Become the joy and abundance you seek.

This series of deep emotional healing sessions will help you align with Higher Self and create tangible results in your life.

This isn't airy-fairy, feel-good fluff and nonsense.

Why Joy?

For almost 15 years, I've been hearing the message, "Focus on feeling good first," from teachers like Esther Hicks (Abraham).

In March 2019, I finally lived this message for real, and it rocked my world. For three days I made feeling good my #1 priority, without needing external circumstances to make me happy.

I felt a real experience of being aligned with my Higher Self, right here in human life.

The clarity I got from maintaining that state helped me see an opportunity that had been in front of me all along - hidden in plain sight by my own worry, frustration, and shame.

I took that opportunity - which meant totally reconstructing my business - and everything which has unfolded since then confirms it was the right move. I get higher-paying clients now, and I actually enjoy my life instead of being burdened by it.

When you raise your emotional setpoint to Joy, you rise above your problems and align with your Higher Self to clearly see the solutions.

That's what I'm bringing to you with this program - the opportunity to un-stick yourself from the pain and struggle of everyday life and find your path to ease and abundance.

Finally End the Rollercoaster of Fear, Worry & Doubt

You know that it's important to keep a joyful, abundant mindset, but sometimes it's easier said than done.

By working with your deep subconscious thoughts & emotions, we clear out the energy that pulls you back down into lack & fear.

New results can start happening immediately And with lifetime access to this program, you'll have a reusable tool to keep you aligned with Source.

As Effective as Live, Interactive Sessions

These sessions were created using the intuitive connection that exists among all humans. They include every healing command that might be needed by any person who purchases the program. 

Clients who use my recordings often comment that it's like I'm in the room, interacting with them.

Listen to what one of my client's had to say about the effectiveness of Session #1, Increasing Your Capacity for Joy:

Wondering what one of these sessions sounds like? Here's a snippet from Session #4, Opening to Joyful Abundance:

I couldn't tell the difference between you and the recording. It was...like a weight lifted off.

Becoming Joy Supports You in 3 Ways:

Clear Negative Emotion

Release the deep, stuck energy from the past that keeps pulling you back down into lack.

Rewire your brain

Instantaneously create new pathways  of thought that expect joy and abundance.

Align with Higher Self

Each session puts you instantly in the high-vibrating energy of your Higher Self. 


What Christina's clients say

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

It's opened up my world of what I'm able and capable to do for myself.

Sheila Leaming

Sheila Leaming

Christina is a genius at what she does, and I am grateful for her work.

Cori Stuart

Cori Stuart

I have been able to increase my self-worth and as a result my financial worth.

​What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

Here's the list of sessions in the Becoming Joy personal healing program, delivered online as MP3 recordings, which you can go through at your own pace. With lifetime access, you can revisit them anytime that part of your life needs a little tweaking.


Increase Your Capacity for Joy


Allowing Joyous Relationships


Finding Joy in Your Work


Opening to Joyful Abundance

If they were private sessions with me, this program would be valued at $1168. The real question is, What value would you create for yourself, when aligned with your Higher Self and tapped into abundant thinking?

Limited Time Offer

To celebrate the new release of this program, I'm offering it at a special introductory price:

Regular price: $149  Introductory price: $79

Don't wait! Access your joy and abundance at this special price today.

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