January 7


Why I Practice Integrated Energy Therapy

By Christina Ammerman

January 7, 2013

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One of my favorite healing modalities is Integrated Energy Therapy. I love it for what it does – releasing us from the burden of trapped negative emotions. IET is a powerful experience of channeling healing energy from the angels to replace lower emotions like guilt, shame, resentment, and fear with higher emotions of innocence, pride, forgiveness, and security.

I got into practicing Integrated Energy Therapy after experiencing it myself. It’s a story that illustrates the subtle power that guilt holds over us.

Guilt is a powerful motivator. It might be equaled only by fear of death when it comes to unconscious motivations for human behavior. In my healing work I’ve helped people release issues of guilt ranging from not being a good cook to failing to single-handedly save the world. It’s amazing, really, what we hold in our subconscious that colors our view of the world and relationships.

My first experience with Integrated Energy Therapy happened during a trip to Sedona, AZ, that I took with my friend Kelley in June 2011. We were looking for a vortex tour and found a local healing center offering a package that also included an aura photo and an IET session. What a glorious way to spend Day 1 of our trip!

I remember that the practitioner Sahara was a kind, warm young woman with bright blond hair in a pixie cut. (There was much about her that was pixie-ish – an incarnated elemental, I’m sure.) We talked about intentions and she had me draw a healing card from a deck before I got onto the table.

Women receiving IET energy to her crown

Next I remember lying on the table with Sahara holding her hands on my head while making this invocation:

“Archangel Raphael, I invoke your divine angelic presence
To release guilt and integrate innocence
To the deepest level possible for Christina today.”

Barely a second later a sorrowful impression sprung up from deep in my core. Images flashed through my mind of being a young child surrounded by taunting classmates and adults. I felt fear, derision, and blame emanating from all of them, as if my very existence was worthy of scorn. Words repeated over and over in my mind: “I was just being myself. They hated me for who I was.” While Sahara pulled streams of energy from my crown, I sobbed tears of pain that I had been holding since age 6 – the age when I started to realize how different I was from everyone else, and how uncomfortable others felt around me simply because I was a precocious child. I was smart beyond my years and education in a way that perhaps made others feel less smart. I can’t really say how they felt; I only know now that I received their reaction as blame and held it as guilt, as this moment of healing had revealed.

I instantly understood the many ways that I’d been altering my behavior for 30 years in order to keep others from feeling uncomfortable. As an empath (especially a young, untrained one), how others felt had been very tangible to me, and I couldn’t bear to be the cause of anyone else’s bad feelings.

Logo for Integrated Energy TherapyMore amazing than these revelations was the peace that followed. Before I’d processed what this experience meant, the pain and guilt were already gone. I left that healing center feeling reborn. For the rest of the trip I walked on air and noticed many changes in my being and behavior, like how well I fed my body during that trip instead of abusing it with food. To have let go of something that big, so quickly and easily, is the kind of miracle that keeps me committed to energy healing.

When I returned home it became clear that a deep wound had been healed. I became free to experience life without apologizing for who I am or needing everyone to like and accept me. I’ve been empowered to move forward with my work in bold new ways. That one session of IET changed how I spoke about my gifts and my work. Now I own being a smart and sensitive woman – it’s actually quite a gift to be both when I know how to control them. I also set out to learn Integrated Energy Therapy so that I could provide the same healing to others. I’ve been doing so for over a year now, with gratitude and love for those I’ve been able to serve.

About the author

Christina Ammerman is a Master Core Wound Healer + Medical Intuitive who helps smart, spiritual women heal their chronic health conditions. She deploys her skills as an intuitive and former engineer to systematically identify every single root cause, leading to complete and permanent healing.

Her quest to create a successful method for permanent healing led her to learn about the Core Wounds and bring forth new insights into how they were created and how they keep us from fully embodying Source energy in our human experiences.

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  1. Hello Chris! I enjoy reading your newsletters. This one is great! Are you still practicing massage therapy?

    1. Hi Kimberly!
      Thanks for your compliment! And you’ve asked a great question. Yes, I am still practicing massage therapy, but in my own special way. What I offer now is my Signature Healing Massage, which is a 90-minute session that combines traditional therapeutic massage with Integrated Energy Therapy. This is the only massage that I offer; I made this change because I’m always talking about how we need to take care of our bodies, minds, AND energy, and I realized it was time for what I do to be in integrity with what I say. So now, not only do you get all the benefits of massage – working out the knots and letting your body relax – you also get the clearing and balancing of your mind, your heart, and your energy field. Plus, why settle for 60 minutes of Me Time when you could have 90? 🙂


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