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The Spiritual Cause of Candida Overgrowth

By Christina Ammerman

August 26, 2020

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If you’ve explored natural health, you might be familiar with Candida albicans overgrowth as a common health condition.

I’m not a medical professional, but I know a lot about Candida from reading up on it, experiencing it firsthand, and helping clients identify and heal the psychospiritual root causes of it.

Candida albicans is a species of yeast commonly found in the human gut. Everyone naturally has some Candida, but it becomes problematic when conditions in the gut promote Candida growth and allow it to take over your body – starting with the gut and often expanding to the skin, vagina, ears, and mouth.

I’ve read descriptions of Candida as having hook-like protrusions for attaching itself to interior surfaces. (That sounds to me like it would cause significant, even if microscopic, damage.) Also, every Candida spore is coated with a thick protective layer that has to be dissolved before the fungus can be killed.

Probiotics, kombucha, and essential oils are among the treatments I’ve seen for Candida overgrowth – but as with any physical condition, if you want to permanently eradicate it, then you need to eliminate the emotional root cause.

(This is all internalized knowledge for me; Google it if you want to check this knowledge with verified sources, or learn more about the physical aspects of Candida. My intention here is to talk about the psychospiritual root cause of it, so that you can heal it for good.)

The underlying pattern of Candida overgrowth – the psychospiritual root cause – is Unworthiness.

Candida albicans is a parasite, which as a biological term means it feeds off its host without providing any benefit to the host in return.

The underlying pattern of any experience you have with parasites is, “I’m not worthy to receive in balance with what I give.” This applies to biological parasites as well as people who behave like parasites, and even an organization or your own business, if it takes more from you than it gives.

If you experience Candida or any other parasite in your body, then I can guarantee that you’re also experiencing them elsewhere in your life – business, romance, friendships, etc. – because these patterns are never isolated. How we do one thing is how we do everything.

I would even bet that you experienced those other problems first, because the physical body is always where patterns manifest after they’ve gone unaddressed in the mental and emotional levels of your life.

  • Your business is a parasite if you’re not making a profit through it – that is, if it’s taking more money, time, and energy from you than it’s returning to you.
  • Your relationship is parasitic if you constantly give (attention, time, love, etc.) and make concessions to what your partner wants, but your own needs aren’t being met.
  • Your relationship as a child with one of your parents could be described as parasitic if you didn’t feel you were getting as much love from them as you gave. (Children are generally unconditional and unlimited in the love they give, because they haven’t developed the blocks to love that adults have.)

Let’s make sure, though, that we’re not promoting a victim mentality here. We all create our own realities – even when that reality is something undesirable like an unbalanced, parasitic relationship. On some level, you’re allowing it – even if subconsciously.

If you’ve had a parasite like Candida invade your body, it’s because of a subconscious pattern within you that says “I’m less worthy than this other being. I don’t deserve to occupy this space as much as a lowly fungus does.”

It’s a tough pattern to get rid of. There was a point where my subconscious mind was so attached to Unworthiness that it causing my body to vomit up my probiotics. But mostly I just avoided the treatments that I intellectually knew would work. That’s how subconsciously attached to the condition I was until I found and released the root cause.

There are many conventional and natural treatments for Candida, but the key to balancing it permanently is to heal the underlying issue of Unworthiness, which is a Core Wound. As long as your mind holds patterns of Unworthiness, it will continue to re-manifest physical conditions like Candida that reflect those Unworthiness patterns.

What I’ve described so far are the emotional patterns of Unworthiness – the “psycho” half of “psychospiritual.” Here is the corresponding spiritual pattern:

Unworthiness says, “I am separate from God.” Specifically, the masculine aspects of God from which we draw purpose, direction, and value. Of course, you are never separated from God and could never be. You are an expression of God. But the idea of separation is the whole foundation on which the ego is created.

We experience Unworthiness on the emotional level of the ego because it exists within us on the spiritual level of the ego. Because you have a hidden message of “I am unworthy of God” playing on a loop in your subconscious mind, it affects your perception of your entire world. Your mind projects the message, and you see your own Unworthiness reflected back to you everywhere. And the people in your life can’t do anything to change this, because they’ve got their own Unworthiness message playing on a loop too. The world is full of people secretly (or not-so-secretly) walking around, feeling Unworthy.

