May 16


Love and Light in the Time of Coronavirus

By Christina Ammerman

May 16, 2020

Coronavirus, Law of Attraction, manifestation

I have not been following all of the guidelines from CDC or WHO during quarantine.*

(*Probably not what you expected to read after that title.)

I won’t go into detail about which guidelines I’ve been following or not, because my point isn’t to argue about which guidelines are right or wrong to follow.

On the contrary, my point is that the best guidelines are different for every person, depending on what they believe.


Yeah, I know.

You’ve seen the meme about how we’re all in the same storm but different boats? Let’s talk about why those boats are all different.

What I have noticed in my weeks of quietly observing this experience is how it amplifies the beliefs within each of us. This experience is a mirror that shows us whether what we believe matches what we think we believe.

(Again, huh?)

Since you are reading this, you probably know about the Law of Attraction. We experience what we believe we can and will experience.

Here’s the thing about Universal Laws: They are ALWAYS true, every time, everywhere. They are Universal.

Does LOA stop being true because someone attracted sickness or death? Or because they’ve experienced the sickness or loss of a loved one? Or because the hospitals might get overwhelmed and business have had to close?

No, the Law of Attraction never stops being true.

Everything going on in your life right now is a manifested experience, as much as you hope that beautiful home and sexy lover on your vision board will be.

Is your faith in what you’ve been taught being tested right now? It’s OK. That’s how we grow and heal.

When we attract something unpleasant or unwanted, it shows us where we hold fear, doubt and worry. That’s good, because we can only heal what we can see.

Yes, it sucks that sometimes the experience has to get extreme before we’re able to see it. That’s why I’ve gotten so good at looking for meaning in everything, so that I can see patterns and make corrections while the problem is still small.

Current case in point: Back in October, I went to an open house at Rise Well-Being center in Reston, VA, and attended Laura Freix’s Qi Gong demonstration. During the exercise to clear Grief from our Lung meridians, I felt the subtle sensations of stuck energy on my left side. I repeated the exercise every day for at least a week – not by any intentional plan, but because I felt spontaneously prompted to every day.

For all I know, Laura’s free Qi Gong demonstration saved my life.

Fast forward to December: A close friend got sick with something that was probably Coronavirus. It was flu-like but tested negative for flu, and it bore the later-discovered symptoms of COVID-19, including some filling of her lungs. We can’t recall the timing of our hangouts and whether I could have been exposed to what she had, but I know in my bones that because I had cleared out my Lung meridians, I didn’t manifest a COVID-19 experience. I either was exposed and didn’t get sick, or missed being with my friend while she was contagious because my energy didn’t match that experience.

Going a step further: This friend was at the same open house in October and could have attended the same Qi Gong demonstration, but she was pulled to do something else during that hour. I even remember telling her later about how powerful my Qi Gong experience had been, and she said she knew that exercise, but I don’t know if she began doing it. I could easily say, “She could have avoided getting sick if…”, but what I see is she attracted a different experience than me for a reason – and it’s not my role to know what that reason is. (She recovered completely, in case you were concerned.)

That is what manifesting a reality looks like – in both her case and mine.

As someone with an engineering degree, I follow science – but as someone with expertise in spiritual concepts and human behavior, I don’t idolize science as an infallible god. In fact, I talk as much about the things that science can’t explain as much as the things science does explain.

And science gets things wrong.

For example, Watson and Crick’s theory on how DNA works (the one we learned in high school that says we get whatever’s in our genes except when for some reason we don’t) has been debunked by a newer field called epigenetics, which proves that DNA needs to receive a signal in order to be activated. In other words, epigenetics explains why some genes lie dormant and you don’t automatically get whatever your parents had.

(Plus, we can extrapolate that you might have control over whether a gene gets activated, if you know the signals it responds to. I firmly believe feelings, being magnetic energy, are one kind of signal; so does Dr. Bruce Lipton, unless I’ve misunderstood his teachings.)

(Also, Lipton points out that Watson and Crick only ever presented it as a theory, but somewhere along the way it got accepted and taught as fact without being proven. Do you think this is the only place that has happened in science?)

How can science get things wrong? Because science is made up of / by humans.

If I say, “An experiment is affected by the observation of it,” many people will nod knowingly but refuse to sprinkle that grain of salt on scientific findings.

