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You can be a preeminent resource for the raising of consciousness by learning how to heal at the deepest level of the human mind & energy field - the Core Wound.

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Christina Ammerman

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You already work with your clients at a deep level.

You are a healer, counselor or mindset coach who helps your clients create radical shifts in their thinking, their feelings, their behaviors and their circumstances. Most of them make great progress with you, but a few seem to be stuck in a pattern that's deeper than you can help with. And even those who succeed hit recurring obstacles like deep-rooted unworthiness that they can't seem to transcend.


You have experienced deep transformational work yourself.

You walk the talk, investing time and money in your own transformation - but like your clients, you have places where you repeatedly hit the same wall that knocks you down at the most inconvenient times. You're good at coaching yourself past it, but part of you wishes there was a way get rid of these obstacles once and for all.


Energy and intuition are second nature to you.

You understand the transformative power of working with the human energy field and already apply it to your work. You experience a connection with your clients that enables you to adapt your healing methods to their specific needs.


Everything you do is about impact.

When you're asked about your vision, you speak of the radical transformations that you support for individuals and for humanity as a whole. This vision isn't about fulfilling your ego - you feel it as a calling from deep within your soul, and you won't stop yourself from doing what it takes to have the greatest impact possible.

Becoming a Certified Core Wound Healer could be a powerful complement to the work you already do.

What is the true definition of "Core Wound"?

Core Wound healing is the most impactful form of healing available. But what does it mean?

If you research "core wound," you'll encounter lists of 5-10 possible wounds, with most authors quoting Carl Jung or each other.

However, my hands-on experience with actual minds and energy fields has refined this understanding: There are, in fact, only two possible Core Wounds, and every human has one.

By inspecting where these Core Wounds showed up in my clients' energy fields, I confirmed that the two possible Core Wounds correspond to specific chakras and can be expressed as common emotional experiences / limiting beliefs:

  • "I am Unworthy" (Crown Chakra)
  • "I am Unlovable" (Root Chakra)

These wounds are the foundation of all other limiting beliefs, chakra blocks, and emotional patterns that manifest as self-esteem issues, relationship struggles, physical conditions, and other external challenges.

Healing the Core Wound can augment, simplify, and cement the deeply transformative work that you're already doing with your clients.

Core Wounds being pointed out at Crown and Root Chakras
woman peering through her fingers with small white lights

The Core Wound and the Subconscious Mind

How the Core Wound influences human psychology

Healing the Core Wound has a tremendous transformative impact on mindset blocks and the root causes of psychological and psychosomatic conditions.

The Core Wound keeps every person from inherently knowing that they are already worthy and lovable. Instead, they a) seek external sources to affirm their worthiness and lovability, but also b) constantly perceive confirmation of their unworthiness and unlovability.

As the first wound, the Core Wound becomes the foundation for all other limiting beliefs and negative emotional patterns that a person develops.

Literally every limiting belief and negative emotional pattern can be traced down to a core feeling of being unlovable or unworthy.

Personal patterns and cultural values are based on the need to affirm worthiness and lovability, often by deeming another party unworthy or unlovable. 

Co-dependency, fear of rejection, and Imposter Syndrome are just a few of the psychological experiences rooted in the Core Wound. 

By healing the Core Wound and its framework of deep surrounding patterns, you dissolve the emotional foundation of all the other patterns, making the resulting behaviors easier to remodel.

woman balled up on her bed

The Core Wound and Trauma

How healing the Core Wound provides relief to trauma survivors

Receiving one's Core Wound is a traumatic experience - the blissful, loved, worthy feeling of being connected to All That Is suddenly disappears, leaving us feeling abandoned, alone, and fearful.

For some people that is their only trauma, but those who have experienced further trauma often end up in session with us healers, seeking relief from the lingering wounds of their experiences.

I know about trauma first-hand, because I experienced childhood abuse that manifested in adulthood as multiple forms of co-dependency and fear. Had I seen a mainstream professional, I might have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Instead I took an alternative route of using various energy healing techniques to restore my emotional health. Years of treatment helped me bit-by-bit; because of those incremental experiences, I was able to realize how huge the impact of healing my Core Wound was.

By repeating the process with clients who had experienced trauma, I confirmed that healing the Core Wound is a crucial element to helping clients overcome trauma. 

When you heal that very first traumatic experience, the healing effect naturally dominoes forward through any other trauma they've experienced.

Plus, the technique that is used to heal the Core Wound can also be applied directly to the latter traumas (rather than waiting for the domino effect) in order to speed up the healing process.

