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3 Hidden Factors That Sabotage Your Muscle Testing Results

By Christina Ammerman

March 29, 2016

muscle testing

Muscle testing (formally called “applied kinesiology”) can be a powerful tool for getting valuable information to support your well-being.

People use muscle testing for all sorts of purposes, including choosing supplements, checking in with spiritual guidance, and discovering subconscious limiting beliefs. (By “people” I guess I mean “me,” because I just listed my favorite reasons to use it.)

But the mistake people often make with muscle testing is taking for granted the accuracy of the feedback, when in truth it’s very easy to get false responses. I’ve learned a lot about that in my decade as a healer, and I want to shed some light on what you might be doing wrong.

First, though, let’s get on the same page about what muscle testing is, just in case you’re hearing of it for the first time. I remember one client who freaked a little when I first mentioned muscle testing to her. She thought it was a biopsy sort of thing that involved sticking a needle into her arm. That would freak me out too.

Thankfully, that’s not at all what we’re talking about. Muscle testing is a completely non-invasive technique. If we look at its formal name, “applied kinesiology,” we see that it’s the use of muscle movement (kinesiology) for a practical (applied) purpose. Yet another name for it is “autonomic response testing (ART),” which more clearly tells us that we’re engaging the autonomic (think: automatic) nervous system (ANS) and measuring its response.

How are we engaging the nervous system? By activating a muscle group – for example, pressing down on your arm while it’s extended outward – and observing whether it remains strong or becomes weak in the presence of a stimulus (i.e., the thing that we’re trying to test). Rather than trying to explain it further, I’ll suggest that you search “muscle testing”on YouTube and watch one of the many videos people have already made.

Then come back here and I’ll tell you what those videos leave out.

You see, anyone can show you the mechanics of how to muscle test, but just like the difference between singing karaoke and being talented enough to sell out an arena, there are ways to perfect muscle testing that can only be achieved through tons of experience or some expert coaching.

And here I am with that coaching.

The most important insight to understand about muscle testing is that since you’re using your body as a feedback mechanism, the pathways for that feedback need to be clearly connected – and most often they’re not. Those pathways are either disconnected (in a metaphorical sense which I’ll explain) or “gunked up” with interference. This interference comes from three primary hidden factors:

1. Being too much in your head

Like I already said, muscle testing relies on responses from your body to give you answers. In order for that to work, your awareness has to be in your body. And as you probably know, we humans in the Western world tend to spend our time in our minds rather than our bodies. You can’t feel the subtle responses of your body if you’re stuck in your head.

Getting out of your head and into your body is what we call “getting centered.” Regardless of which muscle testing technique you’re using, before you start testing you need to drop your awareness into your body. It’s the only way to quiet your mind and keep your thoughts from overriding your results.

When you don’t get centered first, you’ll most likely get the result that your mind wants or expects instead of the true response from your ANS. I’ve made this mistake myself when I feel rushed – or when I don’t really want to know the true answer. I’ve also stood in front of clients who’ve insisted that they were checking in with their guidance and receiving confirmation of what they just told me, when in fact I could feel that they never got out of their minds and into their bodies to accurately do the testing. Because they didn’t want to hear their guidance to say they were wrong.

In short, your body is an antenna; for it to work, you have to properly connect to it.

2. Triggered by physical sensitivities

One of the reasons I know so much about muscle testing is because years ago I took an ART workshop from Dr. Robert Johnson, a holistic dentist in Fairfax, VA. Most of that two-day workshop focused on allergies and sensitivities that interfere with muscle testing, and how to recalibrate for them. For instance, the nickel in my cute-but-cheap earrings was creating false negatives in my muscle testing, so I had to remove them to neutralize their effect.

Neutralizing nickel earrings is easy, but what about when you’re triggered by the wheat or corn you ate earlier in the day, or the mercury in your fillings? In those cases, you have to hold a sample of the irritant along with whatever you’re testing. (Why/how that works, I’m still not sure, but that’s how it’s done.)

Wheat, corn, sugar, milk, and heavy metals are the most common disruptors to muscle testing, as we learned in that workshop, but they’re not the only ones. How do you find out which ones you have? Well, you can buy a muscle testing kit and calibrate against thousands of samples each time you start. But most of us won’t do that.

The alternative is to pay attention to your own body all the time. Notice how you feel after eating foods that people are most commonly sensitive to (wheat, corn, sugar, cow dairy) or exposure to other substances. Any sluggishness or itchiness you feel after exposure is likely a sign of your ANS being affected, which means your muscle testing results will too. You can neutralize anything you’re sensitive to buy holding a sample of it every time you muscle test.

