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Christina Ammerman

This interview will answer many of the questions you have about me and about the work we would do together. 

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Master Mindset Healer?

I didn't start here. First, I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and worked for eight years as an IT programmer-analyst.

Then in 2003 (age 29), my soul started pulling me toward something more, although I didn’t realize that’s what was happening. I thought I was just burning out on the IT project I was on, and I couldn’t get off the project without leaving the company, so I started looking for another job in the same field. 

That led to one Sunday in my living room, sitting on the floor with the “Mega Jobs” section of the Washington Post. I flipped through the whole IT jobs section but didn’t find anything that felt right. Then I saw the Healthcare jobs section and thought maybe there’d be an IT job in a hospital for me.

Flipping a few pages into the Healthcare section, my eyes landed on an ad for a massage therapy school. It was the stereotype you might expect: a closeup of someone’s hands on someone else’s back, giving a professional massage. I saw it, and from deep in the core of my being I said, “THAT is what I need to be doing!” But it was almost other-worldly, like it wasn’t really me saying it. Looking back, I recognize it was my first conscious experience of communication from my Higher Self.

After that, I found the right massage school for me (not the one in the ad) and enrolled in the January class. I tried to do evening classes while continuing to work, but with each week that passed, I realized how much I loved massage and hated my job by comparison. My skin would crawl while I sat at my desk trying to create project plans. By March I quit my job and went to school full time. That was the Best. Decision. EVER. because I got to fully immerse myself in the experience.

Massage school was also where I heard of Reiki for the first time and took a class. (Learning Reiki might actually tie for Best Decision Ever.) By the time I graduated, I was a massage therapist and a Level II Reiki practitioner. For the first year I worked at a spa, then in 2006 I became a Reiki Master and started my own business. 

In the years since, all of my continuing education has been focused on energy healing. I used it more and more with my clients, while also being “my own best client”: Energy healing is how I kept the business going whenever I hit obstacles, by using it to unblock myself. This became especially true once I learned techniques for working directly with limiting beliefs, and later developed more powerful ones of my own.

Meanwhile, I became an avid student of human behavior, diving deep into the subconscious mind. I wanted to understand how a smart person like me could know exactly what needs to be done but not follow through on doing it. My background in IT, which involved recognizing common patterns in computer system behavior, made me really good at recognizing common patterns in human behavior too. By 2012, I was no longer promoting massage and focused exclusively on mindset healing.

My healing clients and I referred to limiting belief work as “peeling the layers of the onion,” and I was determined to know if there was a center to the onion. Finally in 2016 I went to a seminar presented by mindset coach David Neagle, and he started teaching a segment about Core Wounds. Just a minute or so in, I recognized that he was talking about the center of the onion! And not only that, but it was a limiting belief that I had the tools to permanently delete, just like any other! 

I did not wait; while everyone else headed off to lunch that day, I stayed in my seat and healed my own Core Wound. In that moment, I completely understood how everything in my life so far - even the seemingly unrelated IT work - had all come together for my life purpose. 

(Side note: I attended the same seminar three months later, and David didn’t mention Core Wounds again. It was as if he had included it the first time just for me!)

Who are your clients?

Business owners who got stuck after a few years of success. The business stopped growing for no reason, or they tried to make some changes and everything fell apart. They might also have manifested a chronic health condition or relationship problems as ways their subconscious minds are trying to distract them.

They are spiritual, perhaps even using spiritual tools and concepts in their business. They end up being led to me because their “stuckness” is a spiritual tipping point: The only way they can go further is by leaving behind the old fear and lack-based way of doing things and stepping into who they truly are, inside and out. As a result, their work will make a corresponding shift, in nature and/or impact.

They are very smart - also emotionally sensitive but often try to hide or protect it. They often experienced trauma or abuse as a child, like I did. Clearly I love a challenge because these are some of the hardest people to work with. The idea can feel so vulnerable and unsafe that their mind will create countless, seemingly legitimate ways to check out of the process. Fortunately, I know those tricks because my own subconscious mind tried every one already.

The moment you say Yes to yourself is the most important step in the whole healing process - but it’s a difficult one. Your ego will not contribute to its own demise, so it either offers objections up front or triggers second-guessing afterward. The clients who succeed at taking this leap have a desire that’s bigger than their fears. 

What happens if you haven't yet worked with people in my field? Or at my level of success?

That’s where my talent for pattern recognition comes in - also my sense of empathy. I work at the level of the mind where outer circumstances hardly matter. Our conversation might start with describing the surface problem, but I’m going to be paying as much attention to the emotions of the situation as the facts of it. We’re quickly going to dig down into “What limiting belief or pattern is attracting this?” There’s nothing industry- or revenue-specific about that. 

As humans we keep living out the same patterns over and over in different contexts and at different levels - until, that is, we heal the underlying subconscious patterns. As those patterns are taken out of the way, your potential to go to the next level (and leap several levels!) is unlocked. 

How are you different from other "mindset coaches?”

Mindset coaches teach you how to work around a mindset block, but that means you still have the block and will encounter it at each new level. Each time, there will be a lag time where you don’t notice you’re stuck again; when you finally notice, you have to coach yourself past it. That’s a lot of wasted time and energy.

As a mindset healer, I help you literally remove the block from your mind. What could you accomplish if you didn’t experience the stop/start anymore?

There’s not many people doing mindset work at this core level; I might literally be the only one on the planet so far. People who say that fear, trauma, etc., are things you have to live with all your life haven’t found the means to permanently remove it - but I have.

I help people become truly, literally fearless!
Peacock, my spirit animal

Fun side notes

Beyond my professional life, you can often find me shopping or eating sushi at Wegmans near my home in Gainesville, VA. Just follow the sound of the woman singing along with the overhead music.

My spirit animal is a peacock - symbolic of masculine / feminine balance and bringing spirit into earthly matters.

Here are some of the steps I took along my path, in case you're into knowing about that stuff. 

Certifications & Achievements

  • Creator of Emotional Clearing Technique
  • Author, Worthy, Loved & Powerful (due out 2020)
  • Co-author, Empower Your Life (2018)
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master (2013)
  • Ordained Priest, Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved (2010)
  • Angelic Living Light Alignment (2010)
  • Evolutionary Reiki (now called Eminent Reiki®), Second Degree (2010)
  • ThetaHealing® Advanced Practitioner (2009)
  • Magnified Healing Master Teacher (2009)
  • Usui Reiki Master-Teacher (2006)

Additional Trainings

  • ThetaHealing® World Relations (2011)
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy (2009)
  • ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance (2009)
  • Munay Ki rites (2010)
  • CranioSacral Therapy/SomatoEmotional Release (2005-2008))
  • Lightarian Empowerment Ray™ (2004)
  • Lightarian Clearing Ray™ (2004)
  • Lightarian Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink™ (2004)
  • Lightarian Archangel Michael AngelLink™ (2004)
  • 650-hour Professional Massage Therapy Training, AKS Massage School (2004)
  • B.S. Computer Science Engineering, Bucknell University (1996)

Books That Have Inspired Me

  • Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
  • A Course in Miracles by Jesus / Helen Schucman
  • I Am the Word by Paul Selig
  • The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner
  • Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • Jesus, My Autobiography by Tina Louise Spalding
  • Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong

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