By combining this deep healing with a repatterning of trauma responses, a client can truly feel safe, peaceful, and whole again.

energy waves and mandalas surrounding a seated person

The Core Wound and Spiritual Development

This is my understanding of how the Core Wound relates to who we are as spiritual beings.

How was the Core Wound first introduced into human consciousness? I can't say for certain - at least not yet.

I believe that the concept of Original Sin is one version of the story. I believe that the fall of Atlantis is another version. 

Instead of focusing on how the Core Wound started, I focus on now being the time to heal it.

Many humans are called to move from fear-based ego consciousness into a permanent state of higher, loved-based consciousness, while remaining in human form.

To permanently achieve this evolution - instead of flip-flopping between the two states - we must transform (not transcend) our egos.

Having an ego is a vital part of the human experience. It's how we form our identity and experience the polarities of this world. 

Because the Core Wound causes the ego to be anchored in fear, unworthiness, and unlovability, it cannot access the higher vibrations of All That Is. 

But when the ego is healed, it becomes transformed from a saboteur into a collaborator that yearns for Divine Consciousness as much as our hearts and souls do.

The ego goes from being the only aspect of self that denies the existence of the Divine to one that helps us achieve Divine Union.

Here's what Core Wound healing clients are saying

Clients such as these report experiencing permanent relief from conditions previously believed to be incurable, including depression, anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, co-dependency and other relationship struggles, autoimmune conditions, and PTSD.

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Jacquelyn Rodriquez

Salon Owner & Holistic Business Coach

I have had such major transformations.

Christina helped me break through energy blocks that I would never have been able to do on my own. I’ve been able to step into my higher purpose and see my true potential! We have healed wounds that allow me to be a better coach and help my clients on a higher level - plus achieve my financial goals!!

Kira Caporale

Kira Caporale

Army Veteran

The best part is, I don’t have PTSD anymore!!!!

When I met Christina, I was looking for knowledge, understanding and a sense of self. The biggest change I've experienced in working with her is I don’t have PTSD anymore!!!! It was combat-based and that in itself is a triumph.

Marcia Goodman

Marcia Goodman

Award-winning Realtor

I believe I am worthy of success.

My challenge was believing that success was available to me and that I was worthy and capable of achieving great success.

Now, I believe that success can happen for me. I believe I am worthy of success. I now know I can trust my gut to help guide me on the steps to take and decisions to make success happen for me. 

Christina is a wonderful mentor. Kind, caring, generous, and open. She is strong and smart. She is easy to talk to and is extremely insightful.

In my own words...

While I have healed the Core Wounds of many people, the most accurate way I can describe the impact of this healing is through my own first hand experience.

Christina with a flowing scarf

While other healing modalities prepared me for this experience, it was healing my own Core Wound using Belief Transformation Technique that made the crucial difference.

What I have gained is peace and freedom. I thought I knew before what these words meant, but I couldn't truly comprehend them until I healed this deeply. 

What I have released is the constant need for someone else to fill my needs. Childhood abuse had amplified my Core Wound of "I am Unlovable," so that as an adult I was constantly seeking positive attention yet constantly perceiving that I was being rejected. I felt alone in the world, even when surrounded by people who loved me.

What I previously thought was peace turned out to be me hiding from my triggers. Comfort is not peace, so I've learned. I didn't realize how constantly I was on guard, on edge, with cortisol always coursing through my body, no time for true rest. 

Now, my perception is clear and unbiased. My need to create struggle and drama has disappeared. My nervous system is at rest. My body is healthy and supports me while I support it. My relationships are healthy and complement the full love I already feel for myself. My ability to manifest defies logical explanation. 

The best words to describe me now are "comfortable in my own skin." Even my so-called flaws don't trigger me. And because I accept myself so fully, it's easy to accept others as they are too, holding a safe space for each one of us. 

My story is an example of what you'll gain by going through the Healing Mastery Program - and what you'll then be able to bring to others.

How is the Core Wound Healed?

The Core Wound and its framework of related patterns is what we are healing. Belief Transformation Technique℠ (BTT) is how.

For years I used other people's modalities - including some very powerful ones like ThetaHealing® - but found that the issues I was working would eventually come back. That wasn't good enough for me.

My exploration showed that to be completely healed, the Core Wound must be addressed as an emotional pattern, a limiting belief, and a chakra block. After healing, the final required step is for the client to take practical action that anchors the new patterns into the mind and energy field (i.e., an act of self-worthiness or self-love).

