When you are ready to do what it takes to truly heal your chronic health issues, this private, high-impact program will bring you the healing and freedom you seek.

There are no guesses or surprises to this approach; it's very systematic and results-oriented. My intention is for us to be partners in your healing, with me leading the way and you being an active participant in your own process.

The Approach

Healing From Within utilizes a proprietary Core Wound Framework℠ of 12 emotional patterns common to any chronic dysfunction. By healing these 12 patterns that are held inside your subconscious mind (as confirmed in your Intuitive Health Assessment), we radically change what is manifesting in your outer world, including your physical body but also in your relationships, work, and spirituality.

This approach works because every dysfunctional pattern in your body is either a) a material expression of these patterns, or b) the result of long-term deficiency in self-care due to these patterns. Autoimmune conditions, as one example, manifest from a lifetime of not feeling safe and nurtured.

These patterns that we heal for you did not originate within you. They've been passed down through generations of your family on either side. Through our healing process you'll be able to recognize the presence of each pattern in your personal and family experiences while becoming the "it stops here" person in your lineage.

The Healing Technique

During each session of Healing From Within you'll experience Belief Transformation Technique℠, a modality I was led to create after years of not getting the permanent results I wanted from using other people's techniques.

What's unique about this technique is that it works on all levels of your being at once - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - so that integration of the healing work is almost complete before the session ends. Other healing modalities fall short by working with only one level of your being, leaving you on your own to ground the results into your cells and your experience.

What's beautiful and most effective about this technique is that it's something I'm not doing to you but doing with you. During each Zoom call, I help you achieve a Theta brainwave state that promotes open-mindedness and connectedness, then guide the process step-by-step with words and energy that invoke your innate abilities to connect to Divine Source and command your own body directly - things that you have always been able to do, even if you weren't taught how.

Performing the healing this way amplifies its effectiveness exponentially. You witness the transformation in the moment instead of wondering whether it worked. This heightened awareness is incredibly empowering, and the resulting transformation of subconscious belief even more so.

The Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this work aren't many, but they are vitally important. They demonstrate that you'll be able to integrate the subconscious changes into your daily life:

  • You currently take action to support your healing (e.g., keeping up with a routine of medications or supplements, meditation, yoga, etc.).
  • You currently take action in other areas of your life.
  • You must have already experienced energy healing work (not necessarily for this purpose) and experienced benefits within and after the session(s).

The Results

Every client who undergoes this process notices emotional improvements starting with the very first session and continuing with every session after.

Session #2 is usually when we clear unresolved trauma (everyone has some), which allows your central nervous system (CNS) to spend less time in fight/flight/freeze mode, giving the body more time to spend on "repair & maintenance functions," as I call them.

How soon you notice physical results depends on three things:

  1. how long your CNS needs for re-patterning after session #2
  2. how strongly the other patterns in the Core Wound Framework are contributing to your physical condition, as we keep working through them
  3. whether your body has been receiving the basic building blocks of nutrition that it needs for self-healing (something that is part of your initial Intuitive Health Assessment and which I can provide some guidance for)

The Guarantee

If you've been suffering for a long time, then you might be ready to pay any price to be healed - but only if you knew that price would definitely get the results you've paid for.

In fact, if you've had your chronic condition for a while, you've probably shelled out $1000's to cure it, and hopefully gotten enough relief that you can live your daily life...

...but here you are, still seeking a permanent solution.

What you need now is an investment in your healing that actually delivers on its promise.

Most healing falls short of delivering because:

  1. the technique doesn't address the person holistically (i.e., physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual all at once), or
  2. the healer doesn't have the background and applied experience to know what it takes to achieve the intended result.

Most healers (even conventional doctors) work on theories of what should work without a clue about whether it will work for that particular client/patient. They cling to theories rather than being grounded in results.

I, on the other hand, won't take a client unless I'm 100% certain we can achieve the results you're seeking. The Intuitive Health Assessment is a vital tool for discerning this.

And my approach works so consistently that I stand by it with this guarantee: If we reach the predicted end of Healing From Within and you haven't received the results you came to me for - or if your symptoms return in the future - then we will continue with additional sessions until you've gotten the result. For no additional fee.

Does this feel like the solution that you've been looking for? Then let's get started!


Christina is a genius at what she does, and I am grateful for her work.

With Christina's help I was able to uncover a lot of desired changes and actual steps I could take to bring them into being. I am much more peaceful that I was before. There is a constant urgency when you have emotional issues controlling your thoughts and actions, you're always trying to avoid pain. So your actions and thoughts are not necessarily aligned with where you are going, they are still aligned with issues from the past. I feel I can put out my intentions much more clearly without all the emotional static. I am more focused on what I am creating.

