Discovery Session

Woman hikingImagine that when you laid out the plan for your life, you intended that there would always be guides to help you navigate each segment of your journey. Not only spirit guides but human ones too.

You knew that each of those guides would show up at the perfect moment, bearing the exact gifts and talents needed to help you learn the lessons you intended to learn during that leg of your journey.

You trusted the entire Universe to bring you together with those people, and you trusted yourself to recognize who those guides were and when it was time to connect with them.

And now you’re here with me.


As a spiritual healer, I’m here to walk alongside you for this leg of your journey, using my unique gifts and talents to help you learn and grow. This leg of your journey is about emotions – learning not to be afraid of your emotions, so that you can embrace them and let them go. (An interesting paradox, I know.)

People are led to me when they’re ready to find their Divine Heart. I support that quest by using healing gifts from the Divine to lift away the heavy emotional baggage you’ve been carrying until this point in your journey; the light that’s left is the key to everything Divine.

If this resonates with you, then it’s time for us to meet in a Discovery Session. Even if we already know each other, this is the first step in the new leg of your journey.

When we get on the phone together, we’ll talk more about your challenges and dreams, then look at the packages available for you to become one of my private clients.

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