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Love Your Mistakes as God Loves Them (and You)

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April 13, 2015

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In Truth, you are Perfect.

Everything about you – even that which you call mistakes and flaws – is beautifully orchestrated through Divine Design.

Recently I’ve been studying the book The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner. The overarching message of the book is that God – the I AM – is working through you at all times. Even when you appear to make a mistake. Even when you make a choice that appears to be cut off from the Divine. Those moments are God trying to experience being cut off from God – which we know is impossible both logically and in Truth.

This means that all of those parts of yourself that you don’t like – all those parts that seem least Godly – those are the parts to love the most not only because those are what make you a unique aspect of God, different from any of us other aspects of God running around this planet, but also because it is through your mistakes that you best serve the Divine.

Your mistakes and missteps create the contrast that allows you (and therefore God) to rediscover full Divine Connection by momentarily experiencing Divine Disconnection. After all, think about what happens when you recognize a mistake: You immediately start to think about how you could have done it better. How a knowing person, a loving person, a perfect person would have done it differently. How an omnipotent, omniscient being would have done it (don’t you say,”If I’d only known that”?) – which implies, how God would have done it. You only get to explore those possibilities by acting first from an unknowing, unloving place, and then pondering the opposite.

This is how you come to know God, and this is how God comes to know God’s self: as reflected through you.

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Doesn’t that put quite a different spin on the act of making mistakes? Mistakes and missteps are not to be regretted – they are to be CELEBRATED! Instead of filling yourself with guilt, shame, and regret, you get to say, “There I go again, serving God!” Or if you prefer, because it sounds much more far-reaching, “serving All That Is!”

What a generous soul you are to have volunteered to come into this life and make mistake after mistake on behalf of all Creation. What an act of loving service that is. Do you see yourself this way? This is how God and the Angels see you. They can’t make mistakes on the level where they dwell, and therefore they don’t know what it’s like to joyfully rediscover Divine Connection all over again. You agreed to do it on their behalf; the emotions of your every experience get shared with all of existence, for which they are grateful to you.

Be proud of yourself for taking on this task. This stuff you call being human is a great service that you perform. Bless all of your experiences, even your mistakes. Love yourself for all of them. Love yourself now as God loves you always.



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