About Christina

Let's answer your questions about Christina and the work you would do together.

"How did you become a healer?"

The story of how I moved from the computer world to the healing world is, in short, a story of Divine Guidance. In a low moment when I thought I was just looking for a new job, Spirit had other plans for me.


"Why do you focus on mindset work?"

Mindset (mental and emotional patterns) is at the core of EVERYTHING in life. Our mindsets are the only things getting in the way of leading a divinely guided life.


"How did you learn about the Core Wounds?"

After years of asking "Do we ever get to the bottom of all this?," I had another experience of Divine Guidance which led me to that answer.


"Who are your best clients?"

Healing the Core Wounds is something that every human needs in order to evolve spiritually. Entrepreneurs get the most out of our process because they have the most flexibility to change their lives.


Books That Have Inspired Me

  • Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
  • A Course in Miracles by Jesus / Helen Schucman
  • I Am the Word by Paul Selig
  • The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner
  • Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • Jesus, My Autobiography by Tina Louise Spalding
  • Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong

Certifications & Achievements

  • Creator of Emotional Clearing Technique™
  • Author, Worthy, Loved & Powerful (due out 2020)
  • Co-author, Empower Your Life (2018)
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master (2013)
  • Ordained Priest, Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved (2010)
  • Angelic Living Light Alignment (2010)
  • Evolutionary Reiki (now called Eminent Reiki®), Second Degree (2010)
  • ThetaHealing® Advanced Practitioner (2009)
  • Magnified Healing Master Teacher (2009)
  • Usui Reiki Master-Teacher (2006)

Additional Trainings & Attunements

  • ThetaHealing® World Relations (2011)
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy (2009)
  • ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance (2009)
  • Munay Ki rites (2010)
  • CranioSacral Therapy / SomatoEmotional Release (2005-2008))
  • Lightarian Empowerment Ray™ (2004)
  • Lightarian Clearing Ray™ (2004)
  • Lightarian Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink™ (2004)
  • Lightarian Archangel Michael AngelLink™ (2004)
  • 650-hour Professional Massage Therapy Training, AKS Massage School (2004)
  • B.S. Computer Science Engineering, Bucknell University (1996)

Discover Your Core Wound

This short quiz will reveal the first chakra block / limiting belief / negative emotional pattern that you experienced, creating the foundation for your entire Ego.

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