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Break Your Inner Barriers to Success

Are you stuck in your business after several years of success? You don't need a new strategy. You need to dissolve the Terror Barrier that lurks deep in your mind.

Christina Ammerman

Master Mindset Healer, Christina Ammerman

Everything you need for unlimited success is already available to you - but first, we have to reverse the conditioning that taught you to fear it.

I've succeeded where many business owners fail, due to my ability and willingness to see how I was stopping myself, especially from childhood patterns of abuse and isolation. By using my own healing gifts as my primary tools, I permanently changed the internal patterns which influenced my thoughts, words, and actions, and got myself and the Universe moving toward my goals with ease. And now, this is what I do for others: help them bust through limitations, inside and out.

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Is your business STUCK?

If your business has suddenly stopped growing after several years of success, or you've made some changes and now everything has fallen apart, you've probably hit the "Terror Barrier."

The Terror Barrier is a limiting belief in your subconscious mind of, "You are not worthy to succeed more than this." It manifests disruptions and distractions to keep you from growing beyond what it believes is safe.

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Discover the Blueprint for Breaking the Terror Barrier

What does it take to conquer the Terror Barrier? A complete paradigm shift.

You won't break the Terror Barrier as long as you rely on intellect, experiences, or advice of your peers to show you the way. The answer lies in shifting to align with your Higher Spiritual Self, which exists beyond the limits of your ego.

I can show you the clear blueprint for rebuilding your mind from ego consciousness to Higher Consciousness. When you follow these steps, the Terror Barrier dissolves and you access your full human potential.

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Identify Your Core Wound

The Terror Barrier is caused by the pattern that hides deepest in your subconscious mind. It's the root cause underlying every act of unintended self-sabotage you perform.

Would you like to know what that pattern is for you? I created an online quiz to help you recognize it.

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Which Core Wound Do You Have?
Worthy, Loved & Powerful

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Surround yourself with people who are also striving to become their best selves by joining this online community. 

It's also a safe space to explore your ego struggles and celebrate your triumphs of worthiness, love, and power.

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