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4 Ways to Become a More Powerful Energy Healer

By Christina Ammerman

February 13, 2022

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In 18 years of honing my craft as an energy healer, one thing I’ve learned is that becoming a more powerful healer isn’t just about learning new techniques.

Granted, some of the newer techniques are much more impactful than what was available when I started in this field two decades ago.

But I’ve also watched myself and other healers get pulled in the wrong direction by this – chasing the latest modalities with a desire to serve their clients better, but not really getting the return on those investments that would make them more effective or successful.

I see that one unconscious reason why healers keep taking more classes is Imposter Syndrome: Their general feelings of unworthiness, sometimes including their inability to help clients get the results they seek, trigger self-doubt about whether they’re actually good healers. As a result they constantly seek one more modality, one more certificate that will finally dub them worthy as healers. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough titles you can put after your name to fill the void of unworthiness.

Instead, what I’ve learned is that becoming a more powerful, worthy healer is not about expanding the breadth of your knowledge but expanding its depth.

Seek ways that you can go deeper into what you already know – not just about healing modalities but about the whole healing process, the healer-client relationship, and even the non-healing aspects of having your business. A masterful healer stands in their power in all these areas.

On that note, here are 4 key ways to deepen your experience as a healer so that you can offer a more powerful experience to your clients:

1. Master your marketing.

(You never would have guessed I’d say that, right?)

Why this is important: Obviously you need to promote yourself and get more clients so that you can support yourself financially, but here’s another way it makes you a better healer that you might not have considered:

More clients = more experience = better healer.

With each session you give, not only do you hone your craft a little more, you’ll also have countless opportunities to work through your own blocks. Have you ever noticed that when you’re working through a personal challenge, 2 or 3 clients might show up with the very same issue? It happens to me all the time; sometimes they even show up first, prompting me to ask, “Hang on, do I have this issue too?”

While you could give away sessions for free and therefore satisfy the more experience = better healer formula, doesn’t that feel like hiding from the real problem? Part of stepping into your power as a healer is stepping into your power to receive in exchange for what you give.

And yes, I recognize that money isn’t the only thing a healer can receive in exchange. It can be a beautiful thing to meet a person where they’re at and accept what they are able to give you – but you have to also be honest with yourself about how often you do that to avoid outright asking for money. Money blocks are a huge category of patterns that I end up addressing with my clients who are healers (as most of them are or become).

Speaking of working through your own blocks, promoting yourself is not as much of a how-to problem as it seems to be. There is tons of information out there about how to market a small business that you could easily tap into if it weren’t for the real problem: the unconscious mindset blocks that get in your way.

I would say getting better at promoting yourself is at least 85-90% mindset work – especially getting over fears of rejection, along with the money stuff. When I help healers get better at promoting their work, we do a lot of limiting belief clearing and mindset work – and it makes such a powerful difference!

Most business coaches would agree with me when I say that marketing is the #1 aspect of having a business which shows you where your blocks are and gives you endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. So don’t avoid it – lean into the challenges! Do it scared if you have to, but do it!

2. Learn how to offer permanent healing

Why this is important: Obviously, because it’s what your clients are hoping for. But also, speaking from my own experience, a big chunk of the Imposter Syndrome and unworthiness that I felt in the past came when I would help a client with a problem, and it would seem to be better for a while, but then I would notice them having the same problem months or years later.

I was so freakin’ tired of facing the same problem over and over again in myself – not to mention mortified and ashamed to see it happen with my clients – that I demanded from the Universe to know how to keep the same problem from resurfacing.

What I learned was that permanent healing requires healing at all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Most modalities work directly with only one level, leaving the client to integrate the changes into all the others on their own. (Side note: When a client can’t do this, they experience what we call a healing crisis.)

If you want to co-create permanent results with your clients, you’ll need to either start combining modalities or learn one that works directly with all levels. (This would be a legitimate reason for learning one more.)

The other thing that’s needed for permanent healing is to heal at the root cause. This is different from healing on all levels, but definitely related.

For instance, if a client wants your help because they resent their spouse for not be attentive enough, you could clear resentment and other emotions/energies from the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels of their energy field – but, you’d still only be working with the surface problem.

A masterful healer understands that relationship issues usually stem from the client’s childhood relationship with their parent, and so the healer helps the client tap into those issues and heals them on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels of their energy field. See the difference?

3. Get really good at finding the Root Cause

Why this is important: As I said at the end of #2, healing the root cause of the problem instead of the surface symptoms is a key element of offering permanent healing. Learning how to find the true root cause is both an art and a science that many healers are inclined to avoid because it seems to difficult – but once you know how to do it, it’s incredibly empowering!

Meanwhile, the bonus side benefit to your client when you heal the root cause is that it’s always the root to multiple problems, so by addressing the specific issue that your client came in which, they experience shifts in multiple sectors of their life.

Getting good at finding the root cause requires either a lot of trial-and-error or someone to show you the secret map.

It also requires something else: You need to keep working on your own root cause issues, otherwise you’ll continue to have blindspots that keep you from seeing in your clients the issues that you haven’t been ready to see in yourself. (I could teach a whole class about this – oh wait, I am! I’ll tell you more about that at the end.)

4. Become the leader in your client relationships

Why this is important: SO MANY REASONS! Especially these two:

  1. When you show up as a compassionate leader of the healing process, it lets the client know, especially on the subconscious level, that they’re in a safe space to let down their guard and let healing happen.
  2. If you don’t take the lead, the client’s subconscious resistance will do so – and mislead you both in the opposite direction of the healing they need.

A common example of the second point: Your client comes in for a session and says, “I want to clear the blocks in my sacral and throat chakras. Just focus on those.” Well, if those two chakras were the only problem, then such a self-aware person would probably be able to realign those chakras with self-healing. It’s very likely that the root cause is somewhere else, like the root chakra, but some part of your client’s mind is afraid to go there (for example, because of trauma) and therefore intentionally but unconsciously steered you away from it.

It’s a masterful, powerful, skill – but one that has to be carefully practiced – to be able to hold space for a client and help them feel heard while also making sure their unconscious self isn’t running away with the show. It can feel scary to you if you’re not practiced at it, because it breaks the rule that “the customer is always right” and seems like you’re not giving them what they want.

At times, it might even trigger your own fear of conflict – but you have to get good at standing gently in your power if you want to serve your clients in the best way.

If reading these 4 points has you bouncing up and down with the question, “Yes, but how do I do these things??”, then I’d love to help you with that.

Join me for the Healer Masterclass Series that I’ll be offering online. Each class in the series focuses on one of these four areas of being a healer. Check out the upcoming dates for that series and register to join any or all of the classes.

Let’s get you on the path to becoming a more powerful healer!

About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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