Align Your Life
with Your Divine Self

Are you tired of meandering along your spiritual journey, not knowing the clear next step?

Do you want to consistently take action on the desires that Spirit has inspired within you?

I'd love to help you find a path through the confusion and reclaim your Divine Power!

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Accelerate Your Path to Peace & Power

The key to achieving the peace, power, joy, and freedom that you desire is following your path from ego-based 3D consciousness to Divinely Aligned 5D consciousness. 

But does it often feel like you're not actually on a path? Trying to navigate the journey without a guide can result in lots of meandering, which is fun and enlightening but can also be frustrating and wasteful.

After 15+ years of carving my own path (including much fun but aimless wandering) and observing the journeys of others, I've discerned that there actually is a definitive path of ego issues we need to resolve in order to become one with our Divine Self. 

I call it The Divine Power Pathway. I'd love to help you understand what those steps to your spiritual journey are and the support available to you at each one.

The Divine Power Pathway

Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I know first-hand the frustration of taking two steps forward and one step back, never quitting but not quite achieving the desires that Spirit has put in your heart.

I also know the very real, lasting effects of childhood abuse and trauma, including the subtle, insidious ways that they sneak into the lives of even the strongest people.

I have spent years exploring the depths of the human mind - my own and others' - unearthing every subconscious reason why we live as anything less then our whole, authentic, Divine selves.

As The Core Wound Healer, I know the very deepest root cause of every limiting belief that holds you back - and I can help you heal. Every. Single. One.