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This online quiz will reveal the root cause of all your struggle, self-sabotage, and lack - the single subconscious pattern upon which your entire Ego is built.

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Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I get it - after years of working to step into your own power,  the last thing you want to hear is that some hidden part of your mind is still holding you back. An empowered person shouldn't have to deal with something that feels so powerless!

But once I faced that truth, I was able to uncover core issues like abandonment, trust, and need for control that are rooted in the innermost subconscious mind of every human, from the moment in the womb when our ego was formed. By using potent forms of energy psychology, I was able to instantaneously release those patterns in a way I can also do for you.

Get the Real Freedom You Crave

You want to live a life that feels free and aligned with Spirit. If instead you feel sabotaged, burdened, or imprisoned by your own fears & feelings, then let's work together to change that. It happens in three steps:

  1. Heal the core subconscious patterns that interfere with your desires
  2. Build new emotional habits to sustain your new emotional freedom for life
  3. Put your new power into action in your business

It works for everyone who does the work, and I'll be right here to support you. 

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Discover Your Core Wound

This short quiz will reveal the first chakra block / limiting belief / negative emotional pattern that you experienced, creating the foundation for your entire Ego.

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