April 12


Why Many Great Ideas Don’t Manifest

By Christina Ammerman

April 12, 2021

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Within you lies the seed of an idea that will bring you everything you desire. 

The perfection of your idea lies in its simplicity. Just as an acorn knows only how to become an oak tree, this idea dwelling within you knows only how to become what it is intended to become.

If we knew how to nurture ideas by maintaining their simplicity, our world would be full of amazing things that haven’t yet manifested. (Maybe you feel like you’re holding one of those amazing ideas.)

Instead, countless ideas never sprout because of what our subconscious minds do with them. Every idea you have gets filtered through your Core Wound, a deep subconscious pattern that constantly whispers to you that you’re Unworthy or Unlovable. To your subconscious mind, every idea simultaneously becomes a) the thing that might make you Worthy/Lovable again and b) the thing that will prove even more how Unworthy/Unlovable you are.

Some ideas you might overcomplicate in an attempt to make them more Worthy. You might try to make an acorn more than an oak tree by needing it to also be a maple tree, or by rushing to decide in advance whether it will become a piece of furniture or a house – as if simply growing into an oak tree isn’t amazing enough. Adding too many requirements to your idea or jumping ahead too many steps means that you’ll miss what you need to do right now to help it grow at all. And when it doesn’t grow, the resulting discouragement and overwhelm pile onto your existing sense of Unworthiness.

Or perhaps you do the opposite and forget to feed and water your idea. Instead of rushing ahead, you stall out of fear that your idea will be rejected. That you’ll make a mistake in growing it. That others will find it (and therefore you) Unlovable. Your mind may hold a perfect vision of your manifested idea. You might even have written out the plan for how to manifest it step-by-step. But the plan lays idle while your subconscious mind distracts you with other priorities. “I’ll get to it soon,” is the lie you tell yourself.

I’m not judging. I know these patterns so well because I’ve endured them, survived them, and released them.

What does it take to nurture an idea and help it grow? The answer is simple, perhaps frustratingly so: Go one step at a time. 

Think about that acorn for a moment. Does an acorn know it’s going to become an oak tree? Acorns have no conscious knowledge (I assume), but they contain DNA that offers the exact blueprint for becoming an oak tree. The acorn doesn’t have to understand anything, it just has to follow its nature, step-by-step.

Nurturing an idea works the same way. According to Universal Law, every idea contains within it the blueprint for its unfolding. As much as you’d like to, you don’t get to see the whole blueprint, but your innate nature always knows the next step for you to take. When you are focused in the present moment, you’re in tune with your innate nature, know what the next step is, and have no resistance to taking it.

The challenge is, along with your innate nature that is always focused in the present moment, you also have a subconscious mind (a.k.a., ego) that is never focused in the present moment. Your ego can only focus in the past or the future. It’s always reviewing past failures and dangers or looking forward to protect against future failures and dangers, instead of letting you follow your nature.

This is why meditation is so valuable: When done right, it retrains your mind to focus in the present. I say “when done right” because some forms of meditation do the opposite, e.g., by encouraging you to imagine yourself elsewhere. But any style of meditation focuses on being present will improve your ability to always know the next step for nurturing your ideas. Meditate consistently and you’ll find that more of your ideas naturally come to fruition.

The other process that’s valuable for manifesting ideas is healing your Core Wound. Releasing any limiting beliefs and trapped emotional patterns that pull you out of the present moment will have a beneficial impact, but since your Core Wound is the root cause of all other limiting beliefs and trapped emotional patterns, healing it has the most significant impact.

Want to know which Core Wound you have? Take the quiz at CoreWoundQuiz.com.

About the author

Christina Ammerman is a pioneer in the world of energy psychology. As a masterful spiritual healer and medical intuitive with the mind of an engineer, she has perfected a method for permanently healing the Core Wounds and surrounding subconscious patterns. By combining that with her study of anatomy and physiology and her keen appetite for solving puzzles, she's been able to help people heal many conditions they were told they would simply have to live with.

Her “why” is peace - World Peace as the result of more and more people finding Inner Peace. Her own experience with childhood abuse and its effects on her adult life remains a catalyst for her to explore peace in all its forms.

This content is provided for informational purposes only and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals. Use at your own risk.

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