The Spiritual Opportunities in the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s really true that everything happens for a reason. Everything we experience is a result of the Law of Attraction, therefore everything we experience either matches something we already are or offers the path to something we wish to become.

This is as true with the recent changes we’ve had to make because of Coronavirus as it is with anything else. As I’m writing this, it’s the first full week of schools and businesses around me being closed or telework-only. Already I’m being shown what the spiritual significance of this experience is, and to share with you what I see.

The summary is, this is an opportunity to heal and grow our Root chakras. That is true for each of us, whether we’ve already done Root chakra healing or not, because life is an iterative process of revisiting each chakra and experiencing more growth.

Fear and security are Root chakra emotions. Being at home is a Root chakra experience. The more that you can observe yourself in those experiences, the more that you’ll grow as a person and spiritual being by the time this is over.

In this video, I say more about how working with your Root chakra relates to your overall spiritual journey, and some ways you can use your time at home to enhance that experience, by noticing how you feel in your home and making some changes.

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