Your Core Wound is:

I am Unlovable.

Your Core Wound is in your Root Chakra (the energy center at the base of your spine) and creates the hidden belief, "I am Unlovable." 

Here are examples of how this Core Wound affects people - how many are you experiencing?

  • feeling unsupported by other people as well as Spirit
  • paralyzed by fear of rejection
  • being a control freak
  • procrastinating on projects if you aren't 100% certain of how they'll turn out
  • blocking your ability to receive (support, money, etc.)
  • depression
  • attachment to struggle, working hard instead of smart

Would You Like to Learn More About Your Core Wound?

Understanding your Core Wound helps you answer questions like, "Why can't I stop doing things I know aren't good for me?"

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  • How it relates to - and blocks - your eternal, divine nature
  • When & how you got it
  • How it led to the forming of your ego (a.k.a., subconscious mind)
  • Other patterns caused by your Core Wound
  • What it takes to heal your Core Wound

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