April 14


Why You Turn Your Back on Abundance

By Christina Ammerman

April 14, 2014

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In last week’s article I pointed out The Big Three Signs that you are blocking yourself from receiving. They are three areas in your life that can easily show you if you’re out of balance in your giving and receiving exist.

Today we’re going to look at why that imbalance exists and keeps you from accepting your natural flow of abundance. But first, let me set something straight: There is nothing blameful in saying that you’re blocking yourself. I know that on the surface it sounds ridiculous: Why would you intentionally keep yourself from having the things that you want? How ridiculous is that?!

To better understand why this happens, there are a few “ground rules” of thinking about this topic that we need to apply:

Rule A) It’s not something that you’re doing consciously. (Duh. Because if it was, you’d have changed it already.) These blocks that we’re talking about are in your energy field where you probably won’t notice them unless you’ve been trained or have an instinct for perceiving energy patterns.

Rule B) Believe it or not, these blocks are energy patterns that you chose. At the moment that you chose/accepted/created the blocks, it seemed like the perfectly logical thing to do – but only from a perspective that was dramatically clouded by fear, guilt, shame, anger, or another very low emotion.

Rule C) Acknowledging that this is your doing gives you a Point of Power. If we go with the idea that someone or something else created these blocks, then that means someone or something else has to un-create them. But on the other hand, if you’re the one who created them, then you are in complete control of getting rid of them. The power is in your hands; no one else can stop you.

When you read about the three main themes why you’re blocking yourself from receiving, you might be thinking, “I don’t remember anything like this happening to me” or “I don’t remember making that decision.” This leads to our last two ground rules:

Rule D) Your blocks might not have been created in this life. In fact, if you’ve already been on a healing journey for a while, then chances are good that the only blocks you have left are the ones you brought in from other lives and dimensions. Or they might be on your DNA – ancestral blocks that you’re healing on behalf of your whole family.

(If you’re on the fence about past lives, it’s time to start believing. There is no other explanation for some of this stuff. And I can tell you that as a healer, both my clients and I have gotten visions of the past life experiences that triggered these blocks as they’re being healed.)

Rule E) These “decisions” that I speak of are not the product of the conscious, logical mind. Did you know that 90% of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are governed by your subconscious? This includes the parts of your brain that process emotions. And then they are stored in your nervous system and energy field, becoming what we call “reflexes” or “instincts” that enable you to react to situations without thinking them through first. (For better or worse, that is.)

Those three points give us a powerful perspective to work from, but they don’t answer the question of why you would do this to yourself. Let’s look deeper into that.

Remember what I said in Rule B: At the time when the blocks were created, accepting them seemed like the perfectly logical thing to do; however, your perspective in that moment skewed your logic. Any time an energy block is created, it’s always a moment of trauma (perhaps physical, but always emotional), and the point of the block is to either to keep the same thing from happening again or to right a wrong.

Knowing that, all of your blocks to receiving come down to three main themes:

Theme #1: Self-preservation

This block comes up when past instances of receiving came with unwanted consequences. Like if someone gave you a puppy for your birthday, which is a fun and wonderful gift, but now you’re left with a puppy to take care of whether you want to or not. That kind of experience would trigger an energetic block to receiving, but on a small scale. Big blocks get created from situations like this: You received the money, land, etc., that you wanted, but it was through an inheritance; someone you loved had to die in the process. This creates a pattern that bad things have to happen to those you love in order for good things to happen to you, so as a kind, loving person you decide that it’s best for everyone if you never receive anything again.

Again, this might not be something that happened in this life. It might be your experience in another life, or a family member’s experience from long ago. It might also be a sequence of events, big and small, that reinforced your belief that good things come with bad consequences.

Theme #2: Repaying a debt

In my healing work I’ve seen the most kind, caring people reveal deep, dark secrets that their souls have carried for lifetimes about the harm that they’ve done to others. Some were tyrant kings who terrorized their kingdoms; others were general whose decisions led to the loss of many lives. Many of my lightworker clients consider themselves responsible for the fall of Atlantis, when millions of lives were lost in one night. In this life, they’re still trying to give, give, give to others in a futile attempt to make up for the wrong they believed they did. But the debt will never be repaid – because it doesn’t actually exist, so how can you know when it’s repaid?

