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Your Questions About Intuition, Answered

By Christina Ammerman

March 25, 2013

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In a recent eZine article, I hosted a Q&A with my readers. You asked such great questions! There were a few related to intuition that stood out as important and universal enough to share with everyone:


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I was wondering how to tell if an empathic read on a person or situation is legitimate or if it is just your projection on the matter that is making you feel that way. For example, I may think “wow jane is in funky mood today” even though I didn’t even speak to them. I just picked up on it. Is this feeling for real? Sometimes I think that I am just projecting and I should ignore it, but perhaps at times I should trust that the feelings I pick up are real. There have been times before where I know my empathic abilities are for real but I still doubt myself on it. Thanks Chris!


Ooh, I love this question, Susie!

The #1 answer to your question is Practice. You’re asking about how to trust your empathic abilities more, and the best way to get there is to give yourself more chances to prove them right.

One thing I can suggest is to turn practice into a game: When you get to work everyday, before you start talking with people, do a scan of the room and get a reading of how each person is feeling. Then as you interact with them you can see how many of your readings were accurate. When you’re ready for the advanced level, do the scan from your car before you even see who’s there that day. When you can introduce a sense a playfulness to your practice, it can remove the pressure to be right.

The deeper question here might be, Why is Jane’s mood important to you? How do you expect it will affect you? If Jane actually is in a funky mood today, does that change how you’ll treat her? Does that change how you expect she’ll treat you? Do you feel more inclined to protect yourself? If so, that might indicate some unresolved issues you have – for instance, about feeling safe around other people.


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I have been struggling with ego and intuition. How do I know if I am hearing what I am hearing is not ego but divine guidance. Thank you for your help.


When you’re unsure whether you’re hearing an answer correctly, the best thing to do is double-check. Just as you might ask a person, “Did I hear you right?” you can do that with your guidance too.

For someone at an earlier stage of her path, that might mean pulling out a pendulum or deck of oracle cards to get a “second opinion.”

But for you, you’ve moved beyond the need for dowsing tools. The times when you aren’t sure that you’ve heard your guidance correctly are when you’re moving too fast and/or are in your head more than your heart. The key for you is to pause, put your hand on your stomach, take a breath, and ask for clear guidance. YOU know how it feels to be certain of your connection; once you’ve slowed down to establish that connection, you could simply ask, “Did I hear you correctly?” “Was that guidance from You?” or ask your original question again. You are strong enough that even when there are ego issues involved, you can let the guidance through. And you do – TRUST that.

What I feel is that you’re wanting to bring your guidance into the workplace and sometimes you feel rushed. If you need to say “Let me take a second to think about / process that,” your co-workers will give you the space you need to check in with your guidance. This is about bringing all of you wherever you go and standing in that power.

Much love,

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female hand with microphoneYour turn

Let’s keep the conversation going! Do you have more questions about intuition? I’ll suggest some other topics too: Attracting money and abundance. Relationships. Anything you want a spiritual perspective on is fair game.





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  1. Thanks for re-sharing Chris! I missed this the first time around – and this morning was the perfect time to receive it – have a great snowy day!

    1. Peggy, I’m glad that this week’s article gave you a nice way to enjoy our snowy morning. Thank you for sharing your appreciation!

      In Love and Light,

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