Intuitive Health Assessment

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go straight to the root causes of your health problems instead of continuing to chase symptoms and inadequate solutions?

It wouldn’t be just “nice,” right? It would be incredibly powerful and effective – and an incredible relief.

Getting to the root cause is the only way to permanently heal chronic health conditions.

The Intuitive Health Assessment is a precise blueprint of those root causes that need to be healed.

Note: The assessment can cover as many health issues as you would like to include. The results will aggregate all the root causes together, with the assumption that you desire to heal them all at once.

Your Intuitive Health Assessment includes:

  • A personal report that clearly outlines:
    • the emotional patterns impacting your condition
    • “hot spots” in your body and chakras that show up intuitively
    • possible deficiencies of basic nutrients
  • Accompanying documentation to describe each element measured in the report
  • A 1:1 Zoom session with Christina to thoroughly review the assessment
  • A recording of the live session

To receive the clear answers that you’ve been seeking, schedule your Intuitive Health Assessment now.

(If you need to book an assessment for someone else, contact me here first.)

The Intuitive Health Assessment is not intended as a replacement for medical advice. It is not recommended for acute or terminal conditions.

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