Here are some words from the people I’ve been fortunate to serve. Please join me in applauding their commitment to breaking down internal barriers and the success that has come from it!

Kelley Thomas of Fallbrook, CA, was one of my Inner Circle clients in late summer 2013:

Kelley ThomasI was tired of feeling the same way about money, like money was the enemy. I knew that something had to change – that life can’t be all about feeling crappy about money – and I knew conventional methods weren’t the answer.

I knew and trusted Christina; I knew I was going to have to be vulnerable in front of her. Still, I was scared to turn over my money to her. My ego was trying to keep me safe, like from my husband yelling at me for spending that much. And I was scared of what I was going to find out – most of all, What if I couldn’t fix my relationship with money?

But I think that my angels were asking me, ‘What do you have to lose?’ And I was surprised to see that Christina’s process didn’t make me have to pinpoint specific situations and be as vulnerable as I expected.

During one session, I heard my ego shut up. That was the moment I knew things would never be the same, in the best way possible.

What our sessions did is that money is no longer the enemy. I didn’t realize how bad I felt about money until I got to the other side of it. Now, I really don’t worry about money; I just set it and forget it. Even though I spend money, my bank account balance never seems to go down – and when it does, I know it’s because my thinking has gone off a bit, so I just correct my thinking.

The illusion of decreasing money is gone. In ten months I’ve gotten $13,000 in raises in my full-time job (some of them unexpected) and paid off two of my three credit cards. We’ve been able to buy two cars, and I’ve been able to put $1800 into savings. Meanwhile, the orders in my custom jewelry business have been steady, and I’ve attracted some amazing opportunities including a high-end hotel spa in Las Vegas. I’m actually looking to start doing new things with money, like investing and other bigger things, and I completely trust that more good is on its way.”

Andi Michael of Aldie, VA was a student in the inaugural class of my Healing Mastery Program, which started in Fall 2013:

Androniki MichaelI’ve never done anything with Reiki except for my own personal use…but I know that I’m going to take IET into a practice. I’m very excited by that, and I don’t think I’d be able to do that without this Healing Mastery Program, because I feel like I’m getting all the tools.

In Reiki, the intent was just to teach you how to do the healing, as opposed to how to be a practitioner, and so that’s what the Healing Mastery Program does.

Plus, it feels very safe and comforting because I know that we’re being taught by someone who has a successful practice…and she has the practical application as well as the spiritual ‘chops.’


Cynthia Lehman of Chantilly, VA, participated in the Summer of Emotional Empowerment healing program during 2012:

Chris, Words cannot express how appreciative I am for all your insight and guidance this summer during our Empowerment Sessions. I am moving in a new direction (even if at a glacier speed) and I thank you. My plan is to stay in touch. Apologies for missing most of the calls. Warmly, Cynthia Cynthia

From Inner Circle client Susie of Gainesville, VA:

Susie thank you card

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