Be Healed and Succeed

If you are ready to stop living from your wounds, attracting roadblocks, and holding back your great work, Christina is ready to support you in several formats. What they all have in common is Christina's dedication to help you heal at the deepest level (no "intro level" options here) and making sure you can create tangible results from the experience.

Mindset Healing Intensives

This virtual one-day experience is akin to the VIP Days that high-end coaches offer. You and Christina will be laser-focused on eliminated all of the deepest patterns that form your ego, including your Core Wounds. This is an especially great solution if you already have support from a coach and want to get the subconscious blocks out of the way.

This package includes:

  • one day in which you'll experience multiple healing sessions, with adequate breaks in between
  • a follow-up session with Christina (two for private intensives) to make sure you got what you needed
  • self-guided exercises to help you integrate the energy changes into your mindset and your actions 
  • lifetime access to twice-monthly Q&A calls that Christina hosts for all her past clients

Mindset Healing Intensives are available in group and private formats. During your Get Acquainted Call, Christina will confirm that you're ready to experience this massive shift all at once.

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Mindset Healing Intensive

Fearless Freedom 90-Day

This private healing program takes you through Christina's innovative framework of healing your deepest subconscious patterns (including the Core Wounds) that are the foundation of every limiting belief and negative emotional experience in your life.

Patterns that we heal include:

  • feeling unworthy, unloved, isolated, powerless
  • any kind of trauma
  • trust issues with self or in relationships
  • self-sabotaging patterns of knowing what to do but not following through (for example, business plans)

The duration is 12 weekly sessions with support from Christina in-between via text.

Fearless Freedom Platinum

This healing mentorship offers ongoing support to help you shift from ego-/fear-based consciousness to aligning with the power of the Universe through your Higher Self. Platinum clients experience massive shifts in their personal power and ability to manifest money.

This package begins with Christina's framework of the deepest subconscious patterns (including the Core Wounds) that everyone needs to heal, then is customized to suit your desired results, including:

  • additional healing sessions where Christina works intuitively with your mind to discern your specific blocks
  • exercises to increase your emotional intelligence
  • teachings on Universal Law and Energies
  • afterward, lifetime access to twice-monthly Q&A calls that Christina hosts for all her past clients

Duration ranges anywhere from 6 to 12 months according to your needs, and pricing is based on the value of the results you're seeking. We'll figure all that out during the Discovery Session.

Fearless Freedom Platinum

Discover Your Core Wound

This short quiz will reveal the first chakra block / limiting belief / negative emotional pattern that you experienced, creating the foundation for your entire Ego.

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