One of the most dangerous ego patterns I see at play in science is The Need to Be Right. It’s a deep pattern created to fulfill worthiness: “Agree with me so I can feel I have value.” Science is full of people who need to be right. I think that’s why many people get into science in the first place: to be the ones with the right answers. This suggests that when scientists don’t have clear answers, their subconscious minds might kick in and insist that something unproven is the right answer, rather than being willing to say, “I don’t know.”

I don’t blame them, because after all, look at the pressure put on scientists to have the answers. “Save us! Tell us what to do to be safe!” Who could respond to those pleas with, “Sorry, can’t help you. Shrug emoji”?

The vast majority of people on this planet still rely on external authority to tell them what to do, rather than having a trusted inner authority (a.k.a., intuition) to guide them…

…leaving those of us who follow our inner authority at odds with each other.

Got that? Not just at odds with the unconscious ones, but with each other. Because even while we follow what’s within, we don’t all get the same message.

I’ll say that again and clearer: When Spirit speaks to you about how to deal with Coronavirus (or any other situation), the guidance is for you. It might not be the same guidance that anyone else is getting, which means that how they live out their guidance may seem exactly wrong if you judge it by the guidance you’re getting.

If following Dr. Fauci feels right to you – or not following his advice makes you nervous – then follow it. If licking a shopping cart feels right to you, lick it. This is your time to have experiences of following your inner authority. (Note: I’m not saying you won’t get sick; I’m saying it may be an experience you needed to have.)

The guidance that each of us receives is appropriate to our beliefs (conscious and subconscious), along with the lessons we might gain from the experience.

For example, to wear a mask or not wear a mask? A respected friend said, “It’s the intelligent and loving thing to do.” And to him that’s completely true. He is a very loving person, and one way he naturally expresses love is to go out of his way for others.

I, on the other hand, rarely feel the need to wear a mask while I stay six feet apart from everyone in the grocery store. (BTW, I shop for Instacart, so I get to explore this 1-3 times each week.) I keep a mask with me in case I do suddenly feel inwardly prompted, or in case it’s store policy, but otherwise my experience reflects how I was already perceiving the world: We are all innately worthy, loved, safe, and powerful. No other human is a risk to me, and I am a risk to no one.

It impossible to believe the above the statements while also being worried that people aren’t safe. When I am completely grounded in these beliefs, I cannot manifest a reality that contradicts them – not for myself or others.

Jesus went safely into leper colonies; I go safely into virus-laden grocery stores. This is what we’re capable of when we surrender our egos to Spirit.

There are also days when I had planned to shop but suddenly feel it’s better to stay home. This is also part of manifesting safety for myself and others without having to fret and worry.

Meanwhile, if person’s energy matches the experience of having COVID-19, they’re going to get it one way or another. As I understand Universal Law, my wearing a mask can’t prevent their experience.

(No one should let my mask-wearing be the key factor in their safety anyway. If you are concerned about getting and spreading the virus, isolate! Why are you leaving it up to anyone else to protect you?)

There’s only one thing that has gotten under my skin during all of this: My fear that people will think I’m saying they’re supposed to live their lives the way I’m living mine.

That is the exact OPPOSITE of my message. I AM NOT YOUR AUTHORITY.

And for heaven’s sake, do NOT going into the proverbial leper colonies unless you’re grounded in the trust that you and all others will be safe.

Meanwhile, my fear highlights the lesson of my experience: to be willing to live my life purely according to my inner authority, without pre-judging how others might react.

It’s a lifelong lesson I’ve been needing since elementary school, perhaps earlier.

What I most need to learn right now is to embrace my knowing that when people are triggered by me, their response is not about me. I can’t be of greater service to humanity until I do that.

Thus, to everyone who will comment angrily on this post, I thank you in advance for helping me with my lesson. Lay all that disapproval and discord right on me. Bearing its weight will make me stronger.

It’s only when I’m willing to risk triggering anger in people that I can show up to trigger hope.

^ That’s my lesson. What lessons has the Coronavirus experience offered you?

About the author

Christina Ammerman is an engineer-turned-healer who merges the spiritual with the practical as an expert guide in humanity's Ascension. She has been a professional healer since 2005 and is an avid student and practitioner of A Course in Miracles and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

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