Align Your Business with
Your Divine Calling

Are you tired of knowing exactly what to do but not taking action?
That's because your Core Wound stops you. Let's change that!

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Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I have spent years exploring the depths of the human mind, unearthing every unconscious cause of sabotaged success. I know first-hand the frustration of taking two steps forward and one step back, never quitting but not quite reaching your goals.

Once I decided that no obstacle would stop me (especially not the biggest obstacle - ME!), I was able to uncover core issues like unworthiness, abandonment, distrust, and need for control that are rooted in the innermost subconscious mind of every human, from the moment in the womb when our ego was formed. By using potent forms of energy psychology, I was able to instantaneously release those patterns and trust Divine Guidance to steer my business in the right direction.

Become a High Priestess of Business

There's nothing airy-fairy about this. Being a CEO is a lot like being a High Priestess.

In ancient times, every temple had one High Priestess who communed directly with that god. She would receive divine guidance to share with the other priests and priestesses of the temple, who would then share it with the people.

This is exactly how a successful business operates: The CEO holds the vision and disseminates guidance to others who help run the business. 

Now imagine if you, as the CEO of your business, could receive your vision directly from Source, always knowing exactly how to align your business with your divine calling.

The power is already within you. You only need to release the blocks that impede it.

What impact could you make by unleashing that divine power?