April 8


Do You Have Issues with God?

By Christina Ammerman

April 8, 2013

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As a lightworker you’re here on a mission to serve God.

God. Creator. Source. The Divine. The Godhead. Who is that anyway?

We all know the trouble that the question “Who is God?” has caused humankind – the wars, persecution, oppression, and genocide that people have inflicted upon each other because they answer that question differently.

As lightworkers we know that God is who God is, and no man’s definition or interpretation of God will alter the Immutable Truth of Who God Is. We know that God is what connects all of Creation, even when we seem to be letting God divide us. Our understanding transcends the image of God as a paternal figure with white hair and long flowing robes to something that’s beyond gender and form.

But the understanding we have now wasn’t always ours – and the trauma of past misconceptions about God may be holding you back now from fulfilling your purpose.

Gods on Earth

Let me take a sidestep here and reference something from today’s pop culture. The History Channel runs a show called “Ancient Aliens” that explores theories about extra-terrestrials visiting Earth and interacting with us throughout human history. These visitors may have possessed advanced forms of technology and been responsible for unexplained phenomena such as the building of the pyramids in Egypt.

Egyptian bas relief with hieroglyphs posibly depicting aliens as gods directing the building of the pyramidsHere’s what I know: This idea is real. I’m not saying that every ancient astronaut theory is 100% true, but my higher wisdom confirms the overall idea that beings from other stars and planets have visited Earth through ancient and modern history. Take some of the “Ancient Aliens” material with a grain of salt, but know that as they say, we are not alone.

Over time, some of these visitors were considered gods. Whether they called themselves gods or we mistook them that way, the result was the same: We revered these creatures as omnipotent, omniscient beings and did whatever they told us. In some cases this was OK, because some of the visitors have been beings of Light and Love who have come to help us. Others, however, had selfish motives and used us as pawns in their greed and wars.

You’ll notice that I keep saying “we.” That’s because you and I and many of today’s lightworkers were there and knew these visitors. We had wonderful experiences with some who taught us about God and Love and the Spiritual Laws. For instance, we studied in Egypt with the Sirians (from the star Sirius), who used their technology to build the pyramids and established mystery schools in which their knowledge could be shared.

But at other times, regretfully, we found ourselves serving what turned out to be “false gods” – visitors who did not serve Light and Love as we assumed, but lower energies. Because we blindly trusted and listened to them, we did things that hurt people on a large scale. Knowing the details of we did isn’t important now; the thing to know is that the trauma, shame, and regret of our mistakes left a deep, dark wound in the consciousness of many lightworkers – a wound which has manifested as deeply hidden anger, hatred, and distrust of God. For some people these wounds run so deep that they can’t let themselves believe in God at all.

The scars we hold keep us from completely trusting who we think God is, as a way of protecting ourselves from making the same mistake again, and protecting others from the consequences of that mistake. This is the fear that a lightworker holds deep in her consciousness until it is brought out to be healed.

And yet here we are now on Earth, with an individual and collective mission from God to guide people to live in the light. How can we possibly complete such a mission if we don’t trust the identity of the One who sent us here?

Does what I’m saying sound outrageous to you? It did to me at first, until this “aliens as false gods” issue came up in enough of my private clients that I could no longer deny its truth. To be honest, this is the first time I’m speaking about this outside of a private session, and definitely the first time that I’m putting it into writing. But I know from my inner wisdom, which is sourced from the Light, that it’s time for us to know these things about ourselves.

Your turn to share - here's the microphoneYour turn

If you know how to muscle test, you can check whether you might have these “God blocks.” Don’t rush this; after getting very grounded, settling into your body, and detaching your mind from any expectation of the outcome, muscle test these statements:

  • I am angry at God.
  • I trust God.
  • I trust myself to know who God is.
  • I am holding shock and trauma from serving false gods.

Did you get any responses that surprised you?

And when you read the ideas in this article, which are admittedly outside the mainstream, do they resonate with you? For the second week in a row I feel like I’ve ventured into new territory, and I’m curious whether you’re taking this ride with me. Let me know what you think.


About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. I feel elated that you wrote about this topic! Between this, the Atlantis topic, and the purpose and lessons topic (which I read right after reading the Atlantis topic 1st), I’ve been doing a lot of crying for ‘no apparent reason’ followed by energy sensations/shifting in my head. The crying was quite a mixed bag of emotions, feeling impossible for me to put a name to, but joy was in there somewhere. I’ve always had an interested in astronomy, but in the last several months I find myself going outside every single night hoping to see Sirius and another star in Orion and a growing feeling that I have been separated from my family of Light. It’s very interesting to look at the movies that are made about alien encounters. There are very few that I can think of that truly portrayed our 1st encounter w/ aliens in a positive way. Star Trek being my favorite! I would not be at all surprised to find that this deep seated fear of the unknown that lies in many of us stems from such false god encounters of the past. I also think fear of the unknown combined with misconceptions about what God is would have also lead to feelings of abandonment.

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