I believe this is why so much more attention has been given to Candida overgrowth in the last decade or so. A condition can exist for a long time, but it only becomes problematic when the time is right for it to be revealed and healed. Thus, the increased focus on gut health (i.e., rebalancing Candida) corresponds to humanity’s growing desire for a direct experience of God. It’s all interconnected.

To sum all this up, if you have Candida overgrowth, do yourself a favor and don’t try to address it as an isolated problem. It’s showing up now because you’re being called to heal its more important, underlying root cause: Unworthiness. This will not only take care of your Candida problem but so many other problems in your business, relationships, and spiritual path, too.

[UPDATE: I originally recommended Fearless Freedom as the remedy for this problem, but in the Discovery Sessions I had with people who came to me after reading this article, it was clear that private 1:1 sessions were needed. After successfully healing enough clients of Candida overgrowth, I can confidently offer the Candida Healing Package that will completely address the problem. Read more about it here.]

About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Spiritual Healer, a Divine Truth-teller, and a peacemaker. Her soul purpose is to offer Divine Love, healing, and guidance to anyone who seeks alignment with their Divine Self.

Her “why” is Peace - World Peace as the result of more and more people finding Inner Peace. Her own experience with childhood abuse and its effects on her adult life is an ongoing catalyst for her to explore peace in all its polarities.

Christina is an avid student of Abraham (Esther Hicks) and A Course in Miracles. She strives for unconditional acceptance of everyone including herself, believing in the inherent right of every person to choose how they identify and express themselves.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you! I've struggled with losing the parasite of candida for the past 6 years..it has robbed me of so much; but at the same time has been a blessing because it has caused me to really look within. I can't even begin to express to you the healing in me that came as a result of this post. If I'm ever fortunate enough to meet you, I will give you the biggest hug ever!! It was a definite "word in due season" . This student was ready and the teacher appeared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! XOXO

    1. Hi Genefer!

      I feel honored and blessed to receive such effusive gratitude. You are so very welcome.
      May this insight accelerate your healing. Does it inspire any next steps?


      1. Genefer you said this all so beautifully. I couldn't have expressed my gratitude for this article better. I have struggled for the last 20 years with thrush and now I have a better idea on how to deal with it. Thank you!
        Shelly 💟💟💟

  2. Wow, amazing article. I am studying reflexology and we just learned about candida. I have an ongoing issue with it for a long time. It was nice to read a different perspective on it.
    Hoping to start my healing journey soon🙏

  3. It wasn't a coincidence that I came across this article. Do you have books referring to "World causes and spiritual meaning? This makes so much sense.

    1. Hi Katrina!

      I'm so glad this came to you at the right time.

      There aren't any specific books I can recommend related to this. What I've written comes from my own observations and intuitive insights, and I haven't written the book yet. 🙂

      If you have additional questions, I'm happy to continue the conversation here in the comments.


  4. Christina, Thank You So much for the wonderful article on thrush. You are absolutely spot on about unworthiness. I'm so appreciative of your incredible insight, and will really work on it.
    Shelly, Lions River,

  5. Thanks that was very useful I shall get to work on the unworrhiness stuff. Funny I've been working on no date and detoxing! Then thrush comes up!

  6. Hello and thank you.
    You know its funny I am also a survivor of childhood abuse, and in my early teens, twenties probably all the way through I had this a lot! The spiritual cause was likely this. It's funny cause today, I let my unworthiness out, and expressed my feelings to my partner on how I was feeling about his being stuck and his feelings that he is non verbally putting into our relationship and in all honesty you are spot on! I believe his unworthiness is affecting our relationship and me. I was not completely aware of it until I read this post, however I am believing that he makes me feel unworthy of his love and affection, when he withholds how he is feeling. He does not celebrate Christmas, birthdays, literally most anything,… graduations from any of the holistic therapies that I have studied hard to achieve. I do take it on, however today I expressed how I felt about his being stuck in a rut and not putting any effort into getting himself out of it, his not being in the present moment awareness, and him really not being of any mind for our future or even his own.
    I have not had thrush in many many years, however as usual I do believe the body is sending a message, and these last few days I do believe my symptoms are back. Thank you for your time with this post. Namaste

    1. Hello, Alocin!

      Thank you for sharing all of that so openly.
      It’s always amazing to see the role that relationships play for us in this attraction-based universe. When we hold something within us like unworthiness, we end up attracting partners whose behaviors reflect what we’re holding. And while it’s important to remember that is the correct order: We have it first, then we attract people who reflect it. Which means that if we want our relationships to change, most of the solution is to change what’s within us so that we attract different relationship experiences, either with the same person or with someone new. In the end, that’s actually so much easier, since we can’t really change anyone else’s behavior but we have full control to change ourselves.

