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ChristinaEnergy Healing is my natural gift, which I’ve been cultivating since I first discovered Reiki in 2004 and using professionally since 2005.

The healing modalities I use are intense and laser-focused on getting results. This isn’t your relaxing, spa-like Reiki experience. Working with me is a lot more like going through therapy, except that we don’t have to talk about every single issue in order to let it go. (Although we do some talking in each session – it pinpoints and shakes up the energy we need to clear that day.)

The purpose and premise of energy healing comes down to this:

  • You’re trying to create a specific desire, but it’s not manifesting the way that you expect.
  • I can look into your energy field and tell you exactly where you have blocks that are distorting the signal you’re sending out to the Universe. That distorted signal is why you’re attracting something different than you think you want.
  • We use energy healing to clear away those distortions. This happens over multiple sessions because you’re usually not ready to let everything go at once.
  • As the blocks dissolve, starting with the very first session, you align more and more with what you want. This also means you clearer about the actions you need to take in order to manifest your desires.

Could it be that simple? Yup, it pretty much is. Kinda makes it hard to believe you’ve gone this long without doing it, right?

This work can be done via phone sessions or at my office in Gainesville, VA. It’s always my honor, my privilege, and my joy to see how my clients’ lives change as we go through this process. It’s like watching a thousand light bulbs go off over their heads as they have all the Aha’s that align them with their desires. (And their Source – I haven’t gone into that part.)

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, then let’s find out where your blocks are and talk about how we can work together. Click here to request an Intuitive Energy Assessment >>

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