYN RODRIGUEZ  //  Holistic Salon Owner & Intuitive Business Coach

Sheila Leaming

Christina is a genius at what she does, and I am grateful for her work.

With Christina's help I was able to uncover a lot of desired changes and actual steps I could take to bring them into being. I am much more peaceful that I was before. There is a constant urgency when you have emotional issues controlling your thoughts and actions, you're always trying to avoid pain. So your actions and thoughts are not necessarily aligned with where you are going, they are still aligned with issues from the past. I feel I can put out my intentions much more clearly without all the emotional static. I am more focused on what I am creating.

Christina really understands her gifts, she's not a novice, she's been helping people for years and knows how to let what is best for all pass through her. I appreciate her clean objective energy. I especially like her nurturing quality.

SHEILA LEAMING  //  Mystery School Founder

What We Cover in Fearless Freedom...

Here are the topics we'll cover during the 12 weekly sessions of the program. (Some span several weeks, to make sure you get what you need.)

  1. 1
    Healing core issues that started before you were born. All of your mindset blocks are created by energy patterns that you empathed while you were still in the womb: unworthiness, unlovability, powerlessness, abandonment, lack of trust, and the trauma of being separated from God.
  2. 2
    Opening you to grace and ease. In childhood you got love & attention whenever you struggled; as an adult, you're still doing things the hard way instead of letting the Universe support you.
  3. 3
    Restoring masculine / feminine balance. Every human is designed to utilize masculine & feminine energies, on the human and Sacred levels. We will reconnect any ways that you've been cut off from these sources. and out of balance.
  4. 4
    Deleting your money stories. Each person has subconscious beliefs about money = receiving, asking for, giving, spending, and holding onto it. It's time to let those go and let money flow freely through your life.
  5. 5
    Controlling your energy frequency. Whether you see your circumstances as "challenges" or "opportunities" has everything to do with what emotional frequency you're at. In Fearless Freedom, you'll find your power to always be in control of that.
  6. 6
    Aligning with your Higher Self. The infinite part of you knows all the answers to finding the time and money you need. By the time we're done, you'll know how to reliably tap into that omnipresent guidance.

If you're ever unavailable for one of our live sessions, the video & audio recording will be provided in your own online Member Center.

What you get

Here are all the features of the Fearless Freedom group program

12 live sessions of healing & teaching

Conducted weekly, and recorded in case you can't join us in real time

Our private Facebook group

For support & community. In between sessions. You can post your questions and celebrations for Christina and the rest of the group.

Online member center

Lifetime access to all recordings, handouts, and other resources from the program

Q&A calls after the program ends

Twice each month, Christina hosts a Q&A call for all Fearless Freedom alumni, so you have help as your journey continues.

CHRISTINA AMMERMAN  //  Master Spiritual Healer

I know first-hand the challenges of trying to be a spiritual person in this fear-based world.

...the frustration of having a keen sense of purpose but struggling against yourself to make it a reality

...the struggle to utilize the spiritual principles you know are real but aren't producing consistent results

...and the shame of being a strong, independent person who secretly cares way too much about what other people think.

I pioneered this approach to mindset work from the need to stop self-sabotaging patterns that came up in my business, many of which stemmed from wounds of childhood abuse and isolation.

I have become a successful, joyful, confident, and loving person and want to help you do the same.

I am all-in, 100% committed to your transformation.


Join These Happy Clients

Cori Stuart

I was not prepared to invest, but I am so glad my gut said to figure it out.

It is worth every penny and then some. I have been able to increase my self worth and as a result my financial worth. Fearless Freedom has positively affected my relationships with myself, those around me, and my reactions.

Cori Stuart  //  Holistic Healer

Karen Davis King

I feel more empowered than I ever have!

Christina helped me heal core wounds that have had me doubting my own abilities and my intuition for way too long. I feel more empowered than I ever have and am making some bold decisions and changes in how I do business and life. I trust my intuition more and I am no longer tolerating BS in my work, in relationships, and in general.

Karen Davis KIng  //  Sexuality & Relationship Coach

Now I don't really worry about money; I just set it and forget it.

The illusion of decreasing money is gone. In ten months I've gotten $13,000 in raises in my full-time job (some of them unexpected) and paid off two of my three credit cards. We've been able to buy two cars, and I've been able to put $1800 into savings. Meanwhile, the orders in my custom jewelry business have been steady, and I've attracted some amazing opportunities including a high-end hotel spa in Las Vegas. I’m actually looking to start doing new things with money, like investing and other bigger things, and I completely trust that more good is on its way.

Kelley Thomas  //  Intuitive Jewelry Designer

The Best Time to Claim Your Power is Now!

The freedom and power you crave are waiting for you. How much longer can you afford to wait?

You know you need to figure out what's been blocking you. What happens if you keep putting this off and never get to it?


With the hands-on, intuitive guidance that's available through this program, you can't go wrong.

Need to ask some questions first, or prefer a private 1:1 program? No problem! Schedule an Enrollment Call to talk with Christina by November 6.

Fearless Freedom Platinum
Private Option

Get the 1:1 attention & accountability you require

starts at $


  • Heal all your blocks (not just time & money) at their root cause
  • 12 or more private video call sessions
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Lifetime access to online member center
  • Lifetime access to Q&A calls & Facebook group after your 1:1 phase has ended

Schedule an Enrollment Call to discuss this option with Christina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the healing work if I can't attend live?

How long will it take to start noticing changes?

Will this work if I've never experienced energy healing before?

Is there anyone this doesn't work on?

I've wasted money on other programs that didn't work. Will this be another one of those?

Can I get a refund if it doesn't work?

If you have still have any concerns, schedule an Enrollment Call to discuss them with Christina.

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