Belief Transformation Technique℠ (BTT) is the modality I created to address the Core Wound on all those levels (other than the need for client action).

In fact, BTT can be used to instantly and permanently transform any mindset block. It utilizes a proven combination of Theta-state invocations and emotional release, eliciting the client's innate ability to heal themselves. 

The Healing Mastery Program is the only program where Belief Transformation Technique is taught.

ThetaHealing® is a registered trademark of the THETA HEALING INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE. No disparagement of that modality or organization is intended.

Introducing the Healing Mastery Program

In the Healing Mastery Program, you'll receive everything you need to become a highly sought-after resource for transforming consciousness:

  • During this 9-month, three-trimester program, you'll learn Belief Transformation Technique℠ and how to apply it to the Core Wound Framework℠ of primary and secondary patterns related to the Core Wound.
  • You'll also learn how to manage the nuances of the client relationship, including patterns of ego resistance that commonly arise when clients seek to have their Core Wounds healed.
  • Upon graduation, you will confidently bear the designation Certified Core Wound Healer℠, having already put your skills into use during your training.

All of this comes to you through a hands-on group mentorship - not a DIY program - that combines the best elements of in-person and virtual learning.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

The Healing Mastery Program offers the ideal combination of in-person and virtual learning, with dedicated support directly from me to make sure you master every one of these skills

In-person Training

Each trimester of the program begins with a 3-day in-person seminar in Raleigh, NC, USA. (Three in-person events total, plus an optional graduation event at the end.)

There you'll learn and begin practicing the next portion of skills you need to become a Certified Core Wound Healer.

First Trimester begins May 21-23, 2022.

Continued Experiential Learning & Mentorship

Mastery is our goal, and the key to mastery is continued practice and guidance.

Practice logs will help you examine your experience, with countless opportunities to ask me questions and get immediate feedback. 

Additional online materials will be provided as needed to enhance your training.

The overall amount of work will be enough for you to master your skills while respecting the other obligations of your work and life.

Numerous Opportunities for You to Be Healed

True mastery relies not just on learning skills but also on clearing your mindset blocks to utilizing them. 

This includes the healing of your own Core Wound -which must happen before you can heal the Core Wound of others.

There are 3 ways you'll receive healing as you go through the program:

  1. in practice sessions that you'll conduct on yourself
  2. in practice trades with your classmates
  3. in group healing sessions that I'll lead which focus on self-sabotaging patterns specific to professional healers

MEet Your Mentor

Christina Ammerman is the Master Core Wound Healer℠ and a mentor for professional energy healers. Her soul design is one of Divine Love and Truth, shining a light of radical acceptance on those who cross her path.

Her current mission is to create an "army" of healers armed with the ability to heal the Core Wound, in order to conquer ego-based patterns and help humanity transcend into Higher Consciousness.

She took her first energy healing class in 2004 and founded Zenquility in 2006. Before becoming a healer she programmed computers; "now," she says with a smile, "I reprogram minds."

Christina is an avid student of Abraham (Esther Hicks) and A Course in Miracles. She loves solving all sorts of puzzles including unconscious human behavior, Sudoku and crosswords.

What People Say About Christina

Sheila Leaming

Sheila Leaming

Christina is a genius at what she does, and I am grateful for her work.

Christina really understands her gifts, she's not a novice, she's been helping people for years and knows how to let what is best for all pass through her. I appreciate her clean objective energy. I especially like her nurturing quality.

Juliana Corona

Juliana Corona

If you are a trail blazer, a rebel...

...a soul with a purpose that doesn't fit into an existing box, let Christina be the compass that leads you to your own.

Program Content by Trimester

The Healing Mastery Program is divided into three trimesters, so that you can integrate the material at a comfortable and effective pace.


First Trimester (May - July 2022): The Building Blocks

Learn the foundational building blocks of how to heal the Core Wound Framework℠ of patterns using Belief Transformation Technique℠ (BTT).

After learning the skills in-person, you'll conduct and record a prescribed number of practice sessions during the trimester. This is the time when you'll really learn the technique - by performing it over and over!

Plus the support: When you encounter questions, you can post them in our online student forum or bring them to our group Q&A calls for more in-depth discussion.

I will also lead one group healing session per month (3 total per trimester) to address whatever success blocks the group is encountering.

All group calls will be recorded in case you can't attend live.


Second Trimester (August - October 2022): Customizing the Process & Healing Trauma

Understand the origin of trauma (a Core Wound-related topic) and how to approach its healing in a way that balances speed with care. Master the use of muscle-testing to customize the Core Wound Framework for any client.

