June 29


7 Real-Life Benefits of Energy Healing

By Christina Ammerman

June 29, 2015

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After living in the world of energy healing for ten years – not just giving it but receiving it too – I sometimes forget that the real-life benefits it can provide are still news to other people.

This idea arose when the two other energy healing practitioners recently joined Zenquility. Are we taking for granted that people know how energy healing can help them?
Because even if you’re reading about it all over the place and feeling a tug from your inner being to give it a try, your outer being still wants to know whether it’s worth the time and money you’d have to commit.

Here’s what you need to know: One session of energy healing can bring you immediate peacefulness, clarity, and mindset shifts. And then the cumulative impact of repeated sessions can bring about some very meaningful benefits that get better over time:

1. Better stress management

What if you could not only handle stressful situations better but attract fewer of them?

Stress isn’t about what’s happening in the situation, it’s about how you handle it. And the way that you handle a situation is often more about unresolved emotions it evokes from your past.

Any past situation where someone made you feel worthless, powerless, shameful, or unloved can get stuck in your cellular memory. Not every trauma sticks with you, but the ones that do color any future experience that you have.

Energy healing can clear your cellular memory so that you stop reliving past situations, improving your ability to think clearly and find a solution. Stephanie led a client through this with a series of Reiki sessions; when they first met he would get so stressed that he’d bite his lip until it bled, but after multiple sessions with her he was able to cope without chewing through his lip.

(She also taught him a technique she calls energy transference which helped him shift his own energy in stressful moments. Stephanie will be teaching that technique at our office next week.)

Better yet, you stop attracting those situations altogether because you’ve released that old energy. Because remember, you only attract outer experiences that match your inner state of being.

2. Better self-care

The more energy healing you receive, the more that you’ll take care of yourself overall. This is because the more good energy you have flowing through you, the better you feel about yourself so the more good things you want to do for yourself – and feel empowered to do.

Androniki experienced this for herself after a focused period of doing Reiki on herself while also receiving it from another practitioner (because side note: it’s vital for healers to keep getting support too): As her energy got clearer, she kept making healthier food choices until she finally decided to eliminate refined sugar and lost 40 pounds as a result.

(Androniki has an upcoming meetup where she’ll be discussing this and the other ways she keeps her body as spiritual as her mind.)

3. Better relationships

Whether we know it or not, our interpretations of another person’s words or behaviors are based on our past – usually experiences with someone from our childhood that they resemble.

I had a client, for example, who couldn’t get along with her boss because, as we discovered, the boss was too much like my client’s mother. Every time the boss said something critical, my client reverted back to the emotions of a small child being scolded by her unstable mother.

The only way to improve my client’s relationship with her boss was to release the old trauma related to her mother. Energy healing isn’t the only way to release this trauma, but it’s a pleasant and easy alternative to some of the other approaches like counseling, and it works quickly.

4. Better creativity & productivity

True creation does not originate from our minds; our minds are tools that receive divine inspiration, interpret it, and take action to make it real.

To be creative, then, you have to believe you’re worthy of communing with the Divine. You have to believe you’re capable. You have to be free of attachments to what others will think of what you’re creating. You have to believe that you have all the support and resources needed to complete your creation. You have to see your creation as important enough to give it your time and attention, even when other people seek your time and attention for their purposes.

An emotional memory of feeling unworthy or incapable or judged for your creation can block any of these needs. By releasing those cellular memories, energy healing can re-open those channels to help you become more creative and see your projects through to the end.

5. Better intuition

All of the same channels that bring in creative inspiration also bring in intuition. If you want to communicate with angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, or your Divine Source, you have to believe yourself to be worthy and capable. You also have to be free of any limiting beliefs about whether what you’re doing is “OK” in the eyes of God or anyone else. Everything that energy healing does for creativity it will do for intuition.

6. Better ease & happiness

As these benefits feed into each other, happiness becomes your default. You smile more and laugh more. Your outlooks and expectations become more positive. You expect things to happen easily for you – and they do!

This is enlightenment – surrendering to the Universe because you understand and trust how it works, and letting yourself be happy and peaceful while the Universe does its stuff.

Once you cross this threshold, you’ll never have to worry about going back.

And it doesn’t have to take long to get there! For me it took years, but I’m noticing that in my clients it’s more like 6 months because energy is moving faster now, and because I’m learning how to give them support that I didn’t have.

7. Better real-life magic & manifesting

Once you cross that threshold into ongoing happiness, the Law of Attraction responds with more happy-making things. Momentum builds, and as a result, you experience more and more synchronicities. Better yet, you recognize and use them. Your life begins to feel like magic.

Like for me when clients started randomly showing up at the Zenquility office, responding to “ads they saw” which I was sure I had never run, all because I had finally crossed this threshold and started taking big bold, fearless steps into my future.

This is what life can be for you. Maybe at first the short-term benefits in #1-6 will be what keep you committed to this path, but as you shift into the new default happiness of #7, it won’t be long until you start seeing the magical signs of #8 happening in your life. If you stick with it then this outcome is guaranteed, because this is what you intended your life to be – easy, synchronous, and downright magical.


About the author

Christina Ammerman is an engineer-turned-healer who merges the spiritual with the practical as an expert guide in humanity's Ascension. She has been a professional healer since 2005 and is an avid student and practitioner of A Course in Miracles and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

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  1. I like how you said that energy healing can be one of the most pleasant ways to release pent up trauma in a person. My wife suffers from anxiety trauma from when she was little. She has fought with it almost her whole life. Maybe I can convince her to go through an energy healing course and possibly be free from this haunting trauma.

    1. Hi David! Yes – it’s more pleasant, the trauma doesn’t have to be re-lived in order to heal it, and my clients report back that it’s far more effective than anything else they tried before coming to me. In fact, since writing this article in 2015, I’ve revolutionized an approach that goes back to the true source of trauma and releases it completely and permanently. We not only heal the trauma itself, but unravel the protective patterns that the mind has built because of the trauma. In addition to what this work has done for my clients, it’s freed me from my own childhood experiences of trauma, abuse, and isolation. And it only takes 90 days, which is pretty amazing after a lifetime a living under the weight of trauma. If your wife would like to explore this solution for herself, it would be my pleasure to talk with her during a Discovery Session.

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