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3 Signs that You’re Suppressing Your Feminine Energy

Some of your current struggles might be solved by allowing the flow of your feminine energy.

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How to Open Yourself to Receiving Abundance

If you’re experiencing one or more of The Big Three Signs that you’re blocked from receiving, how can you turn that around? Here are some of Christina’s suggestions for changing your

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Why You Turn Your Back on Abundance

Would you believe that it’s something you chose to do? Here are the emotional, karmic, and spiritual reasons why.

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Are You Blocked from Receiving? Here are 3 Big Signs

Being blocked from receiving can be a deep, energetic, even karmic thing. But there are outward signs that point to it.

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Are You an Overgiver?

This may be the most controversial thing that I’ve ever written. I know it’s going to strike some chords, not all happy ones. There’s a phenomenon that’s common among my peeps.

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