September 17


How You Can Save the World

By Christina Ammerman

September 17, 2012

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Earth globe with peopleThe world is in turmoil right now.

I’m hearing more and more people say that “something big” is going to happen in September. What they mean is war in the Middle East, which of course will involve countries from around the world, including the U.S., almost instantly. Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue both mentioned this at the I Can Do It conference in DC a few weeks ago. It surprised me that anyone would bring the topic of war into such a setting – a clear sign that I should not turn a blind eye or deaf ear.

Because that’s what I’ve been doing: In an effort to shield myself from negativity, I’ve stopped watching the news; I only read the comics section of the Washington Post each day; and I conveniently skip over any posts or links on my Facebook news feed about violence and war.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you find yourself doing the same things?

Here’s the thing: As a result of this detachment, we have isolated ourselves from the very people who need our help. While it does no good for our hearts to bleed for them, there is a way that we can use our hearts to stop the violence.

We have to use our hearts to change Earth’s magnetic field.

I’m going to explain how by summarizing in one paragraph what Gregg Braden spent hours teaching at the I Can Do It conference. If you want more details, you can find them at the Global Coherence Institute’s website.

For now, know this: Humans have measurable magnetic fields that are powered most strongly by our hearts. Earth also has a measurable magnetic field. As a result of 9/11, scientists discovered that Earth’s magnetic field changes significantly when lots of people share an emotional experience. It’s also true that people are affected by the magnetic field that they’re in.

(Of course. Why would it be just a one-way relationship?)

Gregg told us a great story that proves the second point. At one of his workshops an attendee caused a ruckus. Rather than having the guy kicked out, Gregg asked that security take the man out into the hall. Then Gregg led the whole group in shifting their magnetic fields. When the man was brought back in, he said that he could remember why he was upset but could no longer summon the angry feelings he’d had earlier.

If a classroom full of people can have that impact on one man, do you think we could scale it to global proportions?

I’m willing to try. How about you?

How do you shift your magnetic field and save the world? Surprise, surprise, it’s the same guidance that you keep hearing: Meditation, or as Gregg calls it, “coherence,” because it’s not about sitting cross-legged in yoga pants for 30 minutes. It’s about the simple, physiological act of bringing your focus and energy into your heart center to simultaneously calm and power up that magnificent magnetic powerhouse that dwells within your chest.Heart in hands

Any meditative practice that you have will do the trick. The Instant Energy Balancer available here on is a great option. The Heart Math institute also has a recording that helps you fill your heart center with positive feelings.

The simplest way to come into coherence requires no technology or guided recording:

  • Stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and put your hand on your heart.
  • Breathe normally, imagining the breath is flowing into and out of your heart.
  • After about 30 seconds of this, think about something that triggers positive feelings: a cherished loved one, a treasured pet, a favorite place in nature. With this thought, let yourself feel the positive feelings that come with these thoughts.
  • Stay that way for at least another 30 seconds, or as long as you’d like to.

Repeat this as often as you can. You’ll notice how it calms your own life as you change the field around you. What a great reward for saving the world!

If there’s any time that’s important for you to commit to this practice, it’s this week. Not only because we’re in the time of turmoil and impending global war (according to some), but because this Friday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace, when the UN is asking people worldwide to pray, meditate, and otherwise share positive thoughts and feelings of world peace. The collective energy of this collaborative event can be strong enough to shift Earth’s magnetic field and change the hearts of the people who would lead this world into a war.

At 12 noon in each time zone, there will be a Minute of Silence, Moment of Peace shared by many. You can join the event on Facebook. Imagine the potential impact if we all did it.

What I’d love to read in your comments today is your commitment to being a part of this ongoing movement, especially Friday’s International Day of Peace. Are you in?



About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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