Christina really understands her gifts, she's not a novice, she's been helping people for years and knows how to let what is best for all pass through her. I appreciate her clean objective energy. I especially like her nurturing quality.

Sheila Leaming - Mystery School Founder

After years of avoiding doing any work around PTSD, I am amazed at the quick and drastic results I've seen

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007, as I separated from the military. For over 10 years, I have looked away when anything resembled a war scene in a TV show or movie. I lived a lot of my life in avoidance to minimize the likeliness of being triggered. But every once in a while, it was unavoidable.

The most recent episode was a few months before I worked with Christina. I saw an image in my son's video game that vaguely resembled something I experienced in my former career. My husband says I instantly turned pale and he later checked on me, only to find me in my room sobbing uncontrollably...for over an hour. What he didn't know is the image caused an instant flash back which completely took over my whole body.

The day Christina cleared my PTSD, I happened to watch a rerun of a show with a war scene in it, straight out of Iraq. The first indicator that something was different: I didn't even think to look away from the screen. I watched the show like normal people watch TV. While the show continued, I noticed I didn't have any flash backs. And the next morning I woke up refreshed; I didn't have any nightmares!

After years of avoiding doing any work around PTSD, I am amazed at the quick and drastic results I've seen from just one session with Christina!

Ellie Rome-Reed - Army veteran

We become equipped with a compass that will never lead us awry

I have more confidence now. I feel more equipped to ride the waves of life. I feel more in control of the life I am creating for myself every day because my ability to tune into universal wisdom, recognize signs from the universe, and interpret what they mean for my direction is delightfully serendipitous.

I am less hesitant to take up space. I feel less guilty about blazing my own trail and I have pretty unwavering faith, even when the path gets harder to pave.

There is no one-size-fits-all manual for breaking free from the status quo and the limits we've placed on ourselves. But by learning to tune into our inner knowing and universal wisdom to find the truth about ourselves and our purpose, we become equipped with a compass that will never lead us awry. If you are a trail blazer, a rebel, a soul with a purpose that doesn't fit into an existing box, let Christina be the compass that leads you to your own.

Juliana Corona - Blogger & certified yoga teacher

It's opened up my world of what I'm able and capable to do for myself and my clients.

I have had such major transformations. Christina helped me breakthrough energy blocks that I would never have been able to do on my own. I’ve been able to step into my higher purpose and see my true potential! We have healed wounds that allow me to be a better coach and help my clients on a higher level plus achieve my financial goals!!

Jacquelyn Rodriguez - Intuitive Business Coach

I feel more empowered than I ever have!

I felt like a failure at life and at my business. I wasn't making enough to support myself and I often felt like two different people: 1) the confident rockstar that I sometimes show up as, and 2) the terrified child who was still stuck in her trauma story.

Christina helped me heal core wounds that have had me doubting my own abilities and my intuition for way too long. I feel more empowered than I ever have and am making some bold decisions and changes in how I do business and life.

I trust my intuition more and I am no longer tolerating BS in my work, in relationships, and in general.

Karen Davis King - Authenticity Coach

I believe I am worthy of success.

My challenge was believing that success was available to me and that I was worthy and capable of achieving great success.

Now, I believe that success can happen for me. I believe I am worthy of success. I now know I can trust my gut to help guide me on the steps to take and decisions to make success happen for me.

Christina is a wonderful mentor. Kind, caring, generous, and open. She is strong and smart. She is easy to talk to and is extremely insightful.

Marcia Goodman - Staging Realtor

The best part is, I don’t have PTSD anymore!!!!

When I met Christina, I was looking for knowledge, understanding and a sense of self. The biggest change I've experienced in working with her is I don’t have PTSD anymore!!!! It was combat-based and that in itself is a triumph.

Christina saved my life - or in her words, ‘showed me what I already had.’ I would definitely recommend that you get your Core Wound healed by her - in fact, I already have to dozens of people!

Kira Caporale - Army veteran

I've discovered who I really am.

Before I started my journey with Chris, I was lost, confused, anxious, angry and self-secluded. I couldn't figure out why I was put on this Earth. I didn't feel right in my career, my life was spinning out of control and I just didn't want to be here anymore.

After the first meeting, Chris opened my eyes to a whole new world (literally!!). I knew I had more work to do and I wanted her on my side.

Going through the program, we uncovered so many blocks that were preventing me from fulfilling my missions, having happy, healthy relationships with not only other people, but most importantly, with myself. It was an emotional experience that I would do again in a second.

My career path completely changed, my relationships started to flow more naturally and really fall into place. My connection with God and all there is deepened. I began to LOVE my life and LOVE being on this planet. I started to appreciate the lessons in life and the hardships I've gone through.

Now at the end of this program I can finally say I love me, I love my life and I don't need to know what the future holds. I've discovered who I really am. I know this is exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life right now.

Ashley Knight