Theme #3: Lack of self-worth

The last theme behind blocking yourself from receiving is the most powerful one: Believing that you don’t receive goodness. You might spend hours each day affirming to yourself and others that you are part of the Infinite Abundance of the Universe, but on some level you don’t believe it. On some level you believe you are the exception to the rule. On some level you believe that you are not worthy, you cannot receive, you are not loved.

What all three of these themes come down to is a belief that you are separate from God. When you return to a whole-being trust in your oneness with the Divine, you will understand and embrace on all levels that 1) everything happens according to a Divine plan, even the unexpected consequences of receiving something good, 2) all debts are immediately fulfilled and forgiven, and 3) you are always, absolutely connected with your Creator and worthy of everything that your heart desires.

In the final article in this series, we’ll explore what you can do to consciously release these blocks and live in union with God. But right now, you can start the process by getting in touch with how you feel about receiving:

Your turn to share!Imagine that right now I am offering you 1 million dollars, no strings attached. It’s yours! Notice what your first reaction is – not in your mind (which will reach for what it believes your reaction should be), but down in your gut. Put your attention on that gut feeling so that it can grow stronger and you can learn about it. Then in the comments below, describe that feeling (physical and emotional aspects) and any intuitive insights it gave you.



About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. This is a great article, Christina. Of course, as you know me…Theme #3 has Hilary written all over it. This is so true of me whether in this life or a past one. (I have never told you – I don’t think – about the LBL (Life Between Lives) hypnotherapy session I did) That is where I learned from a past life why I am doing work around suicide, very profound. But also a them of abandonment and being left behind was very prominent…thus the feeling of low self worth. Not worthy of love and attention and abundance. When you talk about the million dollars, I got lightheaded, panicky and my heart started racing a bit. Whoa….not sure what to do with that. Ahh….almost a feeling that “as you hand it to me”….I drop it, and trip and it blows away in the wind. I almost had it, but it quickly disappears. See? I didn’t deserve it in the first place. And/or it will be taken away at some point. Interesting exercise. Thank you! As always, you are awesome!!! ~Hilary

    1. You are awesome too, Hilary!

      Let me invite you to go back into the exercise, because I sense that you jumped into your head to analyze what you felt. When you do the visualization this time, don’t run away from the panicky feeling; instead, drop into it. Drop beneath it. Panic is the ego’s masking tool, and it works because it feels so freakin’ scary. But don’t let it chase you away from the gold you’re about to find.

      I’m holding space for you. Let me know what you find beneath the panic.

      With Love and Blessings,

  2. Christina. This issue is very important for me at the moment.
    My first reaction is Yay!!! Jumping up and down. Immediately on the heels of that comes the thought that I’m being very selfish, and I should think about all the good it could do. That I shouldn’t feel so happy about it. Now the feeling side is feeling fulfilled, and finally safe…no worry about how to make ends meet. I can finally use all of myself and not get all tangled up in trying to “Make it” in the world.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Alice. This reaction is very telling, because how we do one thing is how we do everything. That’s a Universal Truth that was taught to me by my mentor. In this case it means that how you react to a gift of $1 million is the same way you react (consciously or not) to the sources of money that are currently in your life. It seems to me like you don’t let yourself keep and enjoy it for yourself. Could that be true?

      With Love and Blessings,

  3. Ooh, good one! Interestingly, my very first reaction to the $1,000,000 one MILLION Dollars you so generously gave me was relief, instantly followed by – oh no – what if I don’t know the right way to manage it and the right things to do with it b/c I’m not capable/qualified to handle all that money…. hmmm. Most interesting exercise – THANKS!

    1. Hmm, that IS interesting – both in the relief and the fears that came up. Can you say more about the relief?


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