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7 Real-Life Benefits of Energy Healing

Receiving energy healing isn’t just for fun or curiosity. It can create real-world changes that offer practical benefits for your life.

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How to Open Yourself to Receiving Abundance

If you’re experiencing one or more of The Big Three Signs that you’re blocked from receiving, how can you turn that around? Here are some of Christina’s suggestions for changing your

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3 Reasons Why Your Angels Want You to Have Money

Despite what your religious upbringing or limiting beliefs might tell you, your Angels lovingly support you in manifesting money. Here are 3 reasons why it’s OK with them.

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It’s Time to Believe in Magic

It was my turn to give my 45-second “commercial” at the women’s networking group. I was feeling pretty amazing that day, due in part to a new outfit I was wearing, so I let that be the

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What Do You Believe About Money?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about money. (You too?) There are a lot of reasons for me to be thinking about it: selling one home; buying another; spending two days with my coach focused on growing

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