The Core Wounds

Your Core Wound is the deepest pattern in your subconscious mind. It's the first chakra block / limiting belief / negative emotional pattern that you experienced in this human life.

I often refer to the Core Wound as "the center of the onion." If you think of all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs as layers of an onion that grew on top of each other like layers of an onion, the Core Wound is the very first layer on which all the others are based.

When you heal the Core Wound, all of the other layers lose their foundation and begin to dissolve. 

What Are the POssible Core Wounds?

Many healers talk about "core wounds" as if each person has multiple wounds - but in the truest definition, there is only one. There was exactly one moment in the womb where one of your chakras was first blocked. Each person has exactly one Core Wound, and there are only two possible patterns it can be:

I am Unworthy

"I am Unworthy."

This wound blocks your Crown chakra, cutting you off from the Sacred Masculine Energy that's supposed to guide you to your purpose and help you naturally feel good enough. 

Instead, you experience "imposter syndrome" - feeling like you never measure up to who you want to be or who other people think you are.

Or you take it really personally when someone tries to correct you.

Meanwhile, it's been hard for you to trust that you're on the right path. "What's my purpose?" is a constant question in your mind.

Without this Core Wound, you could easily tap into your intuition and always know the best next step for you in every area of your life.

"I am Unlovable."

This wound blocks your Root chakra, cutting you off from the Sacred Feminine energy that is supposed to help you feel supported by other people and Life itself. 

Because of this wound, you may often feel alone - or become clingy or needy out of fear of being alone. Fear of rejection is so pronounced that you perceive it even when it isn't there, and keep yourself from doing things that might trigger rejection from others.

OR, other extreme: You're a rebel who doesn't give a f*ck what others think, but in truth that's a coping mechanism. Your subconscious mind is constantly sifting and sorting people as "for" or "against" you, so you can reject them before they reject you.

Without this wound, you would follow through on the great ideas that you have, and your relationships would be truly functional and harmonious.

I am Unlovable

Discover Your Core Wound

This short quiz will reveal the first chakra block / limiting belief / negative emotional pattern that you experienced, creating the foundation for your entire Ego.

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