What are the Core Wounds?

The healing that you experience with me is able to create radical change and real results, because it works with the deepest layers of your mind.

After years of healing limiting beliefs - "peeling the layers of the onion" - I was led to understand the Core Wounds - the innermost layers of the "onion" which were planted in your energy field and subconscious mind while you were still in the womb. 

With healing methods that I've developed and a framework based on the commonalities I found in client after client, we can completely and permanently remove these core patterns, so you can rebuild your life on a strong, empowered foundation. 

The result is literally life-changing, in every area of life, but especially business ownership, relationships, and chronic health conditions.

How were these Core Wounds created?

I first learned about Core Wounds from a teacher who insisted that we're not born with them. In working with my clients, however, I discovered that to be wrong, when my clients' own subconscious minds told me, via muscle testing, that the root cause came before age 0. It was then I realized this is happening in the womb - that we are, in fact, born already having these patterns.

Meanwhile, I learned from a colleague who studied with the HeartMath institute that in utero, the heart develops before the brain. Then I knew that the first sense we developed was the sense of empathy - the ability to read energy.

Putting these ideas together clearly indicates that these Core Wounds developed in the womb. As soon as you became able to read energy, you tuned into your parents to learn how to be human on the energetic level. They already had these Core Wounds, so you mimicked their energy and created your own wounds. 

As you might imagine, this has been going on for generations. You might ask, how did this start? Who received the first Core Wound? I have my theories, but what's more important is that now is the time to heal them, for those who are alive and ready now.

I am Unworthy

"I am Unworthy."

This Core Wound is most common among men & people assigned male at birth; many women & people assigned female at birth have a bit of it too.

This wound blocks your Crown chakra, cutting you off from the Sacred Masculine Energy that's supposed to guide you to your purpose and help you naturally feel good enough. 

Instead, you experience "imposter syndrome" - feeling like you never measure up to who you want to be or who other people think you are.

Or you take it really personally when someone tries to correct you.

Meanwhile, it's been hard for you to trust that you're on the right path. "What's my purpose?" is a constant question in your mind.

Without this Core Wound, you could easily tap into your intuition and always know the best next step for you in business and life.

"I am Unlovable."

This Core Wound is most common among women & people assigned female at birth; it's less common, but possible, for men & people assigned male at birth to have it too.

This wound blocks your Root chakra, cutting you off from the Sacred Feminine energy that is supposed to help you feel supported by other people and Life itself. 

Because of this wound, you may often feel alone - or become clingy or needy out of fear of being alone. Fear of rejection is so pronounced that you perceive it even when it isn't there, and keep yourself from doing things that might trigger rejection from others.

OR, other extreme: You're a rebel who doesn't give a f*ck what others think, but in truth that's a coping mechanism. Your subconscious mind is constantly sifting and sorting people as "for" or "against" you, so you can reject them before they reject you.

Without this wound, you would follow through on the great ideas that you have, and your relationships would be so much more functional and harmonious.

I am Unlovable
I am Powerless

"I am Powerless."

This Core Wound is experienced by people of all sexes.

This wound exists because energy is designed to flow from the Root and Crown to the Heart, so those blockages mean that the Heart has less energy that it needs to power the Law of Attraction. 

Because of the wounds at your Crown and Root chakras, your Heart has been operating around 25% of its full attractive potential, creating a lifelong awareness that you are not as powerful as you are meant to be.

In real life terms, because this feeling of powerless causes you to not believe in yourself, and rely too much on others to help you even when you totally do the thing yourself. You see everyone else (individuals, governments, etc.) as having the power and you having none.

Without this wound, you would invoke powerful, sometimes instant synchronicities, creating a life of grace and mind-blowing ease, beyond what you're currently able to imagines or trust is real. In short, you'd become a freakin' badass.

Subsequent Patterns

These Core Wounds are the foundation for many other lifelong layers of limiting belief and emotional dysfunction. A few quick examples include:

  • attachment to struggle (needing to make things hard than they are)
  • fear of conflict
  • the need to be right and/or fear of being wrong
  • perfectionism
  • challenges relating to men and/or women

My process heals ALL these wounds and additional layers within a few months. If you are ready to experience the internal and external freedom that comes from doing that, then schedule a Discovery Session to discuss the plan.

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