      Much love,

  7. wow, very beautifully said. thanks for this article.
    what can i do to heal it by myself if i cannot pay for the fearless course? any meditations or mantras suggestions?


    all the best


    1. Hi luna!

      You are very welcome.

      As to your question about how to heal candida, I believe in each person’s ability to heal themselves. In fact, even when I’m working with clients, it’s still them healing themselves. My role is to facilitate the process and make it easier.

      Whether you heal yourself alone or with a facilitator, the answer isn’t a meditation or mantra. The way to heal these issues is to change your life.

      In Truth, Life already gives you opportunities every day to heal this problem of candida (and all your problems). When you resist those opportunities, it’s because you’re attached to how things are, or afraid of what will happen if you change.

      You like eating what you eat. You benefit somehow from saying you can’t afford the solutions. You benefit somehow from not having strong boundaries.

      To heal parasites, you have to start saying No to whatever’s unwanted in your life. I don’t mean saying “No” once and then giving up when nothing changes. I mean being insistent, determined – doing whatever it takes to make sure the unwanted thing leaves. You might have to confront people, cut them out of your life, quit your job. You definitely have to monitor your own thoughts and refuse to think the ones that aren’t abundant, joyful, and peaceful.

      But these are brave, bold moves – and like all humans you were conditioned at a young age to be afraid of what people will think if you act different from them (especially if you put up boundaries with them).

      Even if you enroll in Fearless Freedom or work with another healer, you still have to make the type of changes I’m talking about. It’s unavoidable. What healing work does is make it easier for you to change by dissolving the emotional attachments and conditioning within you, but it doesn’t circumvent the need for action.

      If having a mantra to start with would help you, try this one: “What can I say ‘No’ to today?”

      Offered with Love,

  8. So that was a great article thank you so much explains a lot. I was hanging on the edge of my seat though waiting for suggestions on how to heal unworthiness, or at least where to begin. Prob start by going within and meditating though, right? Again, awesome read.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Thanks for the praise. I’m glad this article spoke to you.

      So Melissa, since I can see what you call yourself in your email address (and I love it!), I’m going to push you a little. Is what you want to just begin to heal unworthiness, or do you want to GET THAT SHIT OUT OF THERE?

      Life is always giving us what we need to heal our wounds. That includes bringing us to the resources we need. (Or bringing them to us – you can look at it either way, since it’s really a meet in the middle kind of thing.)

      That means you were brought to this article for a reason. You know that. But the part I’ll remind you of is the paradox that although we always get what we need to heal our wounds, the wounds often keep us from seeing that we’ve gotten what we need. Healing comes when we take new actions, like claiming worthiness to receive support instead of duct-taping our lives together with meditations and mantras.

      Do you feel where I’m headed with this? I’m sure you do. You aren’t someone who is satisfied with baby steps. You found your way to me because together, we can bring you quantum leaps of healing and worthiness. Maybe it’s not with Fearless Freedom – I’ve been guided to offer some custom packages for people who’ve come to me through this article.

      I always tell people that the most healing moment of working with me is when they say Yes to doing it. Because it’s about the new decision and new action. It’s about being fearless in the face of big fear and unworthiness and discomfort. If you want to explore what that would looks like, let’s do a Discovery Session: https://zenquility.as.me/discovery-session

      Offered with Love,

  9. Wonderful insight I found myself audibly humming and sighing in agreement with your wise perspective. Very Illuminating my mind is blown and my spirit fortified. Thank you for this and may you receive many blessings

  10. Thank you for this page on Unworthiness and Candida. I can totally relate to what you are saying as the root cause of my Candida overgrowth (years and years of it). I studied A Course in Miracles years ago, but it just seemed so heavy. What would be my next step? I'm 74 years old and quite tired.

