October 2


Is the World Getting Better or Worse?

By Christina Ammerman

October 2, 2014

“I’m just a believer
That things will get better
Some can take it or leave it
But I don’t want to let it go”

American Authors, “Believer”

That’s a quote from a recent song by the band American Authors called, “Believer.” When I heard it in the car the other day, it got me thinking about the various opinions I’ve heard about where the world is headed. And even though those of on the Path of Love believe that we know that answer, it’s always good to be reminded.

There are definitely contrasting messages: On one hand is the “age of Aquarius” perspective that we’re all expanding into Love, the veil is dissolving and we’re moving into Oneness.

On the other hand are the “hell in a handbasket” proclaimers. And I’ll say that on the surface it’s hard to argue against them, with the increased violence and threats of war that we hear about every day.

So which is it? Is the glass half full or half empty? Do we have reason to hope? Absolutely.

First of all, there’s always reason to hope. Hope is its own reason.

Second, both perspectives are right in their own way. We can’t deny the increased number of violent acts being reported by the media. While the real story may be that the amount of violence is the same and it’s just getting more attention, there’s still significance to that increased fixation on violence.

Increased violence doesn’t contradict the ideas of Earth becoming a more loving place; in fact, it supports those ideas.

Think of it in terms of the Law of Polarity, which says that if something exists than its opposite also exists. Let me add a corollary: The opposite thing exists in the same extreme as the thing you’re looking at.

This implies that as humanity’s collective expression of Love increases, so must its expression of Fear. (Notice that I didn’t say “hate.” Fear is actually the opposite of love, by virtue of being the absence of Love. Another example of the Law of Polarity.) This increased expression is the cause of the violence that has manifested as school shootings, racial violence, and terrorist actions.

I know it’s disturbing to think that violence and fear are required in order for humanity to evolve. If there’s a different path then I pray that we all find it. In the meantime let’s remember to hold Love and Compassion in our hearts for all those who dwell in Fear.



About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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