Here’s your copy of Clearing Blocks to Receiving

Before you use it, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Give this healing session your full attention, for maximum effectiveness and because you are worth your time and attention. Don't try to multi-task, and definitely don't listen while driving. 
  • Its effects are pretty intense because we're working with all levels of your mind and body. Some people feel tired afterward, while their bodies are processing the changes. A nap helps. So does extra hydration.
  • Some change will happen immediately; complete change takes time. 
  • This healing doesn't take away the need for action - but it can make taking action clearer and easier to follow through on.
  • You have other, deeper blocks that pull you back out of receiving mode. Most people, for example, have a Core Wound that hasn't been healed. Repeating this meditation will put you back into receiving mode for a while, but if you want to stay there permanently, you'll need to address the deeper blocks at some point.
Christina Ammerman

I've also sent a copy to your email. Thanks for letting me share this with you. ♥

Much love to you,

Rev. Christina Ammerman, CMT

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