High-Impact Healing for
High-Impact People.

Do your health struggles pull focus from your passion and purpose? 

Are you tired of fucking around with solutions that don't get results?

My results-oriented approach to healing is proven to identify and permanently heal the psychospiritual root causes of any health condition. 

Put an end to the guesswork. Sign up for an Intuitive Health Assessment and find out the exact root causes of your health struggles.


Christina really understands her gifts. She's not a novice - she's been helping people for years and knows how to let what is best for all pass through her.

Sheila Leaming

Sheila Leaming

Founder of Love is the Law Mystery School

Core Wound Quiz

Which Core Wound is Getting in Your Way?

This simple quiz will reveal the root cause of all your problems - that deepest chakra block / limiting belief / emotional pattern that keeps you from consistently manifesting your vision.

Unlock Your Divine Power

Everything you've learned about the Law of Attraction is real.

What keeps you from consistently manifesting your desires are the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that you adopted while growing up in dense 3D energy.

The deepest of those patterns is the Core Wound. When you heal your Core Wound, you permanently restore your connection to the Divine through your Crown and Root Chakras.

But you have to be ready for that reconnection. There are aspects of your life you need to master so that you can handle such big energy in your everyday life.

As The Core Wound Healer, I offer a holistic approach that supports you step-by-step to become ready to heal your Core Wound.

woman magician with an intense gaze

Christina Ammerman

The Core Wound Healer, Christina Ammerman

I know first-hand the frustration and helplessness of dealing with chronic health conditions

In my case, the patterns were amplified by ...