March 18


No More Lessons, No More Struggle

By Christina Ammerman

March 18, 2013

Divine Guidance, intuition, lessons, purpose, struggle

One clear, urgent message has been coming from Spirit in the last week during Soul Clarity Sessions as well as my personal meditations.

This message has about one mindset that commonly blocks lightworkers from moving forward; we’re being told it’s time to let this mindset go. The mindset is this:

If my undesirable situation has not changed yet, then there must be something I’m supposed to learn from it.

Spirit is telling me that this mindset is disastrous. That’s actually the word I’m getting: Disastrous – in the literal sense that it has the potential to cause and prolong disasters.

Those Who Love and Guide Us are saying that this mindset is outdated. Yes, in the past you did arrange for certain obstacles to be placed in your path so that you could experience overcoming them. But now we’re shifting into a higher vibration that no longer involves overcoming obstacles.

Yin Yang Symbol Psychedelic Art Design-Simbolo PsichedelicoThis has a lot to do with the move from the third dimension to the fourth. An obligation to learn through struggle resonates with the third-dimensional concept of duality, or everything existing in pairs: You have to experience rain to appreciate the sun, pain to appreciate comfort, sadness to appreciate joy.

As we adopt higher vibrations of the fourth dimension, dual pairs merge and we can experience one without the other or both at once. You can appreciate the sun when it hasn’t rained. You can appreciate comfort without remembering pain. You can feel happiness and sadness at the same time. There’s no need to suffer first in order to experience good.

Is any of this sounding familiar? Do you find yourself moving away from the black-and-white world of duality – for instance, acknowledging sadness without needing to let it drown out all your happiness?

This shift away from struggle is one of the key pieces of our individual and collective Ascension. This is why Those Who Love and Guide Us encourage us to stop thinking of life in terms of lessons, because in our minds we connect lessons with struggle. So as long as we think we’re supposed to be learning lessons, we’ll stay stuck in one place inviting more struggle.

Old metal keys on vintage book.If not lessons, then what?

As part of this shift, we’re encouraged to remove the word “lesson” from our vocabulary altogether. (At least in this context.) Let’s put in its place the idea of purpose. From the higher perspective, lessons and purpose are the same thing, but They acknowledge that at our level the two words have much different energy.

Try this on: First ask yourself, “What lesson am I supposed to learn?” Notice how that feels in your body and how it affects your energy.

Then try: “What purpose am I intended to serve?” Do you feel the difference? What I notice is that the “lesson” question makes me nervous and anxious, while the “purpose” question feels expansive. Purpose fills my heart.

Most importantly, lessons keeps us stuck in one place until we learn them, while purpose instantly starts to propel us forward. Purpose is something we move toward.

A person living a life of lessons is stuck in school until a passable grade is achieved.

But a person living a life of purpose is on a mission. No obstacle will keep her from serving her purpose. She is empowered with knowledge of her place in the universe and all the resources that her purpose summons.

female hand with microphoneYour turn

What questions to you have related to this? Ask below in the comments.

Or try out this idea in your own life: Meditate on an area of your life where you’ve been stuck, waiting to learn the lesson. In meditation ask yourself, “What purpose am I intended to serve?” Share with us what you experience and observe in the comments below.



About the author

Christina Ammerman is a pioneer in the world of energy psychology. As a masterful spiritual healer and medical intuitive with the mind of an engineer, she has perfected a method for permanently healing the Core Wounds and surrounding subconscious patterns. By combining that with her study of anatomy and physiology and her keen appetite for solving puzzles, she's been able to help people heal many conditions they were told they would simply have to live with.

Her “why” is peace - World Peace as the result of more and more people finding Inner Peace. Her own experience with childhood abuse and its effects on her adult life remains a catalyst for her to explore peace in all its forms.

This content is provided for informational purposes only and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals. Use at your own risk.

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  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I stumbled on this blog post today. Thank you so much for sharing your messages from Spirit. I was so wrapped up in the “what’s the lesson here” mentality that I see now how I was inviting struggle into my life. This post didn’t just shift my thinking, it actually released me from needless suffering. Thank you Christina.

    1. Cathy, you’re so welcome. I’m so glad that this message served you. I look forward to celebrating your ease with you. 🙂


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