But here’s another idea: Rather than compensating for your exposure, why not eliminate your exposure? Not just to improve your muscle testing results, but because those substances are messing up your central nervous system, and that constant stress is detrimental in far more important ways than muscle testing results. Think about that.

3. Limited by hidden thoughts and feelings

Physical substances aren’t the only source of interference. Your thoughts and emotions, especially the ones that cause you stress, can sabotage your results too.

If your nervous system is irritated because you’re mentally stressed, then you’re not going to get accurate results. But even if you feel completely calm, your beliefs (conscious and unconscious) as well as stuck emotions can influence the results.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re muscle testing different probiotic supplements to find the right one. But let’s also say that you’ve been taught that probiotics should be stored in a fridge, and all of these are on a shelf at room temperature. It’s completely possible that none of those probiotics will test strong (positive) for you because how they’re stored doesn’t comply with what you believe is necessary to maintain their potency.

Another example: You’re headed to a party and muscle testing to get your angels’ guidance on whether it’ll be faster to take the highway or surface streets. But secretly you don’t really want to go to the party. You might actually get the wrong answer and end up stuck in traffic.

About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. Why do you call muscle testing ‘getting your angel’s guidance.’ I thought it was your subconscious giving you the answers from stored information.

    1. Hi Sharon!

      That’s a great question which gets to the essence of the article. Muscle testing is a tool, and like any tool, the results depend on the skills of the one using the tool. If the tester is unaware of what energy they’re tapping into when they test, then yes, the answers will come from their subconscious. I’ll even add to that, if a practitioner is muscle testing a client and unaware of what energy they’re tapping into, then the answers are as likely to come from the practitioner’s subconscious as they are from the client’s subconscious. On the other hand, if you’re mindful about it, you can push your subconscious information out of the way and intentionally tap into higher guidance.

      Much love,

  2. I can not get passed the initial question of testing which is my name. EVERYTHING remains a STRONG YES! I do not register a NO. I have done the clearing energy exercises and tapped with EFT. No change, I am a strong YES on the wrong name and on the question of show me a NO! I stay at a strong YES. What is wrong? HELP! I I have tried All the different testing methods too! Even my sway testing doesn't work. I feel a very strong emotional strain and I cry while trying all this. What is going on here. No answers for me.

    1. Hi!

      Perhaps you’ve figured this out by now, but now that I see your comment I’ll reply anyway, just in case.

      I would immediately say that the emotional strain you felt explains why the testing wasn’t working. The reflexes in the body that muscle testing leverages are very subtle, and it’s not unusual for someone’s emotions to override them. The need to get something right can be a very powerful attachment that triggers a lot of emotions when success doesn’t happen right away.

      My recommendation would be, before you do any form of testing, to sit quietly and simply breathe until you feel relaxed. Then affirm that your body knows what it’s doing; if that thought stirs you up, repeat it until you can think the thought and feel relaxed.

      Having said that, now my intuition has me wondering if you have problems trusting your body. Are you frequently sick, or is there something else going on that has you feeling like your body betrays you? Logically speaking, it makes sense that someone who doesn’t feel in harmony with their body would unconsciously not trust it to give accurate answers for muscle or sway testing. If this applies to you, I would say don’t force it; until you’ve sorted out your body issues so that you feel safe and trusting in it, explore other methods of divination for yourself.

      Much love,

  3. Hi Christina I have just recently tried Psychic-k and mostly it involves muscle testing. I think I feel a bit better because of the session but not sure yet. I went and looked at muscle testing further on GAIA network and came across a documentary called E-motion. Also about muscle testing. I tried it out with my sister today who is really struggling with anxiety and stress . We used the sway test. I myself was able to get answers using this but unsure if they were correct or forced and she was unable to get any response. If you have online sessions or any further information that may help it would be greatly appreciated. Abraham Hicks has been a big part of my learning journey as well. Love Esther and Jerry Hicks and all their work.

    1. Hi Nicole!

      Anxiety and stress can definitely interfere with the muscle testing process (including sway testing). You have to be grounded in your body for testing, and anxiety is a state of being too much in one’s head. I have two suggestions for you and your sister:

      1) Before you try to test, sit and breathe until you are very, very relaxed. If this takes 5, 10, 15 minutes, so be it. Rushing the process works against it.
      2) Build trust in your testing by practicing with questions that don’t have such life-defining answers. You could literally play games, such as picking a card from deck of playing cards and testing to determine which card it is without looking. Or as you go throughout your day, test on much simpler questions that you make up along the way, like whether the car you see will be blue.

