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What Are the Core Wounds?

What are the Core Wounds?

The healing that you experience with me is able to create radical change and real results, because it works with the deepest layers of your mind.

After years of healing limiting beliefs - "peeling the layers of the onion" - I was led to understand the Core Wounds - the innermost layers of the "onion" which were planted in your energy field and subconscious mind while you were still in the womb. 

With healing methods that I've developed and a framework based on the commonalities I found in client after client, we can completely and permanently remove these core patterns, so you can rebuild your life on a strong, empowered foundation. 

The result is literally life-changing, in every area of life, but especially business ownership, relationships, and chronic health conditions.

How were these Core Wounds created?

I first learned about Core Wounds from a teacher who insisted that we're not born with them. In working with my clients, however, I discovered that to be wrong, when my clients' own subconscious minds told me, via muscle testing, that the root cause came before age 0. It was then I realized this is happening in the womb - that we are, in fact, born already having these patterns.

Meanwhile, I learned from a colleague who studied with the HeartMath institute that in utero, the heart develops before the brain. Then I knew that the first sense we developed was the sense of empathy - the ability to read energy.

Putting these ideas together clearly indicates that these Core Wounds developed in the womb. As soon as you became able to read energy, you tuned into your parents to learn how to be human on the energetic level. They already had these Core Wounds, so you mimicked their energy and created your own wounds. 

As you might imagine, this has been going on for generations. You might ask, how did this start? Who received the first Core Wound? I have my theories, but what's more important is that now is the time to heal them, for those who are alive and ready now.

I am Unworthy

"I am Unworthy."

This Core Wound blocks your Crown chakra, cutting you off from Sacred Masculine Energy. This wound has denied you full and easy access to the energy of Desire - the guiding force which is supposed to propel you forward along your path. 

Instead, you have had to guess what the best path is for you. Even as you've grown your intuition, the presence of this wound constantly casts a shadow of doubt that you must coach yourself to ignore.

Without this wound, tapping into intuition wouldn't be an exercise requiring meditation; it would be a way of living each moment.

"I am Unlovable."

This Core Wound blocks your Root chakra, cutting you off from Sacred Feminine energy. It is the #1 reason why your thoughts don't consistently become the things you desire.

Because of this wound, you have felt disconnected from your environment, abandoned and unsupported by others and the Universe at large. You subconsciously don't trust the Universe, and so even when results are delivered to you, you don't recognize them.

Fear of rejection is especially strong with this wound, because the subconscious mind equates love with security. Even if you think you don't give a f*ck what others think, your subconscious mind is constantly sifting and sorting people as "for" or "against" you, rejecting them before they can reject you.

Without this wound, you would know yourself as lovable and therefore project that love to others as agape (unconditional love) and creating the connections you need to fulfill your purpose and pleasures.

I am Unlovable
I am Powerless

"I am Powerless."

This Core Wound blocks your Heart chakra, cutting off the magnetic energy you are design to send out into your environment, attracting back whatever you desire.

It is the result of having wounds at your Crown and Root chakras. Your energy field is designed to receive energy from those two sources and draw it through your other chakras to your heart, where Sacred Masculine and Feminine would combine at your heart, creating a vibration that matches your desires and the support you need to fulfill them.

But given your Core Wounds and your Crown and Root chakras, your Heart has been operating around 25% power, creating a lifelong awareness that you are not as powerful as you are meant to be.

Without this wound, you would invoke powerful, sometimes instant synchronicities, creating a life of grace and mind-blowing ease, beyond what you're currently able to imagines or trust is real.

The Original Trauma

I don't regard this as a Core Wound per se, but it's equally significant.

Once your Core Wounds were created in the womb, you then experienced your response to them. You felt afraid, unworthy, and powerless for the first time. This sudden, intense emotion is what I've been guided to call The Original Trauma.

Logically, this explains what formed your Ego, since we know the Ego to be a human's sense of separation from God, and tied to the survival instincts. If you perceive yourself as cut off from God, then you believe that you're all on your own.

Even as you've been led back to God in some way, your ego still believes that you are separate. It believes that God is a lie. And it will do everything it can to keep you from trying to reconnect, creating more trauma, chronic health conditions, and what some call The Terror Barrier.

When I heal The Original Trauma for my clients, the Terror Barrier starts to automatically dissolve. Your ego no longer fights you. It becomes a collaborator instead.

The Original Trauma

Subsequent Patterns

The presence of these Core Wounds triggered the creation of other limiting beliefs and fears deep in the mind, including:

  • attachment to struggle 
  • fear of conflict
  • the need to be right and/or fear of being wrong
  • perfectionism

If you are ready to experience the internal and external freedom that comes from releasing all these patterns from your mind, then schedule a Get Acquainted Call to discuss how we can do that. You can also see a preview of your options on this page.