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Break the Barriers to Success in Your Business

Break the Barriers to Success in Your Business

Once you've been in business for a few years, you'll hit a plateau. Maybe you're there now, and that's what brought you here.

No matter how good you've been at creating growth and success and great results for your clients, you'll hit a stopping point, like an invisible ceiling that you can't go past.

No new strategy will get you past this point, because the problem isn't lack of know-how. It's the Terror Barrier.

Every human being has an invisible limit in their mind that says, "You can't claim more worthiness than this." As an entrepreneur, your dreams are naturally bigger than this limit, so as you approach it, your Terror Barrier kicks in and starts sabotaging you in the most subversive, subtle ways.

It never looks like fear or terror - that would be too obvious. Instead, it looks like Bright Shiny Object syndrome, or reinventing your marketing strategy, or family members needing your attention. Some kind of distraction you wouldn't rightfully say No to.

Only elite business coaches know about the Terror Barrier. Even they are limited in their ability to work with it, coaching you on how to deal with it when it pops up. 

But when you heal your Core Wounds - that is, completely eliminate those energies and emotions from your mind rather than coaching around them - then your Terror Barrier dissolves on its own.