Unlock Your Magic!

To manifest everything you desire, you must release the subconscious patterns that keep pulling you back into fear, worry, and doubt - not just at the surface but down at the root cause, your Core Wound.

Once you've healed those patterns all the way down to the root, you'll stop yo-yoing between 3D and 5D energies, consistently aligning and working magically with the Universe. 

If you'd like a clear step-by-step process for healing those patterns and aligning with your true self, I'd love to support you!

Core Wound Quiz

Want to Know What Your Core Wound Is?

This simple quiz will reveal that deepest chakra block / limiting belief / emotional pattern that keeps you from putting your magic into the world.

Release Your Inner Magician

Everything you've learned about the Law of Attraction and the power to magically manifest without struggle is real.

What keeps you from consistently living it is the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that you adopted while growing up in dense 3D energy.

The ultimate of those patterns is the Core Wound. There aren't many healers yet who understand what the Core Wound is.

There are even fewer who understand that just because someone knows about the Core Wound doesn't mean they're ready to have it healed. 

As The Core Wound Healer, I offer a holistic approach that supports you step-by-step, from the first blocks that need to be healed to the final step of healing your Core Wound.

woman magician with an intense gaze

Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I know first-hand the frustration of believing that we're supposed to be able to manifest with ease but not being able make it work.

Most of what I do for my clients comes from my own journey with trying to manifest big changes in my business, relationships, and personal health. With every challenge I've encountered, the solution has been within me but revealed only once I discovered and healed subconscious emotional and energy patterns that have been within me since childhood.

Honestly, I'm still correcting the effects of healing my Core Wound before I was ready, especially how all that extra energy affected my physical body. But I have no regrets, because my experience showed me how to do it in a better way for everyone else.

I'd love to help you unlock your magic, using what I've learned to make sure the process is safe, effective, and enjoyable for you.