August 26


Alignment with WHAT?

By Christina Ammerman

August 26, 2014

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I like to think that the best teachers never stop being students.

I don’t think I’m alone in that. It seems like it might be a  famous quote, probably one that’s been shared around Facebook. 🙂

I hope it’s true because I know that I never want to stop learning. How I learn and who I learn from varies a lot. Not only do I study with coaches and teachers and take workshops, I also pay a lot of attention to other people.

My teachers aren’t just people up on stage or in webinars. They are also my peers, my colleagues, and even my clients.

One of my great teachers is my friend Nneka Kelly of Working Mystic. Nneka (pronounced EN-nuh-kuh) and I have been accountability partners for the past year. We’ve met weekly to share triumphs, challenges, and an occasional trade secret of our businesses, so I get to see a lot of how she does things behind the scenes – not just in strategies and tactics, but more importantly in who she is as a business owner.

One reason I watch Nneka is because she is a fellow follower of The Teachings of Abraham. I can hear how Abraham’s teachings are integrated into how Nneka thinks, speaks, and acts. And I see the results that she gets in her business and her personal life, so I pay close attention to what she does, watching for those nuances I have yet to grasp directly from the material.

One of the things that Nneka frequently talks about is “getting into alignment.” Through her words and actions she stresses the importance of getting into alignment before taking action. While I always instinctively know what she means, sometimes my left brain wants to shout,

“Get into alignment with WHAT?”

Because that’s the nature of the word “alignment.” It’s a term of relativity, not absoluteness. Something has to be “in alignment” with something else. So saying “get into alignment” without specifying the “what” can be very frustrating to the literal part of my brain.

And so to get my answer of “alignment with what?,” I’ve watched. And I’ve listened. For much of the past year I’ve let Nneka’s living example teach me about alignment. (And remind me what I already know – because that’s how it is sometimes, right?)

What I’ve discerned and distilled from watching Nneka are three major answers to the question of “alignment with what?”:

1. Align with The Desire: When there’s something that we want, we have to line up with it. We must live immersed in the belief that we can be, do, or have it. And whenever we notice any dissenting voice within ourselves that has doubts, we need to do what’s necessary to coax that part of our subconscious into believing in the desire.

I have seen Nneka take weeks or months to take action on something – by choice, that is – because she recognized that too much of her being was not on board with the idea. But that doesn’t mean she does nothing in the interim; on the contrary, she always uses that time to “tend to her vibration,” as she puts it, doing what she feels is necessary to get completely on board with the desire so that when she does step into action, everything goes very smoothly.

Alignment2. Align with Higher Self: We could also call this aligning with Joy, because raising our vibrations to the highest state possible is the key to being in alignment with our highest selves. The more joyful we are, the less influence any nagging doubts will be – if we’re even able to hear them at all from way up here in Joyland.

Aligning with the Higher Self also means staying in touch with the idea that we are far more than just our human selves. It means trusting in the Oneness of Creation all working together in cooperation.

Nneka tells me about the “rampages of appreciation” that she uses to raise her vibration. You might recognize that term from listening to Abraham. Nothing can make a person feel happier than appreciating what already is. And why stop at just one thing? A “rampage of appreciation” is an ongoing litany, often out loud, of all the wonderful things, big or small, that are present in life.

I do rampages of appreciation too; my version starts with “How freakin’ awesome is it that…” I also use music to raise my vibration; anything upbeat with a solid bassline does the job nicely.

3. Align with The Flow: There is always a Divine Plan at play in each of our lives. Add to that, there are divine or unseen factors that activate as soon as we initiate a new desire. Because we can do that; as beings of free will and co-creators of our lives, we can initiate desires that were not part of the original plan.

But when we try to control the details of how an outcome is being produced, it’s like we’re working our own set of instructions that’s totally separate and different from the instructions that everyone and everything else is following.

Instead the key is to take our cues from the Divine. Following point #2, being in joyful alignment with our Higher Selves, makes this a lot easier; when we’re in that state, we can easily feel, hear, or know when a sign is being given to us, either inside our intuition or in our external environment. And the more that we see and follow those signs, the more that we are in cooperation with everything else that’s helping to manifest our desires.

I’ve watched Nneka be in The Flow and manifest things from a free cup of coffee at Starbucks to a stellar turnout for a webinar, just by following her gut instincts of what to say or do next, and checking in with where the energy is flowing (and where it isn’t.)

Nneka Kelly is a super awesome guru of using metaphysics in workplaces. (Hence the name of her business, Working Mystic.) So if you work, whether for yourself or for someone else, I recommend that you check out her stuff at


About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. Hi Christina, I had no idea you were paying such close attention! It’s like when one of my clients told me she has a folder of everything I send out – EVERYTHING!

    Thanks for putting this in writing. It really helped me to see my process:-)

    Big hugs <3

    1. Oh, I’m ALWAYS watching. We talked recently about how the best way I learn is through modelling – by watching and mimicking what other people do over what they say or teach.

      You are very welcome. It’s my honor to introduce more people to the magnificence that is Nneka! 🙂

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