The same learning and support resources as before will apply - practice sessions, online forum, Q&A calls, group healing sessions.


Third Trimester (November 2022 - January 2023): Identifying Blindspots & Mastering the Healing Process

Become a truly expert healer who can navigate the subtleties of the healing journey. Learn to recognize and overcome blindspots that occur for your clients and yourself inside and outside the healing session.

The same learning and support resources as before will apply - practice sessions, online forum, Q&A calls, group healing sessions.


A few more features to sweeten your experience!

Who doesn't love extra stuff? Especially when it will further support your purpose, not just sit on a shelf.

The bonuses included in your enrollment have been specially selected to help you run your business effectively and let the world know that you are ready to heal their Core Wounds.

Bonus #1: Human Design Assessment

Learn about your strengths, manifesting abilities, and ideal relationship dynamics based on when and where you were born, so that you can run your business in a way that aligns with your true nature. I'll personally analyze your Human Design and deliver a detailed report that we'll walk through during a private Zoom call.

Bonus #2: Free lifetime profile on CoreWoundHealers.com

All graduates of the Healing Mastery Program get a free basic profile on CoreWoundHealers.com, an online directory of Certified Core Wound Healers. (Site scheduled to be launched in late 2022.)

Bonus #3: Private alumni-only online forum

Program graduates have a private online forum where they can network, collaborate, and share case studies, and stay in touch with me for my continued advice.

Bonus #4: Invitations to future events

As a program graduate, you'll qualify for additional group healing sessions, training seminars, and retreats to further your skills as a Certified Core Wound Healer. 

An Enrollment Process that Ensures the Fit is Right

In my opinion, a decision like this shouldn't be made in an online shopping cart. You deserve the time and attention needed to make sure that this program is the right fit for you and that I'm the right teacher.

To start your enrollment, complete the online application and schedule an Enrollment Interview. We'll talk about your experience to-date and answer your questions about the program and/or how healing Core Wounds can integrate into your current work. If everything's a fit, we'll complete your enrollment during the interview.

What makes the Healing Mastery Program different

The first difference is that this is a mentorship, not a DIY online program. You'll get lots of hands-on support from me.

The second difference is how this program supports you in integrating what you learn. "Real learning happens in the doing of the thing" - I've designed the Healing Mastery Program adhere to that philosophy. With the trimester approach, you'll have time and support to integrate one set of skills before you move to the next level.

I know this approach works because I used it back in 2012 - the first offering of the Healing Mastery Program - to teach someone else's modality. Now I'm using it to teach you mine.

An Investment that You'll Thank Yourself For

When you combine the value of becoming a Certified Core Wound Healer with healing your own Core Wound and self-sabotaging patterns, the Healing Mastery Program becomes priceless. Of course, I do have to put a price on it - one that it's possible to recoup at least 10x within the first year of graduation.* 

EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS: Save 20% on your tuition when you enroll by April 15, 2022.


Everything you need to master your skills as a Certified Core Wound Healer

$1,194 USD

$955.20 USD
by April 15

/mo for 9 months


$10,000 USD

$8,000 USD 
by April 15

paid in full

  • All program materials, seminars (not including travel costs), calls, and private sessions
  • Marketing modules including a personal review of your marketing plan by Christina
  • Lifetime Access to recorded material
  • Includes All Bonuses
  • Immediate Access to online materials
Platinum VIP

Have you outgrown group programs?
Upgrade to private mentoring with Christina

[only 2 spots available]


2,831 USD

$2,264.80 USD 
by April 15

/mo for 9 months


$23,700 USD

$18,960 USD 
by April 15

paid in full

  • All Standard features, plus...
  • Unlimited sessions with Christina for healing or coaching to address blocks to success
  • Direct private messaging with Christina, including priority response time

Further explore how you can utililize this option during your Enrollment Interview.

*This statement is believed to accurately reflect the value of these skills in the marketplace; however, no guarantee of income or other financial results is implied. Actual income is dependent on current market conditions and the client's efforts. 

A Personal Note

I have always found healing to be rewarding work. That multiplied exponentially once I learned how to heal the Core Wound. Now I can say with confidence that I am helping people create radical, permanent change. I'm well-compensated for it, too, which makes it easier to focus on having an impact.

It would be my absolute pleasure and honor to help you transform your work in the same way, maximizing the impact you can have for your clients and humanity as a whole. The world needs more of us who can do this work - please join me.

Christina Ammerman