      The keyword for both of you is TRUST. Your testing will get stronger as your trust in it grows.

      Much love,

  4. I was given a muscle test to determine if I would respond well to a Myers cocktail IV. It turns out I failed. What would cause that? I was really looking forward to the IV as I have low stomach acid and low gut immunity and this would definitely be a big help for what I'm going through.

    1. Hi Norma,
      I’m wondering what you mean by “failed.” Do you mean that the muscle testing response was No? If so, it’s interesting to me that you would classify that as a “failure” when No is as valid a response for muscle testing as Yes would be.

      And yet, that judgment is especially fitting since Failure is one of the emotions that can get trapped in the stomach, according to The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Have you read that book or worked with an Emotion Code practitioner? I’m glad you were led to me so I could recognize that connection for you; now I highly recommend that you work with The Emotion Code (alone or with a practitioner) to heal the underlying emotional causes of your stomach issues. I’m sure a little more Googling will lead you to the right practitioner in your area or online.

      All the best to you, Norma.

  5. First of all I want to thank you for providing the valuable materials here.Then, I want to ask two questions about muscle testing.
    The first question is about the statements for making decisions. I ask these questions: I want to do… or I like to do… or I am going to do….
    I want to know whether these questions are right or not.

    The second question is about trusting the answers that I received from muscle testing.I did muscle testing technique for identifying trapped emotion(emotion code) and I know it is really beneficial. I did it to make a decision, I emptied my mind expecting a particular answer and I drank water before doing muscle testing .Also, I did emotion code for checking whether I have trapped emotions or not and I did not have any tapped emotions.I rephrase the questions too and I have no physical sensitivities. I received an answer that I did not expect. I mean that I wanted to choose a path for my future goals because I was not sure to choose which paths. All external circumstances were against the answer that I received from muscle testing. I mean that the answers seems funny to my mind
    My mind told me that are you sure these answers are trustworthy and reliable? I think it was a voice of my logical mind, isn't it? My mind sometimes has doubt about the answer that I received from muscle testing.
    I really appreciate you if you can help me about these issues.

    1. Hi Mina!

      I love your questions. You clearly want to get to the bottom of this! Brava!

      It sounds to me that you want to use muscle-testing to a) get clear about what decision to make, and b) to determine if anything within in you is out of alignment with that decision. I believe what I have to say here will address both of those needs.

      If there is a path that you want to choose, then that Desire is the only guidance you need to choose that path. Desire is an energy that comes from Source (de-sire literally means “from the Father”) When our energy channels are clear enough, we experience Desire as a feeling; if the flow is completely clear, that feeling will make a person too energized to sit still – they will literally feel the need to get up and take action. So you don’t need to muscle-test about whether you want to or not, because you can tell by your FEELINGS that you want to. The thing that muscle-testing will tell you is, are there any blocks to freely choosing that path?

      If you have multiple options to choose from and neither of them naturally feels like a Yes, that’s because your subconscious patterns are blocking that feeling from coming through. You might be trying to make the decision intellectually, or trapped emotions might be causing fake “feelings” toward the path that isn’t the one you desire.

      Also, understand that there are no true external blocks – Source doesn’t have a preference for what you choose – so when external circumstances seem to be against your choice, it means your own subconscious mind manifested those circumstances. If you can clear those subconscious objections, then those circumstance will dissipate OR you’ll find an easy path around them.

      The curious thing about using “I want to…I like to…I am going to…” is that they are all questions about what you’re going to choose. And the thing about choice is, we are all free to make a new choice at any moment, so to muscle-test about a choice is invalid because you could make a different choice simply because you want to.

      Here’s what I use: “I am safe to…I am worthy to…”, knowing that in Truth we are all safe and worthy no matter what we do, and the only reason we hesitate to follow our Desires is that our Core Wounds interfere with our knowing that we are safe and worthy no matter what. In other words, ALL of our blocks have a root cause at one or both of the Core Wounds, so everything comes down to feeling either unsafe or unworthy.

      If you get a No for safe or worthy (or both), then follow-up by testing how many trapped emotions are at the root cause of that answer, and clear those. Once those trapped emotions are cleared, then you should have a clear feeling about what you actually Desire.

      If you have multiple paths to choose from, repeat this process for each path. Once your subconscious blocks are cleared, then Desire can flow freely through you and move you in the direction it’s leading you to. You might also be clear enough at that point to attract some external signs and synchronicities which confirm your choice.

