High-Impact Healing
for High-Impact People

Do you have a chronic health condition that interferes with your purpose and profits?

Complete, permanent healing IS possible when you eliminate the root causes. Without root causes, there can be no symptoms.

It starts by identifying ALL the root causes - emotional, physical, and spiritual - with an Intuitive Health Assessment

Why Core Wound Healing?

If you are a spiritual person who's been seeking an end to your struggle with chronic health conditions, then there are two reasons why Core Wound healing is the likely solution for you:

1) If you want permanent healing, you have to get to the root cause. The Core Wound is the root cause of everything. 

2) The reason why other solutions haven't worked for you is that your chronic health conditions are a part of your Ascension journey. You are being called to heal yourself by anchoring a divine level of self-love and self-worth into your being. To embody this divine level of energy on a daily basis, you must heal the Core Wounds that make you yo-yo between Higher Consciousness and ego.

Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I see the human body as an amazing piece of machinery, full of wisdom and power, and always operating according to its design even when we don't understand why.

I know first-hand the frustration of trying to live an empowered life while dealing chronic health conditions and the subconscious mindset blocks and emotional disturbances at the root cause. -especially conditions that aren't life-threatening but constantly steal your peace. For me it was fibromyalgia, uterine fibroids, systemic Candida and undiagnosed borderline personality disorder.

Thanks to my Taurus stubbornness and my engineer's mind, I was relentless about finding permanent cures that worked with my body instead of relying on drugs or surgeries. 

That relentlessness led me to learn about the Core Wounds and develop a unique framework for identifying and permanently eliminating all their effects. I have healed myself of the conditions I mentioned and brought physical and emotional healing to many others.

I love what I do, and I love seeing the peace and power that people can embody when they go through the journey of Core Wound healing.