Fearless Freedom Terms & Conditions

The intention of this document is to clearly state the terms and conditions for participation in Fearless Freedom, a virtual healing program presented by Christina Ammerman, a practitioner at Zenquility, LLC, for the purpose of delivering psychospiritual healing services.

Program features

This program provides the client with:

  • Twelve pre-recorded sessions of psychospiritualhealing
  • One private session (60-90 minutes) of “shadow work” with Christina.
  • Additional tutorials and resources, delivered electronically, to support the integration of the healing work.
  • Access to an online member center where the client will have “lifetime”* access to recordings and other electronic resources related to this program. (*For as long as Zenquility exists and is able to support the online infrastructure for a member center, whether active or archived.)
  • Email support from Christina (or in the future, a qualified proxy) until the client has completed all modules of the program.

Future upgrades

In keeping with Christina’s commitment to Fearless Freedom delivering on its promise, if she modifies Fearless Freedom in the future to address additional subconscious patterns, this client will be granted free access to those added sessions.

Fees, refunds and chargebacks

The fee for this program is non-refundable, except in the unlikely case where despite the client’s good faith effort to utilize the healing sessions, they experience no internal or external change. The first attempt at remedying this problem will be for Christina to provide private or remote healing to the client; if that work does not catalyze any change and no other remedy can be found, a pro-rated refund of at least 75% will be given and the client’s program access removed.

If the client has opted for a payment plan, those payments are due in full regardless of the client’s level of participation.

The client agrees not to initiate any chargebacks, disputes, or requests for refunds with their credit card company.

The client is responsible for any fees associated with failed payments, bounced checks, recouping payment on chargebacks, and any collection fees associated therewith.

Disclaimer of Guarantee

The client accepts and agrees that they are responsible for their participation and success in this program and in their own life and business. The client accepts and agrees that they are the one vital element to their own success and that neither Christina nor Zenquility can control the client and/or the client’s participation. The client agrees and is prepared to be proactive in their participation, including asking for support when it’s needed.

While it is reasonable to expect many positive changes from full participation in this program, neither Christina nor Zenquility make any guarantees verbally or in writing regarding any personal or professional improvements, including increase of revenue, that the client may experience through participation in this mentorship.

Limitation of Liability

By entering into this relationship, the client, Christina, and Zenquility release each other, as well as any associated, officers, employers, employees, independent contractors, directors, related entities, trustees, affiliates, and successors from any and all damages that may result from anything and everything. The client accepts any and all risks, foreseeable or unforeseeable [Including health and medical], arising from participation in this mentorship.

Regardless of the previous paragraph, if either party is found to be liable, that party’s liability to the other party or to any third party is limited to $100. All claims against either party must be lodged with the entity having jurisdiction within 100 days of the date of the first claim or otherwise be forfeited forever.

Both parties agree that the other party will not be held liable for any damages of any kind resulting or arising from including but not limited to; direct, indirect, incidental, special, negligent, consequential, or exemplary damages happening from the use or misuse of Zenquility’s resources or enrollment in this agreement. The client agrees that use of Zenquility’s resources and enrollment in this agreement is at the participant’s own risk.


If any of the provisions contained in this Agreement, or any part of them, including any addendum, is hereafter construed to be invalid or unenforceable, the same shall not affect the remainder of such provision or any other provision contained herein, which shall be given full effect regardless of the invalid provision or part thereof.

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