    1. Hi Kathy!
      Thanks for your note.
      For you, the next step I recommend is going back to ACIM but finding a group to read and study it with. I was in a study group for several years and found that the conversations with others enlightened the heavy experience. You need more of that exploration on the mental and emotional levels before you’ll be ready for healing.


  11. I have always seen the connection between physical ailments and the metaphysical meanings behind them. The thing is that I discovered my root cause years ago but still continue to cycle feelings of unworthiness in my business and in my marriage. I don’t know if the solution is to leave the marriage and business or spend more time visualizing a better situation. I see the problem I just have a difficult time finding a solution. This cycle of reflected unworthiness loops around every year no matter how much hope I have for change and sometimes I just want to give up.

    1. Hi Mickey –

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

      I can understand that feeling of wanting to give up. Let ‘s get you pointed in an empowering direction.

      What I feel in your case is that you’ve spent most of your life feeling unworthy, and now that you recognize it, you want to completely turn your life around and “fix” all the unworthiness “problems.” Trust me, I can relate 100% to the desire and the impatience. The answer, though, is to start with baby steps. Think of Worthiness as a mindset muscle you need to build, just as you would need to build your physical muscles bit by bit before you could lift 250lbs.

      Start by observing your daily life and looking for small ways you could claim more worthiness. Here’s an example from earlier in my life: I decided that I deserve to feel good about the clothes I wear, so I went through my closet and threw out everything that was torn or stained. It was uncomfortable at first: My emotional self protested that I was “wasting perfectly good shirts,” but I responded to myself that a T-shirt with a grease stain was no longer “perfectly good” by the new standard I was setting, and that I would rather have fewer options of what to wear than wear clothes that embarrassed me.

      You could do that exact exercise if it’s appropriate, or come up with something similar. What’s something in your life that is constantly below the standards you’d like to set for yourself and would be really easy to fix?

      We refer to this, by the way, as “plugging an energy leak.” A relatively small change like this can have a huge benefit!

      Let me know how it goes. (I mean it!)

      Much Love,

      1. Also so helpful to provide this starting point! I’m struggling with candida and parasites. I’m supporting myself physically but have know for years it’s deeper, more spiritual. I don’t want to continue investing in physical bandaids although I’m open to supporting my physical body. I know there is more to be done with support and on my own. Thank you again!

  12. Thank you so much for this article. Like many in the comments I feel like this came at extactly the right time. A few years ago I had outbursts of recurring candida and the only conclusion my research led me to was that I was carrying unresolved anger showing up in my relationship the time and that I should probably change my diet. This led me to breaking up with my then partner and starting a cycle of very restrictive eating and control and guilt/shame spiral with food and body image.
    A few years on, healing some of this cycle, I had another outbreak of thrush. Reading your article now, it all just makes so much sense.
    I have acknowledged some ancestral wounds around worthiness and really want to practice feeling worthy in my daily life, business and in relationships. Especially around knowing who I am, what I stand for and having the courage to share it with others.
    I AM worthy. Thank you and blessings to all.

    1. Hello Jessica,

      Yes, you ARE worthy.

      Since writing this article, I’ve worked with several clients privately who have had great success in stopping recurring thrush by healing their Core Wounds. Is that something you’d like to explore for yourself?

      Much Love,

      1. Hi Christina, thank you for your reply. Yes I'd love to find out more about your offer, what's the best way to get in contact?



  13. thank you so much, after my kundalini awaken , all candida are coming out after 20 years of my own struggle.

    now i can work on my root issue.

  14. Blessings to all, and many thanks Christina for your article and enlightening clarifications on your correspondence to the readers.
    I wish I had the budget to talk to you.
    But just reading you is of so much inspiration and help.
    May Good karma bring blessings in return.

  15. Thank you very much for your generosity writing this. I am struggling with a subconscious belief of unworthiness. I am in therapy, but it seems like I need more deeper transformation of the source code.

  16. Thank you so much for the insight on this subject it has Definately made sense to me and I know realise why this is happening to me and I realise I’m a healing from unworthiness in my life . You really are a inspiration thank you thank you thank you much love Susan xx

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