      When working with trapped emotions, make sure you are checking for hidden emotions. Are you doing that? Sometimes I ask that as two separate questions (“I am currently holding at least one trapped emotion related to this” and “I am holding at least one HIDDEN trapped emotion related to this.”); other times I combine it into one question (“I am currently holding at least one emotion, hidden or unhidden, related to this.”)

      As for the part of your mind that asked “Are you sure?”, that feels to me like your subconscious mind trying to create one last objection because it doesn’t feel safe or worthy for you to proceed. If you use the safe/worthy approach to your questions and clear the trapped emotions causing unsafe/unworthy, then I believe this “are you sure?” pattern will cease.

      Let me know how it goes! And what other questions come up. I’m happy to continue being your resource for this.

      All the best,

      1. Dear Christina
        Thanks a lot for your reply. I felt confused more because I read articles and saw videos that muscle testing can be used for making decisions when we have options. I read that it can help us for making small and big decisions. Also, I read that our muscles never lie and our ego may resist the message that we receive.
        Actually at this moment I am not sure about choosing the right for my goals and this is the main reason for using the muscle test. I want to sure that I recognized my intuition. I felt unsure about the right path.
        I asked my self with the questions that you told me : "I am safe that… "and also with this question:" it is my best interest to…." I received No answers for two paths. I asked again for trapped emotions and hidden emotions for these two paths and received No. I pursued these two paths before doing muscle test and thought by myself that I chosen right. I received Yes answer about the path that I did it think about it before. Because I do not know what should I do about it and how it can be possible. It seems funny to my mind. I want to distinguish between my intuition and ego voice. I felt confused!

        1. If you get a No when you test “I am safe to _________,” then it makes sense that “It is in my best interest to _________” would also come up as a know – because your subconscious mind would not agree that something which is unsafe could be in your best interest.

          As far as checking for trapped emotions, let me suggest that you tweak the questions a little. Instead of checking for trapped emotions (hidden & unhidden) related to the path, check for TEs related to the path being unsafe. That subtle distinction might reveal the TEs, which we know for certain are there because TEs are what is causing the belief that the path is unsafe.

  6. Hello! I am one of those who is not able to correctly connect to my body, but rather gets stuck in my head.

    Can you please share what the test kits are that you are referring to please and thank you! I am determined to learn and if that would help then I would be interested in getting them!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Frankly, if you’re unable to connect with your body correctly, then buying the test kits would be a waste of your money. I expect it would get you further into your head too. So out of an abundance of love, I must decline your request for further info about the test kits.

      Instead, allow me to point you down the path of getting into your body. A simple place to start would be with an affirmation: “It is safe for me to feel.” Repeat this to yourself every morning and then at whatever point you notice yourself getting stuck in your head or trying to avoid feeling your emotions. You might notice yourself getting triggered at first because your subconscious self does NOT agree that it’s safe, but stick with it and you’ll start to notice a difference.

      Let me know if you use the affirmation and if it helps.

      Much Love,

  7. Hi Christina,

    I am new to muscle testing and have been practicing the sway test, getting clear Yes and No to simple factual information about me which was a wonderful discovery.

    However when doing it about things I want the answer to, especially things that are on a deadline, the test seems to give me the answer that I want , but then it doesn't come true in the time frame I asked about and so I am starting to doubt myself.

    Reading the article and comments it sounds like I am too stuck in my head rather than my body and the test is telling me what I want to hear.

    Can you offer any further guidance. Thank you so much, Emma

    1. Hi Emma,

      About 40% of what’s going on is that you’re in your head when you’re testing.

      Another 30% (I’m getting these numbers with muscle-testing, BTW – they are specific and accurate to you) is that the answers you get are based on your vibrational setpoint at the moment that you test. The caveat on any answer, anytime you muscle test is “assuming that all factors stay the same.” So many factors can change the momentum and/or direction of your manifestation. What’s happening in the cases you’re asking about it is, your vibrational setpoint changes sometime after you test. Maybe you get yourself psyched up into a clear, positive mindset when you test, but later fear, worry, and doubt take over. I hear it’s also not feeling worthy and safe to receive what you’re asking for.

      The remaining 30% is, you need to ask more questions about what your role is in manifesting what you want by the deadline you want it. In the highest-vibrating states, you’d naturally know what to do when the moment comes – but since we’ve already identified that your setpoint drops, it’s best to proactively ask what steps you need to take while you’re in a mindset to hear the answers. Even then, you need to address why your setpoint drops, because when the moment comes, you still might not take the action you need to take even if you clearly know what it is.

      Let me know if this helps you, Emma.

      Much Love,

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